Crunchfish releases upgraded XR Skeleton Stereo

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Crunchfish is now ready to release a new detector software module for the gesture product - XR Skeleton Stereo. Detector and tracker are the two fundamental parts of hand-tracking technology and Crunchfish has with a new neural network - fully optimized for the dual-camera setting – released an upgraded XR Skeleton Stereo product including a detector with 30% higher detection rate.

Crunchfish is now ready to release an upgraded version of the XR Skeleton Stereo product that target use cases in AR/VR.  The development team has since the spring worked on a new detector algorithm that is fully optimized for a stereo camera configuration and detection of two hands simultaneously. The new detector algorithm is included in this upgrade of XR Skeleton Stereo and will increase the detection speed substantially as well as provide a 30% higher detection rate. The detection rate is a measure for how fast and reliable the software can detect a specific object in the image streams from the cameras.

The first two takers of the new release are Lenovo and Ximmerse who recently have signed agreements for commercial use of XR Skeleton Stereo in their coming AR/VR devices. The areas of use for XR Skeleton Stereo includes interaction with virtual objects in AR/VR as well as new ways of tracking hands at a distance and controlling various screen functions and menus (see video). By identifying all the moving parts and contours of the hand and then linking these points (coordinates) together into a skeletal structure, makes interaction with virtual objects possible as in the real world.

“With the latest research findings within deep learning and a great team effort, we have developed an extremely reliable and fast detector module that further increases the usability of XR Skeleton Stereo. With tracking of 42 points simultaneously (21 points on each hand) and high precision detection, Crunchfish has a software product that enables any AR/VR device with two-hand gesture interaction capabilities”, says Jens-Henrik Lindskov, R&D Director at Crunchfish Gesture Interaction.

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Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Crunchfish Gesture Interaction AB
+46 706 35 16 09

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About Crunchfish –
Crunchfish is a deep tech company developing a Digital Cash platform for Banks, Payment Services and CBDC implementations and Gesture Interaction technology for AR/VR, automotive and digital interfaces. Crunchfish is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2016, with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and with a subsidiary in India.