Health & Nutrition Exhibitor Show Highlights at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2014

Europe’s leading annual natural and organic trade event – Natural & Organic Products Europe – returns to London’s Olympia next month, on 13-14 April, with over 550 exhibiting brands.

Now in its 18th year, the event provides an unrivalled opportunity for thousands of UK and international buyers, retailers, and press representatives to meet natural and organic product innovators from around the world.  They’ll also enjoy an exclusive preview of a wealth of new natural, organic, fair trade, free-from, sustainable, and healthy living products.  The following is just a selection of the new launches on show this year.

ECO-SIB (stand 1016) is launching Kedr Siberia – a 100% natural range of supplements and health foods from Russia.  Zhivitsa, the resin (“blood”) of the unique Pinus Sibirica or Kedr pine – is the key ingredient of the range, which includes Kedr Oil, Kedr Nut Flour, Zhivitsa Kedr Oily Solution, and Zhivitsa Candies with date sugar.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Good Health Naturally (stand 1023) is launching several new products at the show.  Among them are SerraEnzyme 250,000iu, which contains maximum strength serrapeptase; Magnesium Oil Ultra Spray – magnesium is combined with MSM for better absorption; and BrainPower – a unique blend of coconut oil, curcumin and DHA.  (Switzerland)

G&G Vitamin Centre has re-launched its Organic EssentialFood, which now includes organic B vitamins.  The only product of its kind on the market, G&G’s Organic EssentialFood with Orgen-B is endorsed by Janey Lee Grace for its organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.  Tastings will be available on stand 1034.  (UK)

Gastrointestinal disorders account for 25% of all visits to the GP.  FW Medical’s silicol®gel is a medical device for treating the symptoms of indigestion and IBS (stand 1035).  A tablespoonful of natural silicolgel, taken three times daily, has been clinically shown to normalise stomach and bowel function quickly and without side effects.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Natural health products manufacturer Vipis LLC (stand 1036) is introducing its cold pressed, unfiltered juices made from handpicked blueberries and sea buckthorn to the UK.  Its range also includes: throat aerosols, oils, nose drops, tinctures, tablets, cosmetics, and a natural self-defence gas.  (New exhibitor, Estonia)

Max Health Labs UK (stand 1038) is exhibiting its range of clinically proven, liposomal supplements made using patented technology; including products new to the UK.  Intra-cellular supplements can achieve higher bio-availability and absorption rates than traditional pills, capsules, tablets, and liquid vitamins.  Range includes Liposomal Resveratrol, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Glutathione.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Enzymedica UK (stand 2004) is launching its award winning Digest Gold Plus ATPro in to the UK and Ireland.  Consistently ranked as America’s top selling Enzyme Company by third party reports, Enzymedica’s product lines include the leading enzyme blend Digest Gold™.  (New exhibitor, UK)

An established producer of premium quality organic functional foods and food state supplements in Denmark, Vitona is launching in the UK with improved formulations of its bestselling products (stand 2005).  The new range includes Premium omega blend with added vegetarian DHA, and the world's most potent antioxidant super juice – Aronia Berry 30 Shots.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New Electrostress Relief by Music Essences (stand 2006) is an aura spray product, which addresses the rapid increase in people’s exposure to electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi, mobiles and computers.  This well-researched product realigns the auric field, aiding focus and concentration, and can bring tangible relief to anyone.  (New exhibitor, UK)

BodyMe (stand 2011) is introducing two new organic superfood blends for 2014:  Super Greens – a unique blend of New Zealand wheatgrass and barley grass, spirulina and chlorella; and Super Energy, which provides a lifting mix of baobab, guarana, maca, lucuma and acai.  Both are packaged in 250g kraft pouches.  (New exhibitor, UK)

VitaFree Health – Dietary supplements and RAW food products (stand 2022) is showcasing its Garden Of Life product range.  These raw food probiotics provide a wide range of supplements, which contribute to the normal functions of the body, digestion, immune system, and help in the maintenance of natural beauty and health.  (UK)

Conscious Food (stand 2023) is introducing Palmyra Jaggery, nature’s ultimate sugar alternative, to the UK for the first time.  Derived from the sap of the Palmyra palm tree, it is grown organically in Southeast India and sustainably sourced from farmers.  Its low GI value and desirable 3% fructose gives all other natural sugar alternatives a run for their money.  (UK)

Nature Medical (Pomi-T) is a new, purified, polyphenol rich, whole food supplement (stand 3019).  It contains a broad range of plant polyphenols found naturally within four whole foods, these have been purified then squeezed into a capsule for a convenient way to boost daily intake.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Wisdom of Nature (stand 3026) is promoting the latest brand addition from Diet Horizon – NewMe, which offers botanical cleansing support.  The complex, reinforced with 9 herbs, chlorella, birch sap and vitamin C, naturally helps to cleanse the body around ‘A New You in 12 days’ programme.  (UK)

Cherry Night Powder, new from Viridian Nutrition (stand 3060), is a 'nutritional nightcap', which is mixed with water and best taken one hour before bed.  It provides a unique blend of the amino acid glycine, cherry fruit juice powder, red date extract and magnesium.  (UK)

Leading natural vitamin and nutritional supplement brand, Nature’s Plus UK is launching AgeLoss First Day Cream and AgeLoss Rejuvabolic Cream (stand 4012).  Both are the perfect complement to the AgeLoss system of antioxidant and healthy inflammation response supplements.  Also showing: Spiru-Tein PureTrition – an organic, soy-free, gluten free, vegan, multi-source protein.  (UK)

NANNYcare Goat Milk Formulas (stand 5014) is celebrating success this year.  After two clinical trials and a twenty-year long battle with the EU Authorities, they have finally achieved an amendment to infant formula Directive 2006/141/EC – a massive accomplishment.  Finally NANNYcare now rightfully takes its place as a fully regulated goat milk infant formula.  (UK)

Cleansing and digestive specialists ReNew Life UK (stand 5027) is launching two new products for 2014:  ParGONE – a two-part natural parasite cleanse designed to destroy parasites and eliminate them from the body; and Liver Detox – a 30-day two-part liver cleansing programme containing herbs, amino acids and antioxidants that support optimal liver function.  (UK)

Well known all over Italy, the Natural Point Srl brand is introducing its bestselling product Magnesio Supremo in to the UK market (stand 5091).  The company was founded in 1993 to promote awareness of the importance of quality food supplements for everyone.  (New exhibitor, Italy)

Ayurveda Pura (stand 5092) has launched a new range of all-Natural Wellbeing Survival Kits, designed to beat the side effects of a hectic daily lifestyle.  Each kit in the seven-strong range contains a combination of Ayurveda Pura products, including an Organic Magic Food Mix that can be added to food, herbal tea or smoothies.  (UK)

The UK has yet to really discover spirulina.  Offering a tasty alternative to foul-smelling tablets and fine powder, French company Gourmet Spirulina (stand 9090) has come up with some revolutionary raw culinary formats.  These include spirulina petals, crunchies and nibs.  (New exhibitor, France)

BetterYou (stand 4040G in the HFMA Pavilion) is showcasing BetterYou MultiVit – a pioneering formulation combining convenience with optimal absorption to deliver 14 essential nutrients straight into the bloodstream.  The unique spray format guarantees effective absorption within the mouth, without the need for capsules or water.  (UK)

Peltuinum – Antica Azienda Agricola (stand 6055C in the Italian Pavilion) is presenting L'Aquila Saffron.  Agronomically and commercially distinct from saffron produced in other areas of the world, L’Aquila saffron helps prevents eye stress, fatigue, and vision problems.  It is also considered an alternative treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  (New exhibitor, Italy)

Abundance & Health (stand 2037) announce results of clinical trials into the anti-aging properties of Altrient C, their newly launched, world’s first, liposomal vitamin c gel sachets.  The placebo trial, conducted by Aspen Clinical, shows that Altrient C significantly improves skin elasticity by 32.7% in 4 weeks.  Also showing: The Results RNA range of detox supplements.  (New exhibitor, Ireland)

Florais de Saint Germain (stand 3053) is showcasing its new range of ten ready-made formulas for distribution in pharmacies, clinics, and natural products stores.  These essences are designed to treat some of the common disorders that affect millions of people worldwide; including stress, insomnia, depression, panic syndrome, and PMT.  (New exhibitor, Brazil)

Essential oils supplier Aqua Oleum (stand 2080) has re-launched with new eco-packaging.  Co-founded by Julia Lawless, author of the Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils and the Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, the company’s new look packaging is fresh and communicates the link between the product and the botanical plants that the brand represents.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Nutiva (stand 5008) is launching new additions to its range, including Coconut Sugar, Red Palm Oil, and Red Palm Oil and Sunflower Oil blends for higher smoking points.  Nutiva partner Natural Habitats to ensure that no deforestation or habitat destruction results from the growing or harvesting process of its organic Red Palm Oil in Ecuador.  (Kinetic Natural Products Distributor, UK)

The latest new additions to the Amazing Grass (stand 5008) range are 40,000 ORAC Berry Green Superfood (containing 3985g of alkalising greens); and Tangerine Immunity Green Superfood (a nutritious blend of organic mushrooms, herbs and vitamins).  Just one scoop of Berry Green Superfood has 40,000 ORAC units.  (Kinetic Natural Products Distributor, UK)

Terranova is launching its new intensely nourishing range of Magnifood Super-Shakes – Intense Greens; Intense Berries; and Intense Maca Reishi.  Each blend contains nutritional powerhouse stabilised rice bran, spirulina, wheatgrass juice, barleygrass, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  (Kinetic Natural Products Distributor, UK)

Kinetic Natural Products Distributor (stand 4008 & 5008) is introducing the latest additions – Barlean’s and Ener-C – to its ever-increasing portfolio.  Barlean's is a GMO-free, USDA certified organic superior range of omega oils from both fish and plant sources.  Ener-C is a natural fruit flavoured vitamin C focused vitamin drink mix. (Kinetic Natural Products Distributor, UK)

TIANA Fair Trade Organics (stand 5019), the leading manufacturer of premium quality organic coconut products, is showcasing its range of nutritious superfoods.  The range includes TIANA Organic Exquisite Omega-3 Spreadable (a dairy-free alternative to butter) and new TIANA Organic Raw Coconut Goodness, which is 100% cold pressed unsweetened coconut flesh.  (UK)

Green Gate (stand 8104B in the Raw Food Pavilion) is launching three beautifully packaged, high-end raw superfood blends:  Signature Blend – nature’s ultimate meal replacement system; Beauty Blend – with 70% silica bamboo shoot and 200x concentrated aloe vera; and Detox Blend – with freeze-dried organic haas avocado and green papaya juice.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New launches from KeyPharm (stand 8101) include Biotona Superfruits – which has an exceptionally high ORAC-value due to its richness in berry polyphenols; and Biotona Supergreens – made from the very best green superfoods, which each have their own spectrum of phytonutrients.  These raw, organic, vegan powders can be added to smoothies, shakes, rice milk, or water.  (Belgium)

Four Sigma Foods, a global health food company founded by a group of Finns in 2012, will be showcasing their famous medicinal mushroom products alongside new launch – FSF Sport/Mind Herbs (stand 6090).  The new product line follows the company's vision to bring ancient wisdom to modern times, by innovating good tasting, easy-to-use and effective solutions.  (UK)

Mikei® Red Reishi Essence (stand 3014) has been used in traditional medicine for over 4,000 years.  Reishi is a herbal mushroom, which may assist the body in maintaining a healthy immune system, a healthy cardiovascular system, and overall well-being.  Mikei ("mee-kay") is the No.1 reishi supplement from Japan.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Natures Aid (stand 2036) is launching a raft of new products at this year’s show.  They’ll also be offering retailers a first look at its new packaging and point-of-sale materials, as well as exclusive show only offers.  Natures Aid products are manufactured in its own UK state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  (UK)

Galway Natural Health Co (stand 2058) will be showcasing Revive Active's unique blend of 26 natural ingredients.  At a time when more people are experiencing chronic fatigue and difficulty in everyday challenges including stress, Revive Active is a smart natural choice.  Winner of Best Health Breakthrough at Beauty Shortlist Awards 2014.  (Ireland)

Specialist omega-3 EPA manufacturer Igennus Healthcare Nutrition, known for brands Vegepa and Pharmepa, is celebrating its 10th anniversary at this year’s show (stand 2052).  To mark this milestone, they are offering 33% off trade rates for show orders.  (UK)

BioCare (stand 3008) has developed and recently launched six high potency powder combinations for energy and endocrine support.  These great tasting powders come in sachets for convenience and maximum flexibility.  They mix easily with liquids and can be used singly or in combination.  (UK)

Morynga Moringa is an award winning British company (stand 4085).  Its 100% natural, gluten and dairy free herbal tea and sprinkles are based on moringa leaves; which are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients.  Morynga Sprinkles (moringa blended with apples and sunflower seeds) make delicious meal toppings.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Launched in August 2013, Ingredients4Health’s 3-Omega-6 Dairy Free Flax drink is the first and only dairy alternative made with Omega 3 rich flaxseed oil (stand 9103).  Low in calories, it includes calcium and Vitamins K and D, and is soya, gluten, cholesterol, lactose and GMO free.  Available in Original or Unsweetened.  (The Netherlands)

CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) is promoting its new short courses in Weight Management, Juicing for Heath, and Healthy Desserts, at this year’s show (stand 2031).  The college also offers qualifications in Nutrition and other areas of natural health, such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. (UK)

The BBSRC-supported Food Databanks National Capability at the Institute of Food Research (stand 9024) highlights bioactive compounds database (eBASIS), and the new 7th edition of McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods.  For easier access to this information IFR’s Food and Health Network provides effective links between IFR and the food industry.  (New exhibitor, UK)

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Natural & Organic Products Europe takes place on 13-14 April 2014 at Olympia London, and includes four show sections:  Natural Living, Health & Nutrition, Natural Beauty & Spa and The Natural Food Show.  Entry includes access to Keynote sessions, Natural Beauty & Spa seminars and live Natural Kitchen demonstrations.

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