lunch! previews new exhibitor innovations for 2016

lunch! has released its first preview of the new drinks, food-to-go packaging, catering equipment and technology, being showcased this year.  The multi-award winning trade event for the food-to-go sector, returns to the Business Design Centre in London on 21-22 September with over 350 exhibiting companies.

lunch’s focus on innovation has made it a popular choice with buying teams from many of the country’s biggest food-to-go operators, including supermarkets, multiples, contract caterers, wholesalers, distributors, travel caterers, cafés, coffee shops, and sandwich shops.  Over 6,000 key buyers and decision makers are expected to attend.

The following is just a taste of some of the latest innovations on offer at lunch! 2016:


New to the global health drink market this autumn, Barracudos Protein Vitamin Water is available in three fruity flavours: Mango & Peach, Pineapple & Coconut, and Pomegranate & Raspberry.  The water is designed to provide natural energy, hydration and recovery (stand SU-17).

Drink Me Chai is launching its new artisan spiced chai recipe at the show.  This reduced sugar blend, along with branded ‘Chai Jars’, has been developed specifically for the café and restaurant market (sold in 1kg re-sealable packs).  Also showcasing: new Drink Me Chai Iced Chai Latte, a low fat, low sugar blend of tea, milk and exotic spices, in ready to drink 330ml screw cap bottles (stand U214).

Matthew Algie’s new Autumn/Winter Espresso Warehouse catalogue features 11 winter drinks recipes, including Honeycomb Mocha and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, and its gluten free snacks: including Brodericks Gluten Free Exotic Fruit, Brodericks Gluten Free Mango Yogurt, plus an expanded range of Suki Pyramid teabags in Apple Loves Mint, Lemongrass Ginger, and Green Ginseng (stand M110).

MOJU is showcasing its recently launched MOJU Booster shots.  The Boosters are focused on the growing trend for functional ginger and turmeric products, and are the UK’s first cold-pressed and HPP shot range.  The shots come in two flavours, ginger and turmeric (stand SU-9).

Huskara is a new sustainably sourced, natural soft drink made from Cascara – the outer layer of the coffee cherry.  Lightly caffeinated, packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Huskara is designed to be a healthy alternative to coffee.  It is available in two 250ml variants: Original and Cucumber & Mint (stand F303).

Berrywhite Organic Drinks’ range of ‘Schools Compliant’ drinks is being extended to include organic still drinks in 330ml PET and sparkling drinks in 250ml cans.  Cans and bottles are available in four flavour combinations including:  Pomegranate and Blueberry, Cranberry and Apple, Peach, and Lemon and Lime, and contains no added sugar and nothing artificial.  It is suitable for schools and channels such as retail, contract catering and HORECA (stand M218).

Tao Family is introducing its recently launched TAO Pure Infusion drinks.  Made with natural ingredients to give a unique taste (a tea, a flower and a fruit), it comes in four flavours: green tea, rooibos tea, black tea, and white tea (stand U216).

UFIT is promoting its new Iced Latte Protein Shake, which combines 22g of protein with 100% Arabica coffee.  The UFIT Iced Latte is low in fat and contains no added sugar.  It is further boosted with added fibre, vitamins and minerals – designed to support the demands of an active lifestyle (stand M531).

Wine Innovations is showcasing Yore, a lightly carbonated (4% ABV) drink that provides a genuine, and gluten free, alternative to beer and cider.  After a period of ageing, the mead is then balanced with English wildflower honey, rounding off the mead with a light barley-sugar note.  Available in shrink wrap cases of 12 (stand M312).

Rollover and Island Oasis is collaborating to launch ‘Dogs and Ice’.  The concept offers gourmet hot dogs by Rollover, and ice drinks (from cocktails to craft lemonades) by Island Oasis; including: Berry White, The Last of the Mojitos, Electric Lemonade, and Honeydew me.  The complete package includes food and drinks, free-on-loan equipment, and POS (stand M308).

The London Tea Company is launching its Winter Wondermint blend.  This frosty blend is made up of peppermint leaves and natural peppermint oils, available in 15 biodegradable pyramid teas bags, in 30g packs (stand M441).

Roots Collective has launched the UK’s first and only range of whole vegetable Blends.  With five unique flavour combinations – Garden Greens, Carrot Zing, Sweet Beets, Asian Sling and Green Warrior – Blends can be enjoyed hot or cold, each with over 80% vegetable and no added fruit juice (stand U204).

PRESS has launched their new tonic range.  Each 60ml tonic has been carefully formulated to help or target a specific health problem.  Flavours include: Immunity, Gut Buster, Collagen Booster, Tangerine, Rose Water, Green Energy, Detox, and Hot Shot (stand G10).

Canny is promoting its 100% Natural Cannny Milkshakes in four flavours including: strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla.  The natural shakes contain calcium and 11 grams of protein.  They are thickened with plants, coloured with fruit and vegetables, and flavoured with Belgian chocolate, strawberry puree, vanilla pods, and banana puree (stand SU-3).

ZENDO Calm + Focus is showcasing its functional drink that is designed to contribute to less stress and better concentration, thanks to its unique combination of active ingredients; including: L-Theanine, Passiflora, Magnesium and vitamins B1, B5, B6, and B9.  It has subtle taste alliance of green tea, peach and ginger, and is certified by the Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition (stand A319).

Rebel Kitchen is promoting its Organic Coconut Water, which recently won a 2016 Great Taste Award (2-star). Made from a single source of organic young green coconuts grown in the Philippines, its pink colour is due to the high levels of antioxidants in the water (stand M231).

Moo Milk is promoting its new 330ml carton at the show.  Alongside traditional favorites, there's also something new for coffee lovers – Moo Milk Café Latte – Arabica fairtrade coffee blended with Devon milk for a rich café latte (stand A308).

Following a rebrand in 2015, Rocks Drinks has adding a new Raspberry & Lime Squash to its range of authentic organic drinks – made using real raspberries and limes, and no artificial colours or flavourings (stand G19).

Pukka Herbs is showcasing its Pukka Ginseng Matcha Green – a blend of emerald green matcha powder, fairly-traded green tea and energy-boosting ginseng.  20g sachets are available per pack (stand G1).

Sibberi Tree Water is exhibiting its Bamboo Water, which is directly extracted from the bamboo trees.  Bamboo is a natural source of silica, which is claimed to aid healthy skin, hair and nails (stand F308).

Scheckter's Organic Energy is promoting two new flavours – Scheckter’s Green Tea & Mint and Scheckter’s Green Tea & Ginger.  All ingredients are natural, with no artificial colours or flavours, no artificial or refined sugars, and no GMO (stand F123).

Radnor Hills Mineral Water is showcasing their new fruit juice range FRUELLA.   Flavours range from 100% pure orange and apple flavours to combinations like Cranberry and Raspberry, Orange and Carrot, Apple and Blueberry, and Tropical, which contains a blended mixture of pineapple, passion fruit, mango fruit and banana (stand G16).

Panacea Drinks is promoting its probiotic rich, soft drinks.   The water kefir drinks contain cultures that add friendly bacteria back into the body and comes in three flavours: Projito, Pink Fizz, and Ginger One.  It’s low in sugar, naturally sparkling, and vegan friendly (stand SU-1).

Cawston Press is promoting two new sparkling drinks inspired by quintessentially British flavours – Gooseberry and Cucumber & Mint.  They’re made with pressed cucumber juice and gooseberry puree (never fruit concentrates), then carefully balanced with a blend of sparkling water, and pressed apple juice (stand M244).

Yourtonic (Buddha Water) is showcasing Buddha Water, the UK's first sparkling birch super water.  This lightly sparkling water benefits from a refreshing burst of pure, unadulterated Scandinavian birch sap.  Available in six natural flavours: Hibiscus, Cherry, Lemon & Lime, Cranberry, Mango, and Original (stand A312).

Equipment & Design

Glen Dimplex is unveiling the new Titan Induction Range Cooker from Burco at the show.  Built using the latest induction technology, the new British manufactured Titan Induction range cooker features a unique, five zone induction cooking hob with each zone featuring a ‘boost’ mode for when additional power is required, complete with a large 2/1 Gastronorm compatible oven (stand M331).

Exclusive to eXpresso PLUS is the new Lavazza Prontissimo range of coffee to go machines.   Made using 100% Arabica blend that is enriched with grounded coffee, the machines create an Italian taste in a range of solutions from table-tops to towers.   Additionally, the innovative Lavazza Eleganza will be showcased, offering advertising and drink personalisation (stand A200).

Following feedback from last year's show, Vantastec is launching Vantstec's Snack-Tec Sandwich Van – a high quality conversion to suit those in the sandwich delivery and catering industries.  Developed in the increasingly popular Ford Transit Custom Limited, the conversion includes hot, cold, ambient and storage compartments (stand G21).

Pocket Enterprises is introducing Pokito: a reusable cup that folds down to 4.5cm to slip into a pocket or bag.  A spill-proof lid seals in liquid, and grooves insulate against heat.  Pokito repays its environmental footprint after 15 uses (stand SU-12).

Pop Up Cookspace is promoting its design-led mobile minikitchens, and tips on telling brand stories in temporary spaces.  Exploring the trend for fermenting and preserving, they'll introduce seasonal leasing packages – a toolkit of minikitchens and trends insights for marketing experiences across retail, destination and event (stand A507).

The Rombouts Coffee team is showcasing the new Via Nova 4, which is a high-volume, traditional style, commercial espresso pod machine, capable of producing over 250 drinks a day.  It comes with the additional benefit of an autosteam function for creating foamed milk and high quality coffee in every cup (stand U114). 

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland is unveiling the new Swiss-manufactured Black&White4c.  Providing a full range of specialty-style coffees, the compact, modular machine is intuitive and the simplest yet (stand M202).

The Alan Nuttall Partnership is introducing the new five-tier version of the Flexeserve Zone heated display cabinet.  With individually operated zones, each tier has its own temperature controls to save energy and maximise food quality and display times (stand G11).

Offundo is showcasing the capabilities and advantages of its Butter Spreader, demonstrating how this easy to use utensil can help reduce labour costs, save time and give a fresher end product (stand SU-4).

CMC DayMark is promoting its Piping Pal Range.  Integrating DayMark’s easy-grip design, with burst-resistant welds and a smooth interior that enhances product flow, the PipingPal range of disposable piping bags delivers the strength, durability and comfort of traditional canvas bags (stand A300).

Roller Grill UK is promoting its Refrigerated Display CD 800.  This panoramic display cabinet has LED white lighting in each corner and clear glass panels on four sides and above, whilst maintaining the correct temperature throughout the cabinet thanks to the ventilated refrigeration system.  Supplied with two clear glass shelves, access is via the rear glass sliding doors.   The display is available in two colours: black finish or stainless steel (stand M332).

Tea Fusion by Lipton machines is promoting its new software update, which can now brew iced teas and infusions. It also offers premium loose leaf teas at the touch of a button.  lunch! visitors have the opportunity to win a revolutionary Tea Fusion machine at the show (stand M115).

Packnwood UK has opened a new central London showroom.  Their full range of take-away packaging and catering disposables will be showcased in these new premises located in Holborn (stand M212).

Packaging & Tableware

RAP is launching a new Tortilla range, alongside new products from the HandRap range, including the new strip paper laminate and foil paper laminate; both for hot food-on-the-move.  It’s also previewing its MultiRap and FreshPack Plus packaging, which launch in November and were both recently shortlisted in the 2016 UK Packaging Awards (stand M318).

Planglow is launching a brand new range of value sandwich packaging and new hot food items.  Their new fully web-based labelling software LabelLogic Live can be accessed from any internet connected device.  They are also previewing Botanicals – colourful, compostable new cup designs (stand G9).

Tri-Star Packaging Supplies is showcasing the Gourmet 24.7, a new concept produced by Colpac.  Quick to assemble, recyclable, and easily stackable, it comprises five interchangeable pieces (large and small thermoplastic trays and lids nesting in a paperboard base, which has a unique easy 'lift out' flap).  This gives chefs seven possible combinations to pack several dishes (whether wet or dry), into one pack combination (stand M101).

Crafti's is launching a new range of children's activity packs, tabletop activities and meal packaging solutions.  They’ll be offering a show deal on Halloween and Christmas themed Bizzi Bags and food carriers (stand A607).

Labels-U-Print division of KTEC group is launching the FMS food recipe software, with a range of full colour roll label printers and label applicators.  Operators enter their food ingredients and specify the recipes, then FMS takes over and formats full colour labels for each product with nutrition, allergen and ingredients (stand M140).

Excelsior Technologies is launching their Lunch & Go product, as well as exhibiting Snack & Go.  Both products offer lightweight solutions and are ideal for food to go counters, providing convenient eating for food on the go (stand F338).

Protos Packaging is introducing its new range of coloured ProBlock (block bottomed) bags.  These bright and unique options are designed to showcase products ranging from chocolates to coffee beans – helping products stand out (stand A218).

Croust'wich is launching its new bagel and wrap concept to the UK, helping operators to make bagels, wraps, salads, tartlets fresh throughout the day.  Croust’wich creates and develops food service concepts, adopted by more than 1200 customers worldwide.  Their concepts help to reduce labour costs, waste, and ensures easy preparation and attractive displays (stand G13).

Cornware UK is promoting its 100% biodegradable tableware, available in twelve vibrant colours.  It is durable, leak proof, heat resistant and competitively priced.  Its interesting hues allow customisation to suit needs (stand U402).

Sabert Europe is presenting its BePulp CPLA Cutlery, environmentally friendly disposable cutlery, made from biosourced material.  It’s 100% compostable (certified by AIB VINCOTTE), high heat resistant, and sturdy (stand M444).

Nelson Catering Equipment is promoting Advantage Plus, the newest addition to Nelson's highly specified Advantage dishwasher and glaswasher range.  It can help to radically reduce water and energy usage, making it both environmentally friendly and cost effective.  Also showcasing its kitchen design facility and catering equipment, including the latest from Blue Seal (stand M342).


Butterware is exhibiting its new mobile responsive online ordering websites, which provide independent, online-ordering to sandwich shops and other lunch businesses.   Its fully mobile responsive functions now allows users to view on mobiles and tablets, as well as desktop computers (stand M460).

pointOne EPoS is showcasing their award-winning product, Kiosk.  Kiosk was implemented in the UK’s first ever cashless restaurant chain, Tossed.  Using the kiosk interface, customers of QSR outlets can glide through and browse picture-based menu content and nutritional data, create an order, and check-out with integrated card payments in just a few button presses (stand M311).

The food exhibitor show highlights will be released later this week.

lunch! returns to Business Design Centre in Islington, London, on Wednesday and Thursday, 21-22 September 2016.  For further information and to register for a free trade pass, please visit and quote priority code LUN10 (direct link:


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lunch! was recently shortlisted for Best UK Trade Show Exhibition over 2,000sqm by the Association of Event Organisers’ Excellence Awards 2016 (the awards will take place on 17 June 2016).  It won Best Trade Show at the Exhibition News Awards in February 2014 (it was also shortlisted for Best Trade Show and Best Trade Show Marketing Campaign in 2015).  lunch! won Best Marketing Campaign of the Year in 2012 and was named Best UK Trade Show Exhibition under 2,000sqm for two years running in 2010 and 2011 at the Association of Event Organisers’ Excellence Awards.

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