Natural Products Scandinavia previews its exhibitor show highlights for 2015

With the full exhibitor line-up now almost confirmed, Natural Products Scandinavia – the Nordic region’s only dedicated trade show for the natural health, nutrition, beauty, skin care, and self-care market – has released its exhibitor show highlights for 2015. 

The award-winning event, which is co-located with Nordic Organic Food Fair, returns to Malmö, Sweden, on 1-2 November, with 350 exhibiting companies from 44 different countries.  It provides an unrivalled opportunity for thousands of local and international buyers, retailers, and press representatives to meet natural and organic product innovators from around the world. 

Recently confirmed exhibitors include Urban Veda, Sõsar, Vitalkost AS, Biovegan GmbH, Oatly AB, Horst Bode Import-Export GmbH, Lombardia Hot Drinks, Planet Organic, and Gaia Sport.

Here’s just some of the new natural, organic, free-from, sustainable, and healthy living products being exhibited this year.

Natural beauty & skin care

Aroha AB (stand B04) is introducing its Surya Brazil natural hair colours, and certified organic hair and skin care products.  Based on Ayurvedic principles, these award winning vegan products from Brazil use unique ingredients from the Amazon, such as Buriti – the Amazon's answer to Argan oil.  Also showing: Chicza KRAV certified chewing gum from the Mayan Rainforest, Manuka honey from New Zealand, and Teeccino – a KRAV certified organic coffee substitute (Sweden).

Aroha AB (stand B04) introducerar Surya Brasil naturliga hårfärger och certifierad ekologisk hår och hudvård. Baserat på ayurvediska principer, är dessa prisbelönta veganprodukter från Brasilien tillverkas i harmoni med naturen och använder unika ingredienser från Amazonas såsom BuritiAmazons svar på arganolja. Aroha är medlem i NOC (Sweden).

The Natural Goods Company (stand C02) is presenting a number of leading natural and organic brands, all appearing for the first time at the show.  These include Biosolis (organic sun care), Florascent (natural scents), Khadi (natural hair dyes and ayurvedic skin and hair care), Provida Organics (Demeter quality skincare and deodorants), Taoasis (organic aromatherapy), and Triumph & Disaster (unisex skincare) (Finland).

Natura Siberica (stand A08) is showcasing its best new natural skincare product, the 24k Gold Face Peel at Natural Products Scandinavia. This luxurious Golden Face Peel is designed to help restore skin radiance through active epidermis renewal (France).

Les Anes d'Autan (Stand B03) is introducing Crème Veloutée a daily body cream made with organic donkey milk, which responds to the needs of the skin by providing hydration, softness and smoothness.  Designed to nourish, soothe and protect the skin from premature ageing, Les Anes d'Autan organic soaps and cosmetics are specially formulated for sensitive skin and adapted for the whole family (France).

Apimab Laboratories (stand A10) is promoting a complete range of certified organic hygiene and cosmetic products including balms for four seasons, deodorants and shampoos, all made from Propolia.  Apimab Laboratories was born out of a passion for bees, and for more than 30 years the transformation of Propolisa multi-faceted natural antibiotic material has been its core activity (France).

Pure Beginnings (stand B22) is unveiling a new addition to its Organic Kids range at the show.  The Limited Edition Ruby Rhino Fun Time Kids Wash, with organic Rooibos (500ml), has been launched to support the conservation efforts of Rhinos in South Africa; the country of origin for the Pure Beginnings brand.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Ruby Rhino Limited Edition product will be donated to Project Rhino KZN, a dedicated Rhino conservation. (South Africa).

Newly released for 2015, SKN-RG Performance Skincare (stand C01) is promoting its range of innovative advanced skincare solutions.  The company has already received several awards, and featured in Vogue, Red and Harper’s Bazaar. Its cutting edge scientific complexes created from premium, natural organic ingredients and enhanced with SKN-RG Quanta Light Frequency pulses, is designed to boost cellular renewal (UK).

Award-winning natural products manufacturer Faith in Nature (stand A06) is unveiling its new range of natural anti-dandruff shampoos, with complementary conditioners, and shower and bath gels, in two refreshing fragrances.  Made with all natural fragrances and active anti-dandruff shampoo ingredients, they contain essential oils and are free from parabens and SLS (UK).

Bathing Beauty (stand A11-B) is exhibiting its multi-award winning skincare in Scandinavia for the first time.  The range shows 13 national awards, and new beautilitarian packaging featuring original artwork by designer bookbinder Simeon Jones.  Also showcasing: vegan make-up brushes, designed with celebrity makeup artist Caroline James, body scrubs, body balms, soaps and muscle oils.  Ingredients in all products are either home grown, wild harvested or from fair trade sources (UK).

Health & Self Care

New Baltex Natural AB (stand B26) launches for the European market include Gastroline Fruitcubes, Hair Control-Methods, and Reczema Medical Creams. Their main focus is food supplements for gastrointestinal use, and cosmetics and beauty products.  They distribute well-established brands to select pharmacy chains, healthfood retailers and drugstores in Sweden, Norway and Denmark (Sweden).

Slanka Sverige AB (stand B34) is introducing the Slanka Deli Diet VLCD for weight loss, and its lactose free range to the show.  Slanka is the first VLCD product (very low calorie diet) on the market that doesn’t contain the addition of aspartame, gluten or soy flour.  Slanka meet the requirements of VLCD foods with very low energy content for weight loss (Sweden).

Biocare VSYP AB (stand C33) is looking for internet and distributes for its health supplement Le Original. Designed to refill and give the body the tools to fix itself, it contains nourishment from plants, and brewer's yeast (RNA, DNA).  The composition includes wild yam and SOD, and other powerful antioxidants including Vitamin C that helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.  The upgrade consists of modern super fruits, such as goji, acai, maqui, and mangosteen (Sweden).

Chia Oil capsules from the Chia Bia range is a natural omega 3 supplement that is a plant based alternative to fish oils, launched by Lime Pharma ApS (stand D40).  Chia Oil is 100% vegan and made of cold-pressed Chia seeds. Also showing: award winning Ginjer Liquid Drops, pastilles and the Original Bachflower chewing gum (Denmark).

lanserades av Lime Pharma APS (stand D40)Chia Bia är först med att producera Chia Olja till konsumenterna  med Novel Food godkännande.100% vegan. Ingen lukt eller smak från fisk. Chia Olja - det växtbaserade kallpressad alternativet till fiskolja. 1200mg Omega 3 ALA per dos (4 kapslar) (Denmark)

Your Superfoods (stand A40) is promoting its recently launched range of seven organic superfood mixes.  Each mix contains powerful, nutrient-rich superfoods that provides a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.  Your Superfoods donates one packet of live-saving food to children suffering from acute malnutrition for every mix sold (The Netherlands).

As scientifically validated botanicals has claimed to provide significant health benefits, Pharmacoidea (stand D04) is developing and promoting innovative health products, such as MentalFitol  a proprietary blend of botanicals with bioactive components rigorously tested against Alzheimer’s disease in both the laboratory and clinics (Hungary).

Farmina sp. z o.o. (stand D51) is introducing Amber Ointment – a traditional Polish healthcare product containing Baltic Amber Extract, which has for centuries been used in Polish medicinal tradition.  Organic compounds found in Baltic Amber aims to loosen up muscles around the joints, improve blood circulation and have bio-stimulant and detoxifying properties.  Available in Scandinavia from November 2015 (Poland).

Feinstoff Vertriebs GmbH (stand C52) is promoting Superfoods to Go organic, vegan and raw superfood blends packed in handy sticks.  A nutritional companion for active people on the go, in the gym, on business trips or vacation.  Available flavours include Green Smoothie, Magic Berry, Chia seeds, Power Cacao and Green Protein (Austria).

Nature’s Plus (stand E21) is promoting the AgeLoss range, designed to help counter oxidative (catabolic) and free radicals while promoting nurturing renewal, growth and repair (anabolic activity).  AgeLoss offers a wide range of oxidatively protective blends, each designed to uniquely address the free radicals of specific tissues.  Products include Mens Multi, Womens Multi, First Day and Rejuvabolic (UK).

Ayurveda Pura London (stand C43) is introducing the recently launched Natural Wellbeing Survival Kit, designed to beat the side effects of a hectic daily lifestyle.  Each Kit contains a combination of various Ayurveda Pura products ranging from chyawanprash to herbal teas to food supplements, and organic skincare products.  It also includes a how-to-do guide, and a complimentary cotton drawstring bag (UK).

Naturlider (stand E13) is introducing the Age Splendor range at Natural Products Scandinavia 2015.  A high performance food supplement, it’s designed to take care of skin, hair, nails and main connective tissues.  The Nutricosmetic products have the highest bioavailability in their natural formulas (Spain).

Rainforest Foods (stand E24), the UK-based superfoods company, will be showcasing two retail supplement ranges Rainforest Foods and Green Origins, plus their bulk, white and private label offerings.  The Green Origins range has a refreshed design and includes new products imported from around the world; including moringa and bee pollen (UK).

Health Food & Drink

Zukara Sweden (stand D53) is promoting a range of sugar-free, high quality products, including fruit drinks with exotic flavours, marmalades with more fruit pulp, and green tea with low caffeine.  Due to the goodness of the stevia plant, Zukara are able to offer sugar free options to everyday products (Sweden).

På grund av det goda y steviaväxten, har vi på Zukara Sweden (stand D35) möjlighet att erbjuda sockerfria alternativ till vardagsprodukter. Genom högkvalitativa produkter son fruktdrycker med exotiska smaker, marmelad med mycket fruktkött, och grönt te med låg koffeinhalt, har vi skapat ett hälsosammare och naturligare alternative (Sweden).

Vevaloe Norden AB (stand A35) is promoting an Aloe Vera Fusion Drink – a fresh mix of organic aloe vera together with an array of fruits.  The drink has no additives, no added sugar, and contains iron, calcium and vitamin C (Sweden).

Vevaloe Norden AB (stand A35) Vevaloe pruducerar en Aloe Vera Fusion Drink vilket betyder att man har en uppfriskande blandning av ekologisk odlad Aloe Vera tillsammans med olika frukter. Drycken har inga tillsatser och man har även bevarat järn, kalcium och C-vitamin (Sweden).

Goodtrade Scandinavia AB (stand D02) is showcasing Caliente an organic juice-drink infused with chilli, known for its strong release of endorphins when consumed.  Thanks to the distinct flavour and natural kick, Caliente is considered a perfect non-alcoholic alternative.  Caliente comes in two flavours, Cranberry & Pomegranate and Lime & Ginger (Scandinavia).

Megab/Ecos (stand B21) is showcasing a sustainably sourced coconut water from southwest Thailand.  Ecos uses the most sustainable and ethical farming methods for the highest quality and a positive social impact (Sweden).

V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter (stand E01) is showcasing three new organic, gluten and lactose free dressings from the Khosian tea range; including Thousand Island, Garlic, and Salad variants.  It will also be unveiling newly launched organic, KRAV-labelled baking products.  These powders and extracts are available in a range of flavours popular in Nordic cuisine, including ginger, cinnamon, and liquorice (Sweden).

Leader Foods Oy (stand C36) is introducing its range of organic BareBar raw food bars in four organic flavours: Blueberry-Banana, Cranberry, Sea Buckthorn-Orange and Mango-Honey-Ginger.  All bars are made from scratch in controlled factories in Finland to ensure the best quality (Finland).

Lifefood Czech Republic s.r.o (stand E41) is introducing Lifebars, made with the highest quality raw ingredients, and partly with superfoods.  They are produced at low temperatures without heating and without any refined sugars, syrups, artificial sweeteners, starches or gluten, and only sweetened with dried fruits.  Available in 10 flavours,  including fig, chocolate, apricot, cherry, Brazil nut & guarana, berry superfood, chia young barely, and chocolate green protein (Czech Republic).

Chocolate Naive (stand D13) is promoting a new collection of organic chocolate, created after a meticulous analysis of taste, colour, smell and texture. The products have already put Lithuania on the foodie map as a rising star of gourmet chocolate (Lithuania).

Garbanzo Snacks (stand C23) is introducing a new range of roasted chick pea snacks, which are gluten free, low calorie and made from all natural ingredients.  A range of both sweet and savoury snacks in a single portion will be showcased 30g packs are also available (UK).

Primera Technology Europe (stand D50) is promoting LX2000e Color Label Printer, its newest and fastest pigment inkjet label printer using BS5609 certified ink.  In combination with various synthetic materials, LX2000e labels are highly water and UV resistant.  This durability supports applications such as frozen or refrigerated foods, beverages, but also bath and shower products (Germany).

TEATOX (stand A05) is showcasing its seven tea compositions including, 14 days cure, 28 days cure, Good Morning Tea and Goodnight Tea designed to effectively support the needs of the body, mind, soul, inner beauty and well-being.  TEATOX brings a modern twist to the natural power and ancient wisdom of organic tea (Germany).

Papagrin (stand D28) is introducing a selection of vegan breads, sesame crackers, and exclusive bars and fruit snacks at the show encouraging consumers to opt for healthy, functional foods made of only natural, raw ingredients (Poland).

Papagrin (stand D28) handlar om hälsosam mat och just detta. På utställningen kommer vi att sträva efter att förmedla våra kärnvärde - uppmuntra alla att välja hälsosamma, funktionella livsmedel som framställts av endast naturliga, råvaror. Följ med till smaka våra vegan bröd, sesam kex, exklusiva barer och frukt snacks (Poland).

TypicalGreen Smoothies (stand A43) is showcasing fruit and vegetable smoothies, with 14.5g of protein and 23g of fibre.  They offer blends of premium quality and collagen as a special treat.  Vegan super fruit choices are available too (Belgium).

biosanica Manufaktur GmbH (stand C54) is showcasing its range of bio dry fruits made from high quality organic apples (grown in in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol) using the latest drying technology.  The range includes crispy organic-applecubes, chips and rings (Germany).

Flavours and colours of biodiversity (stand D35) is showing a wide range of organic products including, organic extra virgin olive oil made from organic trees, and cold cuts of pig meat raised in the open air (Spain).

Rockwell’s Whole Foods (stand B37) is introducing Liquid Coconut Oil in a bottle and spray can.  This organic coconut oil is presented in an innovative form for ease of use in multiple food preparations (Canada).

Alara Wholefoods (stand C30) is promoting its new superfood sweetener Yacon, providing a new dietary solution, with half less sugar than conventional sugar and low GI.  Following on from the successful campaign to the FSA for the approval of Yacon in the EU – it has finally re-landed in Europe.  Yacon is ideal for those watching the waistline and wanting to control blood sugar levels (UK).

First Quality Foods (stand A34) is introducing Artisan Grains – a new brand designed to meet the needs of today's healthy eating consumers.  The exclusive five strong range of all natural grains and seeds, includes Freekeh and Tricolour Couscous, is available in highly visual, informative and versatile packaging (UK).

Natural Living

Eco conscious cleaning company Rosmarin Zrt (stand D21) is promoting I am 20, a concentrated and 20 times refillable spray cleaning product.  Selected products are Ecolabel and Ecocert certified.  Rosmarin Zrt is reducing its CO2-emissions by utilising solar energy and developing recipes that contain less water (Hungary).

Aquaint (stand A17) is presenting its natural antibacterial Sanitising Water.  It contains no alcohol or other harsh chemicals and can be used safely on the hands and body (from birth), and on surfaces (even on items that go in the mouth) with no need to rinse.  Aquaint is endorsed by Allergy UK (UK).

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