Nordic Organic Food Fair 2016: Exhibitor show highlights

New organic food & drink product launches announced

Nordic Organic Food Fair – the Nordic region’s biggest trade show for organic food and drink, has released its exhibitor show highlights for 2016.

The event, which is co-located with Natural Products Scandinavia, returns to Malmö, Sweden, on 16-17 November with over 375 exhibitors.  Frequently cited as a ‘must attend’ for discovering innovative new organic and natural food and drink products, Nordic Organic Food Fair has proved popular with buyers from across Scandinavia and beyond.

The following is a selection of certified organic food and drink products on show this year.

Wiik & Co A/S (stand J26) is previewing its new sweet chilli sauce from its Veribest Organic range.  Produced in Thailand, it has a blend of red chilli, garlic, and sugar.  Also showcasing: Veribest Organic’s baked beans, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, syrup, pestos, sweetcorn, chickpeas and coconut milk (Denmark).

Pfanner Hermann Getränke GmbH (stand H72-B) is introducing its new Bio Breakfast Drink (launching in February 2017).  A liquid breakfast, which contains whey, orange juice, banana puree, agave syrup, grape juice, barley malt, and honey.  Also showcasing: organic juices and iced teas (Italy).

Bravo Foods (stand E60-5) is launching its QuinuaReal quinoa range, made from high quality organic Bolivian quinoa.  Products in the range include: rice drinks, grains, puffed quinoa, flakes, bars, syrup, pastas, snacks, flour, pre-cooked veggy bites, tabbouleh, and risotto (The Netherlands).

Pip Organic (stand J18-5) is launching its new Fruity Waters and Fruit Quenchers in Mango, Orange & Apple, and Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Apple flavours.  Made from a blend of premium organic fruits and spring water, with no added sugars, sweeteners, concentrates or flavours (UK).

Le Moulin du Pivert (stand K31) is introducing its new cookies, available in chocolate chip, salt-butter caramel and berry-filled flavours.  Le Moulin du Pivert’s factory makes its organic cookies without palm oil and supports small local organic farmers by using fair trade ingredients from development programmes (France).

Excealoe S.L (stand G60A) is launching its Hispaloe aloe vera range.  Products include raw materials (fresh leaves), aloe juices, cubes for cooking and pate.  Aloe vera contains nutritional properties beneficial for everyday health (Spain).

Biofood-Biolivs AB (stand F21) is launching its almond and cashew nuts in functional 50g snack packs.  Also showcasing: Aduna’s raw food supercacaopowder; a turmeric drink by Karma drinks; Vita Coco’s new Caffe latte and Cafe mocha; new dark, light and caramel 50g chocolate bars from Tony's Chocolonely; Seed & Bean's Fair Trade chocolate (in caffé mocha, fennel and orange with thyme); Conscious Chocolate’s range of gluten, milk and soya free chocolate; and Organic Traditions’ superfoods, which are inspired by Ayurveda, Jamu, Unami, Asian, South American and Western cultures (Sweden).

Acetaia Guerzoni (stand H50B) is introducing its balsamic vinegars, with Demeter certification to the Nordic market.  Products include: Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP Rosso (Red Label); Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP Bronzo (Bronze Label); Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP Argento (Silver Label); Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP Oro (Gold Label); grape must; and white balsamic vinegar (Italy).

Oleo Health Care (stand K51) is introducing its natural nutritional supplement of 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in Ancient Olympia.  Made with cholesterol-lowering properties, OLEO aims to help reduce the risk of heart attacks and inflammation, and help fortify the body against osteoarthritis and Alzheimer disease (Greece).

Bio Green Food (stand G60-E) is showcasing its new Greenherz Bio-Vegan spreads, sauces and guacamole, including pepper pâté, tomato pâté, almond pâté, Mexican sauce and black garlic pâté.  The Greenherz homemade style uses only high quality ingredients to savour the Mediterranean and tropical tastes (Spain).

Granarolo (stand H36) is promoting its new 100% Vegetale range of organic and vegetarian burgers and ready-meals.  Its ten recipes include: vegetarian burgers with courgette; burgers with tomato & olive; burgers with spinach; burgers with broccoli; burgers with carrot; vegetable meatballs; barley with vegetables; quinoa with vegetables; sitan; and tofu (Italy).

HeyDay Organic (stand H53) is showcasing its Evergreen 100% pure juice, made from a mix of natural ingredients – like apple, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger.  HeyDay is a clean, natural, organic juice, with no concentrates, pasteurisation or additives (Estonia).

DO-IT Dutch (stand G48) is promoting Amaizin’s new Red kidney beans in Chili sauce, Lentils in Curry sauce, and Chili Con Carne.  Gluten-free, and ready to eat, they can be used in combination with their wraps.  Also showcasing: Amaizin’s new quick cook brown basmati rice, and La Bio Idea’s Lime Plus lime juice (The Netherlands).

Bio Planète (stand G55) is showcasing its olive oil & lemon, made from lemons pressed together with olives, fresh from the harvest.  Also showcasing: condiments with olive oil and basil, olive oil & garlic, and olive oil & chili.  These gourmet oil specialties combine fresh herbs with olive oil, and can be used for risottos, pizzas, pastas, sauces and salads (Germany).

Drink Bouillon by granoVita (stand J59) is a spicy hot drink, available in three flavours (Rocking Veggie, Hot Ginger, and Hot Curry).  Individually portioned (with 10 sachets per pack), it’s quick and easy to prepare – just add water.  Only five calories per 100ml, it is vegan, gluten free, lactose free, and palm oil-free (Germany).

Magnihill (stand H08) has a new range of frozen organic vegetables and berries.  These include buckthorn, blueberries, lingonberry, pomegranate seeds, beetroot, root vegetables, Swedish peas, wokmix, broccoli, and artichokes (Sweden).

Finest Argan (stand A53) is showcasing its Coco Leaf Tea – the latest addition to the Argan Oil range.  Committed to sourcing the highest quality of Argan oil from southern Morocco, Finest Argan has developed its oil for cosmetic or culinary needs.  Also showcasing: Cosmetic Argan Oil; Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil; Ghassoul Clay; Japanese Matcha Green Tea in three grades; Mana Matcha Coca Tea; and Peruvian Black Maca root capsules (Ireland).

Acetum Spa (stand J55) is promoting its Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.  It is showcasing four different qualities and a white condiment at the show – from the softest flavours to the most intense (Italy).

Feysol Nature S.L (stand G60-G) is showcasing Oroney – a biological beekeeping honey range.  Located in a natural park, away from industrial zones and intensive agriculture, bees use their natural environment to produce this organic honey, without the use of artificial beehive treatment products and in full respect of the honey production cycle (Spain).

Veggiebel (stand K46) is promoting its vegan patés, vegan spreads and vegan ready meals.  High in protein and low in carbs, its products include: Paté de Provence, Paté Normand, Hummus Classic, Vegan Chili Con Carne, and Vegan Spaghetti Sauce.  They are gluten-free, GMO-free and yeast-free (Belgium).

Beriksson (stand F83) is exhibiting Proviant Berlin’s fizzy lemonade in lemon, apple, rhubarb, lemon and orange, and lemon and ginger flavours.  All drinks contain only organic ingredients, with a maximum of 2% of added sugar, and taste homemade (Sweden).

Herb Hero (stand J52) is introducing Moringa powder, Turmeric powder, and Coconut Oil.  Raw, vegan and organic, they are made as simply as possible to retain as many nutrients as possible (Sweden).

Natural Crunch (stand F60F) is promoting its Vitasnack Organic Fruit Crunch & Choc, made with mango, pineapple, strawberry, banana, apple and cocoa.  It contains no added sugars, with only 78 kcals per 20g pack (Spain).

Diet Food (stand K09) is showcasing its ‘sack of snacks’ range at the show.  From original mixed flavours to single snacks, products include: Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs, Golden Berries, Coconut Chips, Spicy Seeds, Choco Coco Seeds, and Cinnamon Seeds.  They are non GMO, and suitable for vegans (Poland).

Mediterranean Vegetable Oils (G60-F) is the first company in Spain producing organic extra virgin avocado oil.  Its range of oil is milled from organic vegetable seeds, including sunflower, soya bean, rapeseed and safflower seeds from Spain, Ukraine and Romania (Spain). 

Planet Organic (stand E24) is promoting its Raw Chiamp protein bars, with sprouted chia, brown rice protein, pea protein and almond butter.  Each bar contains 10g of complete plant-based protein.  Chiamp bars make a healthy snack on-the-go and are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar free (UK).

What a Fruit (stand H30-A) is a unique snack bar made of 50% Belgium chocolate and 50% Nordic forest berries.  It comes in five flavours:  Blackcurrant and Cherry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry (Estonia).

AllFair Trade GmbH (stand J11) is showcasing its new fairtrade and organic Virgin Coconut Oil range, in various jar sizes under the brand Allfair.  Thanks to EU-based competitive filling, it is suitable for Private Label, and is among the first with Fairtrade certification (Germany).

Gastronomi Leverantören AB (stand H10) is promoting Luscombe’s award-winning soft drinks and juices from Devon in the UK.  Available in a range of flavours including: Mostly Devon Apple Juice; Apple Juice with Elderflower; Apple & Apricot Juice; Carrot & Orange Juice; Madagascan Vanilla Soda; Lime Crush; Raspberry Crush; and Cool Ginger Beer (Sweden).

Herbaria Kräuterparadies (stand J15) is showcasing SMULA – handcrafted spiced breadcrumbs in five variants (Mediterranean, classic style, sweet for desserts, the essence of Bavaria, and gluten free).  Baked without added enzymes, they taste of herbs and spices and have a crispy crust.  They can be used for breading, raclette, or to sprinkle over gratins or steaks (Germany).

Lifefood Czech Republic s.r.o (stand E20) is promoting its raw vegan sausage – Rawsage.  An intense and spicy snack, with a base of Brazil nuts and sundried tomatoes, it is seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices (Czech Republic).

Ecofruit SRL (stand H56) is showcasing Native spreadable cream of artichoke.  It is especially for artichoke amateurs, and not acidified, so that the taste of the artichoke comes through.  Ecofruit is the trade society of the cooperative Uno Sicilia, working with more than 450 organic producers (Italy).

Maya Gold Trading B.V (stand G19) is exhibiting its 100% raw, cold pressed, organic virgin coconut oil.  Available in 250g, 450g, 920g and 1400g packs.  The oil contains about half lauric acid, a medium-chain triglyceride that has a number of health-promoting properties, including the ability to improve levels of good HDL cholesterol (The Netherlands).

CHIA energy drink from Laboratoria Natury Sp. z o.o (stand E50) contains nutritional seeds and juices, as a source of omega-3 and fibre.  It’s been developed for people who have no time for a meal or who have just finished a work out (Poland).

Aceites Echinac s.a (stand G60-D) is promoting its Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Capers.  Its EVOO is made from olives called Nevadillo Blanco, and the capers in vinegar come from millenary plants (Spain).

The Maîtres Chocolatiers at Saveurs et Nature (stand J08) have developed their newest recipe made with almond milk.  This 100% vegan chocolate has a melting texture, which is pleasing to the finest palate – even those who are intolerant to lactose (France).

James White Drinks (stand J18-4) is showcasing its Zinger drinks (7cl).  Developed as an alternative to sugar and caffeine loaded energy drinks, it contains no preservatives or artificial colours.  It’s available in four flavours: Turmeric, Ginger, Lime Chilli, and Xtra Ginger (UK).

Union Rexi S.L.U (stand J50) is showcasing its dried fruits, made without sweeteners, no sugar, nor fruit juice. Processed in Valencia, the dried fruits include persimmon, apricots, pear, apples, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, and loquat (Spain).

Googly Fruit Nordic (stand K66) is showcasing its organic snacks for kids up to eight years old.  Helping to fill a gap, where there are few healthy snacking options for kids, Googly Fruit snacks include fruit and veg crisps, squeezy pouches and crunchy lunchtime snacks (Denmark).

Ice Cream Factory (stand K01) is promoting its Sweet Cow Ice Cream Cake – Europe’s first organic ice cream cake.  It’s a combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, made with fresh organic milk (almost always from the Dutch countryside).  The wheat syrup and rice syrup sweetened ice cream is wrapped by a crunchy chocolate coating at the bottom (The Netherlands).

Pajumäe Talu OÜ (stand H30-C) is exhibiting its Prasad ghee, made of unsalted organic grass-fed butter by a small family farm in Estonia.  Pajumäe farm has been voted the best organic producer in Estonia, as well as the best farm in Estonia (Estonia).

Molinos Del Duero Group (stand F60-C) is promoting a new natural cereal Tritordeum.  Made as a result of the combination of durum wheat and barley, Tritordeum is more digestible than conventional cereals. It contains elevated levels of protein, fiber and lutein, which helps maintain good bacterial flora and used for eye health (Spain).

Natural Products Scandinavia

Nordic Organic Food Fair is co-located with Natural Products Scandinavia, which means visiting food buyers also benefit from access to the latest natural food and drink products from world-leading brands.

DS Concepts (stand A39) is previewing its Mediterranean wellness water, Mastiqua.  For many centuries the people of the Mediterranean used to mix mastiha, the sap of the mastiha tree, with water to create a special drink for digestion, oral hygiene, teeth whitening and fitness.  It’s free of fat, colour and calories (Cyprus).

Pavilion Healthcare (stand E65) is introducing its four new blends of Ayurvedic Teas at the show, including: Sleep well Tea – Chamomile and Passion Flower; Slimming Tea – Garcinia and Green Tea; Green Tea with ginger, mint, and lemongrass; and Ginger Pick Me up Tea - pure spice tea.  Also showcasing: Vata Balance, Pitta Balance, and Kapha Balance teas, which come with an educational card about body types, Dosha and Yoga postures (UK).

Sao sa (stand A43) is launching the ALOS range of naturally-marinated, and traditionally smoked seabass and seabream fish fillets, caught from the Mediterranean blue waters of Messolonghi Lagoon Area (Natura 2000) in the Ionian Sea (Greece).

KULAU GmbH (stand A22) is launching its new crunchy KULAU Snax range, made with organic seaweed chips.  The chips are carefully dried, not fried, so they contain less fat and are loaded with nutrients (Germany).

Mamuko (stand A50D) is introducing its organic porridge to the Nordic market.  It’s the one porridge for babies, which is not thermo-processed, doesn’t melt in water and boiled.  Preparation takes four to five minutes, and includes natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins (Lithuania).

La Naya chocolate (stand A50F) is launching its organic, handmade chocolate bars in Honey & Bread Crumbs, Pistachio & Cocoa Nibs, Orange & Juniper, Raspberries & Pineapple, and Strawberries, Cinnamon & Chili.  Using cocoa beans, and chemical free tropical fruits, its ingredients are sourced from environmentally-friendly farms processed by innovative technologies (Lithuania).

Go4Raw (stand E81) bars and crackers contain 100% raw ingredients made with superfoods.  They are dried below 42 degrees Celsius, so that minerals and vitamins are retained.  Vegan and gluten free, they are available in 24 pack boxes in Orange & Cocoa, Inca Berry, Chilli & Cocoa, and Hemp Protein & Chia (Bulgaria).

BioStyle (stand E16) is introducing its Goody Bites – a new generation of organic raw food bites with bio active ingredients.  It contains essential fatty acids, as well as superfoods, and is raw, probiotic, and gluten free (Bulgaria).

OKF Corporation (stand D84) is introducing its Aloe Vera drink to the Nordic market.  It’s made with fresh pulp and all ingredients, including mineral water, organic aloe vera powder, organic aloe vera gel, organic cane sugar, and natural grape flavour (Korea).

Primrose Kitchen (stand A26) is exhibiting its organic and paleo granolas – available in Orange & Cashew, and Goji, Black Pepper & Lemon.  Both contain a wholesome combination of sunflower seeds, oranges, raisins, cashew nuts, coconut pieces, cinnamon, nutmeg and Himalayan salt (UK).

Primo Mendoza S.L (stand E63) is showcasing its ApiEnergy Orange Creamy Honey.  Made with bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis, the ApiEnergy Honey contains 66 kcal (Spain).

Creative Nature Superfoods (stand A27) is exhibiting its Organic Chia & Mulberry Superfood Muffin Mix.  Free from all 14 major allergens, it has no refined sugars, and contains superfood ingredients.  Also showcasing: Chia & Cacao Brownie mix (UK).

The Free From People (stand A57) is promoting Buttercup Meadow's range of free-from mixes, which can be used to make burgers, sausages, meatballs, meatloaf, stuffing and more.  All are free-from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, MSG and GM.  Flavours include: Spicy Moroccan Mix, Sage & Onion Mix, Sausage Mix, Hot and Spicy Mix, Rosemary & Garlic Mix, and Lemon Parsley & Thyme Mix (UK).

Pulsin' (stand D12) is showcasing its Peanut Choc Chip Raw Choc Brownie.  A double chocolate brownie packed full of raw cacao, dairy free chocolate chips and peanuts for a guilt-free treat.  It is gluten and soya free, non GM and contains no refined sugars (UK).

Tropicsoul (stand D70) is showcasing its latest juice combinations, including pineapple & fresh mint; pineapple, soursop & banana; mango, pineapple, acerola & beetroot; mango, pineapple, passionfruit & ginger; and mango, passionfruit, pineapple & kale (Dominican Republic).

Alara Wholefood (stand E55) is showcasing the Lucy Rocks organic vegan paleo granola range – a mix of buckwheat, nuts, seeds and superfoods.  Grain-free and free from any refined-sugars, the unique blends of nutrient dense superfood powders and ingredients create four flavours: Blush Crunch, Glowing Granola, Golden Granolas, and Lush Crunch (UK).

Ramkalni Nordeco (stand C26) is exhibiting its candied fruit and berries mix in Doypack.  Produced from berries, fruits and vegetables grown in Latvia, the range includes: candied cranberries, blackcurrants, pumpkins, quinces and rhubarb.  Due to their unique processing technology, candied products preserve the natural force and biologically active substances (Latvia).

Sabadì - Raw-Organic-Natural (stand A28) is promoting its functional chocolate range, which develops the six main beneficial properties of cocoa beans (antioxidant, antidepressant, adaptogen, immune booster, sexual stimulant, and skin beauty).  Also showcasing: Organic hot chocolate with spoons, an easy and fun way of making a dense Italian style hot chocolate (Italy).

Grybai LT (stand A50E) is showcasing its new whole organic champignons in brine.  They are farm-grown, hand-picked, and then processed in their own factory.  The light weight plastic pouch packaging is proven to have significantly less CO2 emissions during the product lifecycle compared to a glass jar of the same size (Lithuania).

Liquid Juice Company ApS (stand E18) is promoting its new yuzu lemonade, which is made from one of the world's most expensive and sought-after citrus fruits: The yuzu fruit.  It's not made from concentrate and doesn't contain any E-numbers, and has a flavour of fresh lemon, tangerine and grapefruit (Denmark).

Hemp Juice Sales (stand A49) produces raw hemp juice.  It contains the full spectrum of essential nutrients, plus the additional benefit of high quantities of a strong anti-oxidant, cannabidiol acid (CBDa), which is used to restore a healthy balance and generally improve well-being.  The raw hemp juice powder is freeze-dried (Cyprus).

Planet Food Sp. Z o.o Sp.K (stand C23) is showcasing its Bioffel organic wafers, made exclusively from Bio derived ingredients from certified suppliers, located in the EU.  They are manufactured from an original recipe, which makes them crispy and light, with the addition of milk thistle, extra virgin olive oil, wholegrain and spelt (Poland).

Agropro (stand D55) is showcasing its hemp seeds.  The seeds are hulled at a low temperature, with a mechanical hulling method to help retain its nutritional properties (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, and vitamins).  They are GMO free, gluten free, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan (Italy).

Linnamäe Butchery (stand D47) is showcasing its Wild Jerky Jerkies, produced from game meat.  All game used are hunted from the wild, where the food is 100% natural with no artificial influences.  The Wild Jerky product family includes wild boar, beef, elk and deer (Estonia).

The Geocook range by Geovita Group (stand C29) produces quick-cooking cereals and legumes.  Available in barley, farro and bulgur recipes, Geovita ready-to-eat salads are made without any additives or preservatives, and have a 12-month shelf life (Italy).

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In 2014, Nordic Organic Food Fair was shortlisted for Best Tradeshow Exhibition (UK & International) under 2,000sq.m at the UK’s Association of Event Organisers’ annual Excellence Awards.  It was also a finalist in the Best International Launch category at the UK’s Exhibition News Awards.

In 2013, Natural Products Scandinavia won Best International Launch at the UK’s Exhibition News Awards.  It was also finalist in the Best Trade Launch Show category at the UK’s Association of Event Organisers’ annual Excellence Awards.

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