Nordic Organic Food Fair previews its exhibitor show highlights for 2014

With the full exhibitor line-up now almost confirmed, Nordic Organic Food Fair – the Nordic region’s only dedicated trade show for organic food and drink – has released its exhibitor show highlights for 2014.

The event, which is co-located with Natural Products Scandinavia, returns to Malmö, Sweden, on 26-27 October, with 300 exhibiting companies from around 40 different countries.  It provides an unrivalled opportunity for thousands of local and international buyers, retailers, and press representatives to meet organic product innovators and pioneers from around the world.

The following is a selection of food and drink products being launched at this year’s show.

Joh. Bruce and (stand FB19) is sampling its new organic line from Bornholm Mosteri. Bornholm Mosteri strives to maintain the natural flavour of the ingredients and the flavours of the seasons. The company provide beverages of the highest quality, made from carefully selected ingredients, with solid craftmanship behind production. (Sweden)

LOOV – Power of Nature (stand FD05) is showcasing its new non-alcoholic Organic Wild Cranberry Mulled Wine for the winter season. Another focus this year is on raw food snacks made using seasonal fruits and vegetables from Estonian organic farmers. It is their aim to introduce international retailers and distributors to health food developed in collaboration with nutrition therapists. (Estonia)

UCHA Kombucha and Organic Drinks (stand FD15) is promoting Karma Kombucha, a raw sparkling tea that is organic and fair trade.  For years, brewers have been producing Kombucha, which is an interpretation of an ancient recipe full of enzymes and probiotics, to hydrate, restore and detox the body. Karma Kombucha is a naturally fermented elixir, 100% organic and fair trade, and low in sugar. (France)

Torrefazione Caffe’ Michele Battista SRL (stand FC28C) is promoting its Vida Battistino fair trade and organic coffee. Vida Battistino is roasted by hand in small quantities and presented in unique, fully recyclable jars in a variety of sizes. (Italy)

NUA Naturals (stand FB24), the Irish lovers, suppliers and producers of raw organic superfoods, is launching four new Smoothie Blends – Vitalise, Detox, Glow and Lean -  to its existing range of over 40 natural products. Containing over 20 natural superfoods, these new blends are packed with functional ingredients to help consumers meet their nutritional needs. These 100% natural Smoothie Blends are a healthy, nutritious boost to any beverage, yoghurt or cereal. (Ireland)

‘SuperGreens’ from Bioglan Superfoods (stand FB02) is more than just a blend of green vegetables. Over 81 ingredients provide the full spectrum of A-Z nutrients from supergreens to probiotics. Delicately blended using only the purest raw ingredients, SuperGreens is 100% natural, free from preservatives, added colours or flavourings, just as nature intended. Available in three varieties: Original, +Cacao and +Superberries. (UK)

Equinox Kombucha tea (stand FA34D) is a fermented tea that is known for its numerous health properties which is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. This ‘living sparkling tea’ is fair trade, organic and unique to other Kombucha teas in Europe. Equinox offer Kombucha tea in four refreshing flavours: Original, Raspberry & Elderflower, Wild Berry and Ginger. (UK)

Lily & Hanna's Rawfood Ice Dream (stand FC27) is a new alterative to ice cream. The ice dream is available in three flavours: Chocolate Love Energy is a tempting chocolate ice dream reminiscent of chocolate mousse; Crème Caramel Coconut Bliss is a creamy ice dream with real vanilla; and Cinnamon & Cardamom Spice Delight is a heavenly creamy spiced ice dream with warming cinnamon and cardamom, the perfect flavour for chai lovers. (Sweden)

‘Bella Buljong’ is a new spice from Herbaria-münchmedia-AlltGott (stand FD23). The fine balance between vegetables and herbs makes the base of this spice mixture, and then a creamy touch is added at the end. Perfect for salad dressings and sauces, it also tastes good by itself as a broth or as a base for dishes such as risotto and potato salads. More than 20 different vegetables, herbs and spices are used making it a true all-rounder! (Sweden)

V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter (stand FB32) has several exciting new launches for 2014. Long-time partner Happy People Planet has launched mini tubs of their popular almonds and cashews in well-known tastes and several new flavours. Plus there’s also Höllinger's new range of organic sodas and juices, as well as Sealand BIRK Birch tree juice and the unique ‘Made Good’ fruit and nut bars, which are organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free and free from milk and peanuts. (Sweden)

Go For Life (stand NC30) provides high quality raw organic superfoods. The company has recently launched a new web store improving structure, updating product information, gaining access to discounts, and making the site more visually attractive. (Sweden)

Biova organic food (stand FA43) is showcasing organic fresh products, including cheese and deli selections from their range together with carrier refrigeration. (Sweden)

Big Tree Farms is showcasing high quality cacao and coconut items. They will be sampling their products, such as coconut sugar, cacao and coconut water powder, on stand FA35. Working directly with over 14,000 farmers over the vast archipelago of Indonesia, Big Tree Farms is the largest organic company in Indonesia. (Finland)

I am Pure Superfoods (stand FD22) offer a range of superfood products that are high in quality at affordable prices. Their product range includes spirulina, chlorella, amla, wheat grass, rice bran and tart cherry. I am Pure Superfoods will be showcasing some of their best sellers at this year’s show. (Norway)

New in the Roley’s (stand FC52) assortment are deep, frozen, gluten free and organic cherry, apple and bavarois pies. The cherry and apple pies are lactose free as well. The pies are baked in a 100% dedicated gluten free bakery and contain lots of organic fruit. (Netherlands)

DO-IT Dutch Organic International Trade (stand FB22) is an importer and exporter of 100% organic food ingredients and after 10 years has refreshed the look of their Amaizin range. Amaizin offers a range of snacks and products, including exotic foods such as curry paste and coconut milk. This year, they have replaced the palm oil in their corn chips with high oleic sunflower oil, which is a stable, tasteful oil, high in unsaturated fat. (Netherlands)

Chiemgauer Naturfleisch GmbH (stand FA39) is launching its new Rindersalami - a delicious raw beef salami with a savoury taste, flavoured with organic spices and lightly smoked over beech wood. Made without nitrite and with no additives, this aromatic salami received the Bronze award in ‘Bavaria's Best Organic Products 2014’. (Germany)

Bohlsener Muehle (stand FA15) is launching its Muehlen Muesli range at this year’s show. The range contains well balanced, high-fibre mixtures, with oat, spelt and einkorn, which are completely wheat-free. The Muehlen Mueslis are available in the following varieties: Basic Muesli; Fruit Muesli; Chocolate Muesli; Muehlen Muesli Bircher Art Porridge; Yoghurt-Lemon Crunchy; Almond-Nut Crunchy; Pure Oat Crunchy; and Pure Chocolate Crunchy. (Germany)

TOPAS GmbH (stand FA18) is showcasing the new seasonal Wheaty Deli Platter, bringing vegan variety into the frying pan. Savoury sausages, German-style bratwurst, and meat-like medallions make an ideal meal, perfect for cold autumn and winter days. (Germany)

Organic pioneer Barnhouse (stand FD04) is a family business, producing 100% organic foods in South Germany since 1979. They will be showcasing the finest quality organic breakfast cereals with a focus on Krunchy Amaranth, with sunflower oil and agave syrup. Their complete range will be on show, including Krunchy bars in five different flavours such as Raspberry and Aronia. (Germany)

Ditra NV – Martera (stand FD02) is showcasing Inca Inchi Oil, which is a cold pressed, organic certified oil of Sacha Inchi seeds from organic agriculture in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Inca Inchi Oil provides an ideal balance between Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (36%) and Omega 9 (9%). Due to the high natural content of vitamins A and E it is the most stable of all vegetable oils that are rich in Omega 3. (Belgium)

Happy People Planet (stand FB32) is showcasing its unique range of organic snacks and chocolates. Organic almonds are sourced directly from farmer’s cooperatives in Spain and Sicily, organic cashews from Burkina Faso and organic pecans from South Africa. Locally sourced spices and ingredients are also used, including hot chilli, salt and pepper, sour cream and onion and green tea. New for 2014 are raw chocolate coated fruits and nuts, as well as honey coated almonds and cashews. (Luxembourg)

SuroVital s.c (stand FD06) is presenting three new products, found nowhere else in Europe. These are: Cashews covered in 70% dark chocolate made from unroasted cocoa beans with coffee flavour; Bananas covered in 70% dark chocolate made from unroasted cocoa beans; as well as Brazilian nuts also covered in 70% dark raw chocolate. They will also be presenting other super foods in raw chocolate. (Poland)

Unique non-dairy organic ice cream Indy&Pippa (stand FA57) is an alternative to dairy ice cream made by Pro Organika from the best organic ingredients. It is free from processed sugar, soy, gluten and GMOs.  Indy&Pippa ice cream is suitable for everyone. (Slovenia)

BUSLAK OIL, s.r.o (stand FA16) is introducing its new Sungarden Organic Sunflower Oil with Sage. This oil is a 100% vegetable, organic sunflower oil with a touch of sage. The oil is produced by only one cold pressing, is unrefined and  has no additives. It has a nutty taste of sunflower seeds and has a remarkable aroma of sage. (Slovakia)

I Love Bio Ltd (stand FD32) is launching new products for those with a sweet tooth - Millet Balls covered with Belgian organic chocolate and desiccated organic coconut. Milk, dark or white chocolate and coconut varieties available. (Hungary)

Nature et Aliments (stand FA47) produces organic powder mixes for desserts, creams, culinary aids and soups. New for 2014 is ‘Confix'Bio’ - an organic and vegetable gelling agent, as well as a new range of veggie burgers ‘Galet'Bio’, and two new desserts with oat bran and agave syrup. The company is also presenting its new range of cooking kits for kids under the new brand COOKIT! (France)

Pistachos Ecologicos Ibericos (stand FD10), producers of high quality organic pistachios, is launching two new products - pistachio butter and pistachio marzipan. Both products are 100% organic made from biologically integrated pistachios. (Spain)

Union Rexi – Dehydrated Vegetable Products, S.L. (stand FD03) is featuring its organic, dehydrated Spanish Persimmon, a sweet fruit with delicious flavour and aroma and high in vitamin C and pro-vitamin A. Its firm texture makes it easy to cut, and the skin is also edible. Easy to carry anywhere, it is ideal as a snack or dessert. No added sugar, flavourings, colours, preservatives or additives. (Spain)

BIO Green-Food (stand FC38B) is one of the leading enterprises on a national and international scale in the import and export of biological products. They produce a large range of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, and have three lines of production including greenhouse products, citrus fruit, and tropical fruit such as mango and avocados. (Spain)

San Sebastian, located in the region of Granada in Spain, manufactures and trades Conde Benalua Bio extra virgin olive oils (stand FA38C). Over a 50-year period San Sebastian has grown every day with the objective of satisfying consumers worldwide under the strict principles of quality and competitiveness. This growing company export to a variety of countries. (Spain)

El Cortijo Bio (stand FB38D) is a leading family-owned farming business that grows a range of different vegetables, from beetroot to broccoli, which are free of chemical pesticide residues, genetically modified organisms and have a high content of many of the essential vitamins and minerals which enhance the body’s defences. (Spain)

Terrius (stand FD28) develops new food products based on the quality and excellence of local raw materials from the Alentejo region. Their range of products includes cultivated and wild mushrooms, Marvão chestnut, ‘Bravo de Esmolfe’ apple from Portalegre, piquillo pepper, and other wild products and aromatic herbs. Terrius will be promoting their newest product - acorn flour, which allows the reintroduction of the acorn into the human diet. (Portugal)

Casa Anadia (stand FD30) has been a producer of olive oil since the 17th century and use a variety of different olives to produce 100% natural and unfiltered olive oil. A combination of international olive varieties, along with the corresponding soil and know-how that has been acquired over hundreds of years, produces a very fruity, fresh and low acid level extra virgin olive oil. (Portugal)

A.T. & B. Srl - Organic and Functional Bakery and Pastry (stand FB13) is introducing new ‘Special Diet’, the only complete range of organic food for specific nutritional needs. In the last 30 years discomforts due to food disorders have risen and ‘Special Diet’ offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of those who have to follow a controlled diet. (Italy)

Bio Meran | biodynamic apples (stand FA13) is a cooperative of 21 biodynamic apple growers located in South Tyrol in the Alps. The cooperative has many years of experience in biodynamic growing and produce a wide range of apple varieties. Bio Meran will be showcasing their newest apple variety Isaaq, the snack apple - crispy, juicy and sweet. (Italy)

Cacao Crudo (stand FA52) is the first Italian company to produce raw, vegan, organic and gourmet chocolate. This project was born to combine Italian passion for high quality food with the production of raw chocolate. The company cares about healthy food that also tastes great and use fine Cacao Criollo and ingredients from certified organic farms. (Italy) 

GREEPP (stand FC23) is showcasing Greek polyflora honey with mastic oil from Chios Island. Mastic is famous for its benefits to the human body, and combined with authentic Greek honey produces a superior honey. Also showing: P.D.O. Mainalou Arkadias vanilia fir tree honey. One of its unique features is that due to its low glucose content it never crystallises, even after years of storage, and tastes like something between caramel and vanilla. (Greece)

Stavros Darmos Greek Organic Products Silver Leaf (stand FD36) has been producing and exporting Greek organic products since 1989. Their full product range has over thirteen product categories, with extra virgin olive oil and olives being their best sellers. (Greece)

Kush Shellfish (stand FD18) is Ireland's first organic rope mussel producer. Mussels are harvested in the clear, pure waters of Kenmare Bay, in a special area of conservation located on the southwest coast of Ireland. Kush Shellfish have an extensive range of organic mussel products including organic fresh mussels in MAP trays or jute bags, organic precooked vacuum packed mussels, organic mussel meats IQF and a new product launched this year - organic mussel soup. (Ireland)

Clearspring is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. Recently launched products include an organic, gluten free 100% brown rice noodle, an organic ramen noodle and broth kit, organic 100% fruit squeezies (no spoon required) and organic ume su, a popular Japanese plum seasoning.  They will be discussing how to use these products in everyday recipes on stand FA32. (UK)

Machu Picchu Foods (stand FC04) is introducing Quinoacrunch - organic quinoa cake with 62% cacoa chocolate in three varieties; plain, golden berries and orange. Quinoa is the most nutritional grain on the planet. It has a high protein content (over 11.7%) turning it into the grain with the most essential amino acids whilst being trans-fat free and a source of fibre. (Peru)

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Nordic Organic Food Fair has been shortlisted for the Best Tradeshow Exhibition (UK & International) under 2,000sq.m Award at the UK’s Association of Event Organisers’ annual Excellence Awards.  In April 2014, it was named a finalist in the Best International Launch category at the UK’s Exhibition News Awards.

Natural Products Scandinavia won Best International Launch at the UK’s Exhibition News Awards in May 2013.  In June 2013, it was named a finalist in the Best Trade Launch Show category at the UK’s Association of Event Organisers’ annual Excellence Awards.

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