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About the Israel Government Tourism OfficeThe Israel Government Tourist Office (IGTO), founded in 1964, is Israel's national tourism office. Tourism in Israel has steadily grown, with 2019 seeing a record 4.5 million + inbound tourists. Israel is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Old City ofJerusalem, Acre and Masada. For more details on accommodation, things to do and transportation in Israel, please visit: IGTO promotes Israel as a destination in the Nordic countries and provides tourist information to the public in these countries. Israel Government Tourist Office is working directly under the Ministry of Tourism in Israel. All together there are 18 tourist offices around the world promoting Israel as a tourist destination. Experience the unique Israel - Visit Tel Aviv, the Party- and Beach city that never sleeps - Stroll around the fascinating Jerusalem with its three world Religions - Float on the healthy Dead Sea - Swim with Dolphins and snorkel in the Red Sea´s coral Reef in Eilat - Follow the steps of Jesus in the Holy land - Hike in the Galilee with its Incredible scenery #visit_Israel #inspiredbyIsrael