DreamHack Launches Original Programming for Summer 2020

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Summer to be Packed with Weekly Gaming Content Beginning Today, June 24

STOCKHOLM — DreamHack, the premier gaming lifestyle festival, today announced it will be bringing even more of DreamHack online just in time for summer beginning today, Wednesday, June 24. A total of six original programs will premiere online this month, offering witty and engaging content throughout each week of summer, packed with offerings for the community, including: DreamHack Tonight (June 28), DreamHack Plays (June 25), DreamHack Download (June 24), Bonus Round (June 30), Community Clash (June 26), and DreamHack Quiz (June 24). 

Coupled with existing online tournaments and events, the new programs will offer fans up to six days of DreamHack content each week throughout the summer months. Offering a diverse portfolio of gaming-lifestyle content across various platforms, the new programs will expand the experiences of competing with friends, watching creators play favorite games, and learning the latest gaming trends.  

“DreamHack is where the gaming community comes to life. Over these past several weeks, we’ve shown this to be true — even as we’ve had to move major esports tournaments from physical settings to online experiences,” said DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark. “This new content will continue to involve the community we value while covering a wide array of gaming verticals.”

“I cannot begin to express how excited I am to offer a summer of gaming lifestyle content,” said DreamHack Global Creative Director Justin Burnham. “With this entertaining initiative, we’ll bring fans lots of trending gaming news, industry tips and tricks, gamer lifestyles and hobbies, community tournaments, and much more … all while getting to know the team behind DreamHack. This original programming will allow us to extend the festival experience for our fans, while also welcoming others to the larger gaming community we love so much.”

Complete schedule of programming dates and times are available online at dreamhack.com.




Season Premiere: Sunday, June 28, 3pm EDT  | Weekly | Six 60-minute episodes

Available on: YouTube (full episodes) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

Co-hosts Alex Jebailey and Justin Burnham, and their many years of industry experience, bring you DreamHack Tonight — a show promising  satirical, yet affectionate, banter while acting as your aggregated source of gaming lifestyle’s most interesting tidbits.

  • Segments to include:

    • News 
    • Indie Heartbeat
    • Reel Time
    • Versus
    • Audio.fil
    • The More You Know
    • BPM 
    • Pause for a Cause

2) DREAMHACK DOWNLOAD (video and podcast)

Season Premiere: Wednesday, June 24, 1pm EDT  | Weekly | Six 60-minute episodes

Available on: YouTube (full episodes) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher

DreamHack Download brings fans the opportunity to hang with DreamHack team members Reinessa, Kyle Konsmo, Blaine Biehle, Justin Varghese, and surprise guests as they discuss the various ins and outs of many of gaming’s long time mysteries, top news of the week and DreamHack secrets. 

  • Topics to include:

    • DreamHack behind the scenes
    • Crunch
    • Gaming Ethics
    • Next Gen gaming
    • Animal Crossing
    • Rebranding
    • SPACE


Season Premiere: Thursday, June 25, 3pm EDT  | Weekly | Six 120-minute episodes

Available on: Twitch (live) | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok 

Join DreamHack staff members, including Aaron Linde and Steve Sampson, along with surprise guests as they jump into different and unknown games each week. Watch as they attempt to play titles selected for them in each episode and, in most cases, fail terribly. At the end of each season, a game will be chosen and developers will join the gameplay session to explore and discuss the gaming journey.

  • Themes to include:

    • Comedy Game 
    • Soulslike Game 
    • Retro Game 
    • Couch Co-Op Game 
    • Horror Game 
    • Dev Play 


Season Premiere: Tuesday, June 30, 1pm EDT  | Weekly | Six 60-minute episodes

Available on: YouTube (full episodes) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok 

Powered by Visual Core, this weekly game show will have you answering along with the contestants, or laughing at how much they actually don’t know, covering various different themes centered around the gaming world.

  • Themes to include: 

    • Indie Games
    • Games & Film
    • Game Sequels
    • Retro Games
    • Forgotten Games
    • Competitive Games


Season Premiere: Friday, June 26, 10am EDT  | Weekly | July and August

Available on: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok 

It’s time to put up or shut up! This will be the proving grounds of the competitive side of gaming. Expect not only fighting games, MOBAs, and shooters, but also speedrunning, Dungeons & Dragons, and even an Animal Crossing fishing competition. Tournament schedule is  available at: dreamhack.com/clash



First Quiz: Wednesday, June 24, 10am EDT | Weekly | Six Gaming Trivia Events 

Available on: Discord

Think you know gaming better than your friends? Challenge them to a fun night of gaming trivia! Every week we'll host the DreamHack Quiz on the DreamHack Discord for the sharpest gaming enthusiasts, featuring great prizes from DreamHack partners. Join DreamHack Discord here.


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