DreamHack Winter to host Musikgibbet 2019 Grand Final, participants announced today

Musikgibbet is a charity tournament in the game CS:GO and features well-known Swedish artists, influencers, and gamers with the winners donating the prize pool to Swedish charity Musikhjälpen.

STOCKHOLM – DreamHack, the premier gaming lifestyle festival, and Pantamera, the successful brand of privately-owned Swedish recycling company Returpack, continue their partnership around the 2019 edition of “Pantamera med esporten”, a yearly initiative collecting money from recycled cans and bottles for the charity event Musikhjälpen. Today, “Pantamera med esporten” announced the participants in this year’s edition of Musikgibbet, the CS:GO tournament that marks the culmination of the campaign where the winners get the honor to donate the collected prize pool to Musikhjälpen.

Musikgibbet is a live-streamed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament organized by Pantamera and Universal Music. The tournament is a part of the campaign “Pantamera med esporten”, an initiative that has united the Swedish esports scene for several years and that in 2018 managed to collect over half a million Swedish kronor that were donated to the Musikhjälpen charity. All of the money comes from recycled cans and bottles.

This year’s edition of Musikgibbet kicks off on November 14 as Inferno Online in Stockholm hosts the first part of the tournament. The top two teams from Inferno Online will then face-off in the Grand Final, in front of the DreamHack Winter crowd on the second day of the festival, November 30. The winning team gets to donate the prize pool to Musikhjälpen.

Musikgibbete 2019 features a mixture of both new and well-known participants.

Sampev2 Yzn     Chapmad     Byggis & Mackan
Ben Mitkus Dj Mangoo Dada Life Reyn
Jasse   Alex d´Rosso Zaitr0s
Karaktärer Eddieboi        

It’s a given to participate in Musikgibbet. We play computer games and raise money for an important cause, it can’t go wrong. We do, of course, go all in even if it might not show on the podium”, said Stefan Engblom, Dada Life, who participates in Musikgibbet for a third consecutive year.

As part of the partnership, DreamHack will donate all of the money collected from recycling cans and bottles during the two events. In addition, DreamHack will also donate exclusive VIP tickets that everyone donating their recycling money to this year’s “Pantamera med esporten” have the chance to win. The tickets include travel, accommodation, festival pass, meet and greet, guided “behind the scenes” tour, and BYOC Premium tickets.

Last years campaign was driven by several esports influencers from all over the scene. This time, Pantamera has chosen Yacine “yzn” Laghamri and Samuel “SampeV2” Stronegger as ambassadors for “Pantamera med esporten” 2019. The ambassadors have made a joint video, featured on the campaign site, in which they explain to the esports scene that they can make a difference and that this is a perfect opportunity to make a do good.
I think that this is the ultimate engagement. Firstly, we recycle, which is good for the environment. Secondly, we donate money to Musikhjälpen, which is good for people. Third, we show Sweden the strength of esports, which is good for us. Fourth, we make an effort, good for you,” said Yacin “yzn” Laghmari.

Find out more at esport.pantamera.nu (Swedish)


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It’s a given to participate in Musikgibbet. We play computer games and raise money for an important cause, it can’t go wrong. We do, of course, go all in even if it might not show on the podium.
Stefan Engblom, Dada Life