Dustin presents new segment reporting

Dustin hosts a Capital Markets Day today at the logistics center in Rosersberg. The focus of today is to present the company's new segment reporting and provide a detailed review of the company's strategy and market position.

Dustin presents a new segment reporting, where the current B2B segment, which in the 2016/17 fiscal year accounted for about 94 percent of the company's total sales, will be divided into two new segments. From the first quarter of 2017/18, the company will report the following three segments; SMB, which represented 38 percent of sales in the last fiscal year, LCP, large companies and public sector with a sales share of approximately 56 percent and as previously B2C, which represented about 6 percent of sales during the same period. The segment margins for the respective segments amounted to 10.7 percent for SMB, 6.9 percent for LCP and 4.1 percent for B2C in the fiscal year 2016/17.

The overall ambition is that Dustin, in line with the company's financial targets, will continue to drive organic profitable growth of 8 percent over a cycle, supplemented with 3-5 acquisitions per year, and reach an adjusted EBITA margin within the target range of 5-6 percent. Profitability will, over time, primarily be strengthened through continued acquisitions of companies niched towards selected categories of more advanced products and services, an increased share of service sales and recurring revenue, continued expansion of private label products, and a more balanced mix between the SMB and LCP segments.

The company also presents its initiatives within managed and cloud-based services, as well as providing a picture of Dustin's strong position online and how these develop the overall business. In addition, the acquisition strategy together with the company's strong financial position and low capital requirements are highlighted.

We have a clear strategy and a strong online position where we benefit from underlying market trends, which creates good conditions for delivering in accordance with our financial targets, says Georgi Ganev, President and CEO of Dustin.

The Capital Markets Day takes place today, on November 30 at 10.00-15.00 CET, at Dustin's Logistics Center in Rosersberg and include presentations by President and CEO; Georgi Ganev, CFO & VP Business Support; Johan Karlsson, VP Services & Solutions; Jens Haviken, Director Solution Sales Sweden; Andreas Boo and VP SMB & B2C; Göran Lindö. Dustin's incoming President and CEO Thomas Ekman will be presented while Head of Corporate Responsibility Stephanie Forsblom and VP Private Label Robert Pap will present Dustin's work within Corporate Responsibility and private label products. The program also includes a walking tour at the logistics center.

The presentation from the Capital Markets Day will be available from 10:00 CET at: http://www.dustingroup.com/en/reports-and-presentations

Historical comparable figures, in SEK million

Q1 16/17 Q2 16/17 Q3 16/17 Q4 16/17 FY 16/17
SMB (new segment)*
Net sales 893.2 909.2 897.2 831.1 3,530.8
Segment results 97.6 97.0 92.3 90.6 377.5
Segment margin, % 10.9 10.7 10.3 10.9 10.7
LCP (new segment)*
Net sales 1,219.8 1,440.7 1,228.0 1,296.1 5,184.6
Segment results 88.9 106.1 83.9 76.5 355.4
Segment margin, % 7.3 7.4 6.8 5.9 6.9
B2B (former segment)
Net sales 2,113.0 2,349.9 2,125.3 2,127.2 8,715.4
Segment results 186.5 203.1 176.2 167.1 732.9
Segment margin, % 8.8 8.6 8.3 7.9 8.4
Net sales 170.6 153.0 132.0 135.2 590.8
Segment results 5.5 5.9 4.9 8.1 24.6
Segment margin, % 3.3 3.9 3.7 6.0 4.2
Central functions -76.2 -84.9 -86.8 -83.3 -331.3
Adjusted EBITA 115.8 124.1 94.3 91.9 426.1

* Unaudited figures

For further information, please contact:  

Fredrik Sätterström, Head of Investor Relations

fredrik.satterstrom@dustin.se, +46 705 10 10 22

About Dustin 

Dustin is one of the leading Nordic resellers of IT products with associated services to companies, the public sector and private individuals. With its core business in e-commerce, Dustin functions as a bridge between the manufacturer’s wide-ranging offerings and customer requirements, in which Dustin’s employees support customers in finding the appropriate solution for them.

Dustin is a one-stop-shop that offers some 250,000 products with associated services, features and solutions. Operations are conducted in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The company has approximately 1 000 employees. Sales during the 2016/17 financial year amounted to approximately SEK 9.3 billion. About 90 per cent of Dustin’s income derives from the corporate market with a focus on small and medium-sized companies. Dustin Group has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2015 and has its head office in Nacka, Stockholm.


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