Announcement from the Annual General Meeting of Eastnine AB (publ) on 15 May 2019

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The Meeting adopted the income statements and balance sheets included in the Board of Directors’ Annual Report for the parent company and the Eastnine Group for the fiscal year 2018.

The Meeting resolved to allocate this year’s result in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, meaning a dividend to the shareholders corresponding to 2.30 SEK per share and that the remaining profits are carried forward. The dividend is distributed on two payment occasions of SEK 1.15 per share and dividend occasion. The first record date for the dividend is Friday 17 May 2019 and the second record date is Monday 18 November 2019. The dividend is expected to be paid out via Euroclear Sweden AB on Wednesday 22 May 2019 and Thursday 21 November 2019, respectively.

The Meeting granted the members of the Board of Directors and CEO discharge from liability for the period covered by the Audit Report.

The Meeting resolved that the number of Directors shall be five (5) and that the number of auditors shall be one (1) registered audit firm.

The Meeting resolved that remuneration to the Chairman of the Board is set to SEK 800 000 and that remuneration to other Directors of the Board is set to SEK 400 000 for each Director. Furthermore, it was resolved that fees to the auditor be paid according to approved invoices under a given offer.

Peter Elam Håkansson, Liselotte Hjorth, Nadya Wells, Peter Wågström and Johan Ljungberg were re-elected as Directors of the Board. Liselotte Hjorth was elected as Chairman of the Board.

The auditing firm KPMG, with the authorized auditor Peter Dahllöf as auditor in charge, was re-elected as auditor for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.

The Meeting approved the Board of Directors’ proposal regarding guidelines for remuneration to senior management.

The Meeting authorized the Board of Directors to decide on transfer of shares and repurchase of own shares, in accordance with proposed resolutions.

The Meeting resolved to amend the articles of association in respect of the auditor’s term, entailing that the auditor can be elected for an optional term of 1-4 years.

For further information contact:

Kestutis Sasnauskas, CEO, +46 8 505 97 700

Eastnine AB (publ) is a Swedish real estate company with a net asset value of EUR 242.3m. The company is currently transitioning into a focused real estate company, with an aim to generate predictable cash flows by being a long-term provider of sustainable prime office space in the Baltic capitals. Eastnine is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap, sector Real Estate.

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