Customer centricity is a corner stone of our business. However, as we have been growing and expanding our product range, it became challenging to maintain our high service levels, without excess stock piling up. We spent too much time in excel spreadsheets and still didn’t get the results we wanted, so we started to look for a better solution.
Hanna Yla Soininmaki, Supply Chain Manager at NHK Group
As a mid-sized company, we needed a complete but easy-to-use solution. After a thorough evaluation, we realized EazyStock met these requirements perfectly. The tool is developed by Syncron, a well-known company that many of our suppliers are using, but we also really like the user interface. Finally, the fact that the ready-made connector to our ERP, Jeeves, enables a smooth integration was another great advantage.
Hanna Yla Soininmaki, Supply Chain Manager at NHK Group
Partnering with EazyStock will help us solve our clients’ inventory management challenges through a leading inventory optimization solution. With an existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC connector already in place, choosing EazyStock was a no-brainer.
Michael Intravartolo, Marketing Manager at Solution Systems, Inc.
EazyStock has allowed us to prevent stock-outs of our most important core titles, whilst reducing the stock levels of our riskier products, lowering our stock provisions and therefore optimising our investment.
James Bensberg, Egmont Director of Systems & Business Support
Inventory optimisation tools, such as EazyStock, are critical for businesses that rely on optimising their stock levels to guarantee profitability – regardless of industry.
Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock