Do you want to gain cost savings with security?

Does your company process personal and business-critical information on a daily basis? Do you find data security to be a showstopper or even an extra cost item for your business? Deltagon’s customers think data security brings cost savings to their business operations.

Data security can easily become a bottleneck that prevents business. In our opinion, security must not be barrier to effective customer service because in reality, it can be used to streamline the operations of a company,” explains Tuukka Meriläinen, Deltagon Group Oy’s Product Manager. 

Meriläinen gives an example. “It may take a lot of time to get different documents signed in case using paper, pen and email. For example, in companies that operate in service industry, the amount of agreements may be growing in the office, while CEO is away. That can weaken the sales operation and customer service. With digital signature agreements can be signed anywhere with internet connection.”


More efficient processes, more satisfied customers

Meriläinen states that many processes could be streamlined with Deltagon’s secure digital signature, which removes the work phases of the traditional process and thus, brings significant savings. For example in construction sites there are typically lots of printed reports and minutes to be signed manually. That is a slow way to get reports and minutes signed as the Site Manager has several construction sites to visit before the documents are ready. The papers may even get lost on the way. “Signing documents digitally makes the handling easy as the signing can be done with a tablet anywhere. The head office is also able to follow the case.”


Data security must not be a barrier to effective customer service

Meriläinen also raises the subject of companies’ sensitive daily communications. “These are situations, where the company sends material that contains personal data or sensitive information by post or by email. Deltagon’s solution is a secure email messaging, in which case the company can process data by email in a secure and confidential manner. Thus, customer service and the customer’s buying process are completed securely online.”


How much does a non-served customer cost?

Deltagon challenges companies’ decision-makers to consider the costs that are caused by a non-served customer. “The good news is that we offer smart digital solutions, which can be combined to allow entirely electronic business operations. In addition to sales, it gives peace of mind by minimising business risks and freeing up staff for customer service instead of wasting time considering whether the processes meet requirements from the aspect of data security and law.” 

Text: Mia Heiskanen 


Deltagon Group Oy is a Finnish cyber security company that develops straightforward solutions for electronic communications and electronic services across a wide range of industries.

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