In the big picture Halti will be investing more in the female customer segment who like to counterbalance busy working life with outdoor exercising and who generally lead an active lifestyle.
Sami Kiiski, Halti Oy CEO
The partnership with Seabin is part of Wärtsilä Corporation’s Finland 100 year centennial programme. With cleaner sea the company wants to give something back to the country.
Juha Kytölä, Wärtsilä’s vice president of Environmental Solutions
Many people find it surprising that in Oulu, Oulun Energia’s home town, you can receive the same amount of solar energy annually as in Northern Germany.
Jari Pirkola, the Business Director of Energy services of Oulun Energia
With the help of CheckTime, the de-icing protection time can be set even more accurately than before and the information is available with just pressing a button.
Marko Valtonen, Captain, Chief Pilot Airbus, Finnair Plc, Flight Operations
In Tampere, we see the city as a platform provider, co-creator, and an innovative customer.
Oula Välipakka, Director of Renewing Industry at Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea
The Finnish Water Forum represents a vast resource of different experts in the Finnish water sectors who have the knowledge to find solutions to global water challenge.
Markus Tuukkanen, Managing Director of Finnish Water Forum
We have a wide perspective, and the know-how to engineer a working power plant as an entirety.
Jonas Nylund, Citec Global Business Development Manager
Our core expertise relies heavily on the processing of biomass and bio-based fuels, which can be supplied to power boilers.
John Bergman, CEO Raumaster
Our experience covers the whole cellulose raw material field: from softwood and hardwood to bamboo, straw and sugarcane.
Eric Enqvist, Managing Partner, SciTech Service
In Germany there is a huge demand for engineers with top-notch expertise and we can help.
Petri Ikonen, SVP Etteplan Technical Documentation Services
We live and breathe our mission: Building Smart, Safe and Smooth future.
Dr. Andree Kang, SVP of Network Services for Teleste Corporation
Our customers know we get things done. Another important factor is our personnel, available both locally and globally via the Citec competence pool.
Christian Henssler, Managing Director, Citec Germany
Aava is specialized in composition of design, id, manufacturing and long-term experience within vertical tablets and handhelds.
Kari Räisänen, COO of Aavamobile
With ANT Plant you don’t even have to be an automation specialist to produce competitively priced, high-end products locally.
EID Tech CEO Jari Helminen
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