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Imagine sitting in a cosy hotel room, wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe, sipping a warm beverage, and watching airplanes take off and land outside of your window. You have just indulged in a spa treatment and feel totally realxed. After a satisfying dinner at one of the many restaurants in the complex, you drift off to sleep without a care in the world. Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo is the perfect choice for those wanting to extend their holiday by an extra day: get into the travel spirit before boarding the plane, relax and recover after the trip, or spend quality downtime between flights.


Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo is located less than four kilometres from Helsinki Airport. The hotel can be reached by a shuttle bus that operates between the airport, the Aviapolis train station, and the hotel. The service is free for hotel guests.


Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo includes 541 guest rooms decorated with four different themes: inspirational Flow, colourful Joy, tranquil Harmony and refreshing Energy. The new, glass-walled event space Eventi is suitable for meetings and evening occasions for up to 550 people. 


The Flamingo entertainment centre and Jumbo shopping centre are on your doorstep and offer a wide range of activities. Pamper yourself with a treatment at the spa, some shopping, a bowling match, dining, sporting or a movie night - your choice. 


Sokos Hotel Flamingo

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo is situated within the vicinity of the Flamingo Entertainment Centre and Jumbo Shopping Centre near the airport. The hotel brings a relaxing break to the business traveller's workday as well as action and entertainment to leisure time. This is guaranteed by the versatile selection brought to you by the Flamingo Entertainment Centre and water park, including its care and well-being sections, wellness services, cinemas and comprehensive world of restaurants. The hotel boasts a relaxed restaurant, Amarillo – known for its tasty food – as well as Bankett Flamingo, a restaurant available on a reservation basis. Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo's conference and festive premises offer fantastic facilities for successful meetings. Whether you're on the job or enjoying your free time, the obvious choice is Hotel Flamingo. Welcome!

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