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Established in 1994, Vivago is a forerunner in personalised healthcare technology. Unique solutions support the whole care chain from diagnostics, rehabilitation, treatment planning of chronic illnesses, stress and depression. Today Vivago serves healthcare organisations, rehabilitation and discharge units, hospitals and home care throughout northern and central Europe.

Vivago solutions are based on proprietary sleep, health status and safety algorithms that are clinically validated and proven to increase the efficiency and quality of care in daily practice. Vivago uses adaptive algorithms to deliver precise personalised health information. 

“Real-time data analytics helps to understand customer needs and customer structures better, to monitor the effectiveness of healthcare services in real-time and to channel resource needs in accordance with customer segments. Reliable meters make it possible to develop the care paths and focus areas of operational efficiency. This means that our treatment path can be tailored based on our current health condition and individual response to medication and rehabilitation, where sleep and activity are cornerstones related to our health and healing. If I cannot sleep due to pain, it is difficult to recover and build up strengths,” says Maria Lavonen, Vivago’s CEO.  

Digital health changes treatment processes and improves care practices

“Real-time health information will result in changes in the organisation of healthcare, as the data concerning the changes in wellbeing can help prevent injuries and start treatment faster. It can also help to better monitor the effectiveness of care, for example the effects of medication or physiotherapy,” Lavonen continues.

Vivago solutions are based on individual, real-time and accurate measurement data that can be used to fine-tune individual care, prevent acute care and significantly improve the quality of treatment. Real-time notifications inform about changes in the person’s wellbeing and it enables care providers to act proactively and focus on individual care. Wellbeing information can also be shared with relatives.

Future opportunities

The Vivago solution is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Everything is automatic with adaptive and real-time analysis. Accessing the data is easy with a mobile application.

Vivago is growing globally with new IoMT solution offerings. Vivago MOVE is a unique solution targeted as services for insurance companies, occupational healthcare, healthcare providers and the private segment. It provides real-time monitoring to ensure health and safety as well as monitor the efficiency of care. Sleeping disorders and mental health issues are areas where real-time information on users’ sleep, activity and circadian rhythm enables care based on individual needs.

The full digitalisation of health status opens a revolutionary path to change the delivery of care from reactive to predictive and to tailor patient-centric outcome-driven care. 

Text: David J Cord


Vivago® develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions for preventive care. The innovative solutions cover the whole care chain from home care to assisted living, care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation.

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