The BioMAP study provided unique bioactivity data on our key extracts, which strengthen our competitive position in selected nutraceutical segments.
Stein Ulve, CEO
This opportunity fits our strategy to build the business on our basic ingredients, while we develop proprietary novel prophylactic nutritional solutions addressing significant global health problems.
Erik Eide, Eevia's Commercial Director
Eevia had a transformative 2023 where we broadened our customer base and laid the foundation for strong growth in the years to come. The credit line provides for short-term working capital to continue with our strategic focus on expanding the business.
Stein Ulve, Chief Executive Officer
Although we were in contact some years ago, before Covid, we see this as the first order from this customer. Although the order is small, we are excited, because the contract manufacturer serves several large brands, and our pine bark extract has the potential to compete well. The customer is excited in general about our polyphenol products, and we expect further orders during 2024.
Anna-Maija Vanhatalo, Sales Manager at Eevia Health
It is the first order from this customer. Although the order is small, we are a bit excited, because the business came via one very well-known independent product formulator, who is kind of an “industry influencer”, and who formulates products for several large brands. We first met him in Las Vegas in October 2023, so the sales cycle was not that long. He is excited about our polyphenol products and may include our ingredients in products for other brands.
Anna-Maija Vanhatalo, Sales Manager at Eevia Health
This project is a welcome opportunity for Eevia to lock in significant revenues for 2025, and potentially for 2026 and 2027. This and similar opportunities we have in our pipeline provide traction towards achieving our long-term revenue target of EUR 25 million
Stein Ulve, Eevia's CEO
We are excited to get these orders because it is a promising start to the marketing and sale of our side stream products. It constitutes a welcome upcycling development which will impact our profitability and further our industry-leading sustainability status.
Anna-Maija Vanhatalo
The ability to offer FOB prices from New Jersey will make Eevia more competitive in the North American market. It will support our partners in North America to improve our value proposition in terms of rapid response and reliability of supply, while we reduce logistical costs.
Erik Eide
We are happy to do the “maiden shipment” under this new supply-chain arrangement. We believe keeping buffer stock in the US with ready imported materials with all certificates issued including the USDA NOP certificate for organic products, will provide better customer service and improved ability to serve smaller orders.
Anna-Maija Vanhatalo, Customer Service Manager, Eevia Health Plc
We warmly welcome Erik to this new role. His strong experience in solution sales and nutraceuticals in the international environment, has led to success in his previous roles. Erik brings a deep understanding of how companies work on operational and executive levels, and how to create value for customers. He will contribute significantly to the success and global growth of Eevia and we are extremely pleased with him joining our team.
Stein Ulve, CEO of Eevia Health Plc
The post-covid market is evolving and we are adapting. We have now significant interest in the North American market
Stein Ulve, CEO
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