The DEVOPS Conference highlights the human factor in DevOps and Agile

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"To err is human", and it's impossible to ship things entirely without error. The DEVOPS Conference focuses on how we build culture, teams and practices where we take care of people building great software.

Helsinki, Finland, February 16th, 2022 -- Eficode, a company creating the future of software development, organizes Europe's largest DevOps event, The DEVOPS Conference, on March 8th and 9th. Event participation is free of charge. This year’s conference focuses on the human side of DevOps: how people thrive with the right culture and processes. 

Eficode's research* shows that innovating at speed remains the most critical objective in the DevOps community - for the second year. One in three DevOps practitioners and IT decision-makers selected "Delivering value to customers faster" as the challenge they most want to solve. 

However, as a change from last year, improving software quality is now the second most important objective: almost one in five selects it as their key challenge to solve. Conversely, CI/CD is now the most favorable topic of the event. The question is, how to create a great working environment where this is possible.

"DevOps is no longer about new tools and practices. Instead, it is about measuring and improving value chains together with everyone in the company. Now that novel DevOps services are readily accessible for everyone, healthy Agile and DevOps culture is the source of success in delivering great digital services." says Marko Klemetti, CTO of Eficode.

The DEVOPS conference gives people the opportunity to not only learn, but share their knowledge and challenges with peers - and eventually apply what they learn to their DevOps services. By bringing people with technology and business orientation together, they find ways to apply Agile, DevOps, Cloud, and IT Service management in real life.

The DEVOPS Conference is organized by Eficode, with Atlassian and AWS as its main partners. Speakers include thought leaders in the DevOps community, such as Nicole Forsgren, Partner at Microsoft Research; Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer at Google Cloud; Dom Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian, and Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador at DevOps Institute.

Along with Atlassian and AWS, many other industry vendors sponsor the event: Snyk, GitLab, HashiCorp, Beyond Identity, GitHub, LinearB, NetFoundry, CircleCI, Microsoft, StackHawk, Xray, NordicMind, and Secure Code Warrior. Participation is free of charge for all attendees.

* Eficode collected the responses between January 1st 2021 - December 31st 2021 from Eficode's website visitors. The sample size was 3398 respondents.

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