I am thrilled to see our customers’ success in the cloud — and our own team’s hard work — translate into this recognition by Atlassian. By earning this badge, we are now acknowledged in every possible area of specialization, and are go-to experts on anything Atlassian-related.
Ilari Nurmi, Chief Executive Officer, Eficode
Atlassian would like to recognize Eficode for their specialized solution practice, as they have proven success migrating operations and supporting enterprise level use cases across the Atlassian Cloud Platform.
Ko Mistry, Head of Global Channel, Atlassian
It’s great to partner with Investcorp who has a strong track record in supporting growing technology and professional services companies. Demand for DevOps grows all the time, as every company needs to put software development capabilities and software products as their strategic pillars. With Bocap, Eficode went to Europe. Now with the backing of Investcorp, we expect to significantly accelerate our growth worldwide to make Eficode the leading DevOps services house in the world.
Risto Virkkala, Founder of Eficode
We are excited to partner with Investcorp as we enter our next phase of growth. We believe that Investcorp will enable Eficode to further strengthen its position as a leading global provider of DevOps consulting services and managed DevOps platform. Investcorp has the right expertise and experience to support our global expansion strategy, both organically and through further acquisitions. We look forward to being able to help more companies through their digital transformation journeys.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode
Bocap has been a part of Eficode’s exhilarating growth story till its current Pan-European success. The close collaboration with Eficode’s ambitious team has been rewarding, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this dynamic and forward-thinking company!
Vilma Torstila, Investment director, Bocap
We are thrilled to be partnering with Eficode, a leader within the large, fast-growing and resilient DevOps market. Eficode’s services are becoming increasingly important to companies in all industries as they go through digital transformation. Eficode provides mission-critical services that enable companies to meet the digital expectations of their customers, take their R&D capabilities to the next level, improve efficiency and cost management, and maintain their competitive edge. We’re looking forward to working with Risto and Eficode’s talented team to capitalise on the opportunities available to the company.
Daniel Lopez-Cruz, Head of European Private Equity, Investcorp
Atlassian would like to recognize Eficode for their specialized delivery practice, as they have proven success implementing service management principles based on ITIL methodology for improved satisfaction and cost-efficiencies.
Ko Mistry, Atlassian’s Head of Global Channel.
We have continued to grow Atlassian services’ adoption, both in managed services and through professional services. In addition to migrating our customers to Atlassian Data Center and Atlassian Cloud, many customers have chosen to subscribe to Eficode ROOT to integrate Atlassian tools with applications from other vendors. When the tools and processes are seamlessly integrated, collaboration at high velocity becomes easier between IT operations and development teams.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode
Every business is becoming a software business. Clearvision has strong expertise in Atlassian, Git, and open-source tools. These skills and services reinforce our mission to build the future of software development. We continue to match the diverse expertise of our people with the broadening customer base throughout Europe and the USA. We welcome Clearvision’s talented employees and hundreds of customers to Eficode.
Ilari Nurmi, Chief Executive Officer, Eficode
Clearvision joining Eficode is great news to our customers and our people. Our customers can improve their Agile and DevOps practices with Eficode’s unique skills and services. At the same time, our people can offer their talent to more customers in more countries. Together, we bring modern software development tools and practices to more businesses in the United Kingdom and the USA.
Gerry Tombs, CEO and Founder of Clearvision
Together with Christian and the rest of the management team, I will be working strategically and operationally to ensure Eficode continues its healthy growth both in Sweden and globally.
Therese Lindepil, Country Manager of Eficode Sweden
I will primarily look at how we grow and develop our internal competencies, but also focus on what we offer our clients, not to mention how we can help challenge and develop their people.
Christian Johansson, Head of People and Culture at Eficode Sweden
Eficode is a valuable partner that helps customers adopt a cloud operating model and implement their digital transformation projects regardless of the complexity or size
Duncan Greenwood, Vice President EMEA at HashiCorp
As more companies shift to multi-cloud for their IT infrastructures, they need specialized expertise. With our HashiCorp partner statuses, Eficode enables customers’ transformation to the cloud and adoption of a cloud operating model.
Marko Klemetti, CTO at Eficode
Software and product development expertise continues to be strategically important for our customers. A managed DevOps platform becomes an attractive way of delivering development tools together with the wider adoption of DevOps, Agile and cloud practices. It also puts our experts in places to deliver awesome value for our customers. I thank our customers for their trust, and the now more than 500 Eficodeans for their exceptional work every day.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO, Eficode
With many tools and deployment options available, software development organizations often struggle with user and group management and authorizing the right people for the right projects and tools. This problem is not only specific to their own teams but extends to the subcontractors and external software teams. With more tools available as SaaS, it is also vital to align access management practices.
Jari Kumpulainen, Product Manager for Eficode ROOT
“The pipeline dictates your ability to release software, and yet, it often is only a very few very technical people who know why the pipeline looks like it does. Gamifying the pipeline enables us to talk and collaborate on what capabilities we would like to have in the pipeline without going into deep technical details, thereby inviting the entire team to have discussions on what quality gates and release mechanisms they deem important. Our Pipeline game - either as a card game or online - is a great way to achieve it”
Sofus Albertsen, Team Lead and the project lead for the online Pipeline game, Eficode
There is strong momentum in Europe to build and grow user-centered digital services. We have seen that when customers combine DevOps practices, modern DevOps tools and cloud services, they get productive very quickly, as well as the software developers are happy at work. We are excited to keep investing in our expertise in GitHub and help our customers take the most advantage from it.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO, Eficode
Companies across industries now prioritize software development as a critical strategic imperative. We are working with businesses to build successful software organizations and coach them through changes in culture, processes as well as tools for software development. Together with our partners, we will bring modern practices and tools to customers in the United Kingdom.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode
We could have simply hired a "professional" composer, and gotten a great result. But here we're casting a much wider net, add even more creativity, authenticity and diversity to the process, and that worked like magic. And we created happiness and togetherness too.
Dila Wollsten, the Video Producer and the project manager for the competition at Eficode
Atlassian would like to recognize Eficode, who are now process certified, scaled Agile practitioners with proven experience in enterprise methodology and change management. This will help guide our shared enterprise customers through their Agile journey with Jira Align.
Ko Mistry, Atlassian's Head of Global Channel
Eficode supported us through the onboarding of all of our Agile Release Trains (ART) onto Jira Align, handling all of the coordination and training for us, which was great as we could focus on the portfolio and enterprise aspects with Atlassian.
Susan Scott, VP Product Operations at NETS
We are excited to receive the Agile at Scale Specialization badge from Atlassian, and to become a Gold partner with Scaled Agile, Inc. These achievements reflect our real-life experiences from implementing the Jira Align tool during Agile transformation projects. We have seen an increased demand for companies to optimize agility, connect and align business strategy with technical execution, and make work visible in large-size and complex organizations.
Niko Herold, Vice President, Partner Growth at Eficode.
We are seeing a massive shift to outcome-based digital transformation engagements. The majority of clients are no longer looking for a vendor to deliver SLA. They need a core innovation partner. As multi-cloud solutions become a common approach, Eficode can leverage its capabilities in service design, implementation of cloud-native applications, and DevOps.
Manoj Chandra Jha, Lead Research Analyst at ISG
There is new momentum in Europe to build and grow user-centered digital services. Massive investments and an increase in acquisitions show that businesses need as much innovation as scalability. Our customers have recognized that user-centered software development is closely linked to cloud technologies, as well as with Agile and DevOps practices. We take pride in sharing our expertise in Agile, DevOps, Cloud and ITSM with our customers, and build the future of software development.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO at Eficode
Eficode sees Contribyte as the leading coach for ambitious software organizations in Agile transformation. We will offer Contribyte's deep expertise to our customers all over Europe to build winning product and software organizations.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode
We are delighted to join Eficode. Contribyte has deep expertise in helping organizations become more agile. We advise and coach our customers through strategic changes, to gain a competitive advantage from software. Our customers have requested services from us that are at Eficode's core. Joining Eficode enables us to offer them a broader set of skills and services, and solve their broader challenges.
Henri Hämäläinen, CEO of Contribyte
Eficode sees Beecom as the strong player in the Atlassian community in Switzerland. Beecom has established strong relationships with number of Swiss customers including major players from the finance, insurance and public sectors, and has become the leading expert on Atlassian consulting for the entire German-speaking market. By acquiring Beecom, we can confidently serve its customers with an even broader set of services.
Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode
We are delighted to join Eficode. Beecom has strong relatioships in Switzerland, and we are focused on serving them on a long term. This opportunity helps our customers with broader set of skills and products to solve their broader challenges in becoming better software development teams. The power of strong DevOps, ITSM, agile methods, and Atlassian competence gives us an excellent foundation for the future together with Eficode.
Michele Warmbrodt, CEO at Beecom