Eleda Group has acquired Västkustens Anläggnings AB

Eleda Group has acquired all the shares in Västkustens Anläggnings AB (VK.AB), which offers complex sewerage contracts, as well as various land- and civil engineering works. The company, which is based in Mölndal and active in the Gothenburg area, will be a subsidiary of Eleda Group's regional company Mark & Energibyggarna. VK.AB's current Managing Director, Bo Eriksson, continues in his role onwards, and is now a partner in Eleda Group.

”VK.AB is a strong local player in the growing local Gothenburg market. The company has shown a stable and growing sales level with good profitability and strong cash generation. VK.AB will provide the Group with specialist expertise in, among other things, complex sewerage works. The acquisition means that Mark & Energibyggarna will broaden its service offering with VK.AB's deep expertise, while also being able to share operational resources”, says Johan Halvardsson, CEO Eleda Group and Managing Director Mark & Energibyggarna.

VK.AB has its head office in Mölndal, with operations mainly in the Gothenburg area. The company carries out complex sewerage contracts as well as various land- and civil engineering works. In 2018, the company reported sales of just over SEK 80 million and had about 20 employees. The company has long relationships with framework agreement customers with, among other things, various administrations within the City of Gothenburg.

“Our business has developed very positively in recent years and to become a part of Mark & Energibyggarna feels like a natural next step in VK.AB's development. By becoming a part of a larger Group, we will be able to take advantage of, among other things, Eleda's processes and systems, which gives us favourable conditions for scalability and continued profitable growth”, says Bo Eriksson, Managing Director of VK.AB.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Halvardsson, CEO Eleda Group and Managing Director Mark & Energibyggarna
johan.halvardsson@eleda.se, mobile +46 (0)70 545 95 01

Tobias Andersson, Head of M&A and Business Development Eleda Group
tobias.andersson@eleda.se, mobile +46 (0)72 230 87 10

About Eleda
Eleda Group is an expansive group focusing on civil engineering, contract and other services in infrastructure. The Group operates via regional companies across southern and western Sweden, currently Akeab, KEWAB and Mark & Energibyggarna, all of which have similar business models and operational focus. Eleda Group’s corporate culture is marked by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and the companies work independently in complementary geographical areas with the goal of being a leading player in their respective regional markets. Eleda Group, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, has around 800 employees and sales of approximately SEK 2.5 billion in 2018. Eleda Group is owned by Triton and a broad group of key individuals in the Group.


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