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    “This new facility helps strengthen Elkem’s position in key, high-value specialty markets by bringing new manufacturing capabilities and additional capacity.”
    Frédéric Jacquin, Senior Vice President in charge of Elkem’s Silicones Division
    “The acquisition confirms the strategic importance of the Rhône Valley for Elkem’s silicones innovation and supply chains.”
    Laurent Dumont, General Manager of Elkem Silicones France
    “Elkem is a committed industrial partner in the region, where we have freshly added a new Research & Innovation Center and announced a strategic investment at our upstream silicones plant in Roussillon to support robust customer demand growth.”
    Laurent Dumont, General Manager of Elkem Silicones France
    “Leveraging on the versatility of different silicone technologies in combination with the potential of Additive Manufacturing will enhance and open new opportunities in the endless field of applications of todays and future needs to deliver the potential of our customers.”
    Karsten Schlichter Program Manager AM/3DP, Elkem Silicones
    “At Elkem Silicones, we have a unique and collaborative approach combining marketing strategy and technology scouting with new partners. We provide our expertise in silicones from co-development projects to technology transfer in order to create disruptive business solutions.”
    Laurent Dumont, VP Business Development and Strategic Marketing, Elkem Silicones
    "Investing in research and innovation is the best way to safeguard future growth. Having an open centre like ATRiON is fundamental to the cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise, from which the best innovations often emerge.
    Frédéric Jacquin, SVP Elkem Silicones
    “China has always been Elkem Silicones’ most important market. More than 50% of Elkem’s employees are based in China. The unexpected breakout of the pandemic last year-end deepened the uncertainty over the global economy. Thanks to China's strong epidemic prevention and control capabilities, Elkem Silicones’ business in the Chinese market has faced very limited impact. While ensuring the safety of our employees, we made every effort to ensure the smooth supply of products to customers, and the revenue has also grown steadily.” Frederic Jacquin added: “ We are the largest silicones producer in China and our strategy is to continue to grow & develop high end products supporting the dual circulation strategy which is to create products & solutions with a personal touch for our Chinese customers but also for the rest of the world.”
    Frederic Jacquin, Senior Vice President of Elkem Silicones
    "Elkem Silicones has enormous confidence in the development of the Chinese market. The three new partners have signed a cooperation agreement with us, which fully reflects their trust in Elkem. We are looking forward to working with Chinese customers to create a better future.”
    Larry Zhang, Vice President of Elkem Silicones and Director of the Asia-Pacific region
    “Developing a comprehensive upstream climate strategy and encouraging and investing in circular economy initiatives for recycling of silicones are part of the environment, social and governance activities within Elkem group but participating in industry efforts such as this are also important. Despite less focus on silicone recycling in CELAB we are fully aware, as a leading actor in release coatings technology it is both our duty, and in our interest, to participate and help assure a sustainable future for this industry.”
    Sean Duffy, Business Unit Director & Sustainability Leader for Elkem Silicones Division
    We value the efforts of the entire value stream to come together and support this initiative. As a global company, we are committed to global sustainability, and the ability to recycle the matrix and release liner is a key movement in this industry.
    Nicolas Capron - Global Business Manager for Silcolease™ Release Coatings for Elkem Silicones Division
    Polysil’s products and market positions in food, baby care, electronics and medical markets are complementary to Elkem. Polysil has particularly strong positions in the fast-growing South China market where approximately half of all Chinese silicone rubber consumption is. There is significant potential in utilising Polysil’s high-end liquid silicones rubber and pressure sensitive adhesives specialty positions and in further developing both products and markets. Polysil’s strong research and development capabilities will be very important for development of products for both the Chinese market and globally,”
    Frederic Jacquin, Senior Vice President Elkem Silicones
    Elkem expects to generate strong synergies from the acquisition within research and development, value chain optimisation, complementary product offerings and global market positions. Basel Chemie’s leading position and technologies will reinforce our silicones portfolio for the personal care industry where Elkem has global reach and complementary products. The company has a strong specialties position in the fast-growing innovative Korean cosmetics market, and we will get several synergies of integrating the global marketing offerings. In the building protection segment Elkem holds market positions outside of Korea with significant potential for Basel Chemie’s offering.
    Frederic Jacquin, SVP Elkem Silicones.
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