Finnish invention revolutionizes the construction of offshore wind energy

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Offshore wind farms are facing a considerable bottleneck in construction, as the current method of installation using offshore lift vessels is both slow and expensive. Finnish Elomatic offers a foundation solution that makes installation without lift vessels possible and is up to 20 % more affordable than current methods.

With Elomatic’s Float Foundation concept, the windfarm is installed onshore using cranes. The wind farm and foundation are then towed to the site of operation and lowered to sea without lift vessels.

This method is 10-20 % more cost-effective than current installation methods. The estimated savings potential of this solution is as much as 70M€ per each 1 GW find farm. According to the independent research company Rystad, there will be a shortage of lift vessels as early as in the next few years, and this will drive up the daily rental prices of the offshore lift vessels. Furthermore, the wind turbine installation vessels that are currently being built will become too small in the future, as the unit sizes of offshore wind farms continue to grow.

“The Float Foundation concept makes sure that the construction of new offshore wind energy will no longer be halted by the unavailability of lift vessels. It also makes it possible to construct wind farms in water depths of under 10 meters, which opens up new areas for wind farms,” says Ted Bergman, Vice President of Elomatic Offshore Energy.

“We consider this innovation a significant step on a global scale in the production offshore wind energy. This concept has the potential to put Finland on the map as a major player in offshore wind energy,” Bergman continues.

Float Foundation has a patent pending.

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Patrik Rautaheimo, CEO
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