Successful Pilot – Viking Line Orders Elogrids for a Second Vessel M/S Viking XPRS

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The purpose of Elogrids is to reduce a ship’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This decision significantly decreases the environmental impact of marine traffic. M/S Viking XPRS is the second Viking Line ship to have Elogrids installed.

Elogrids reduce a M/S Viking XPRS fuel consumption about 2 %, which leads to about 500 kilos of fuel saved per day. This reduction means 1 500 kilos less CO2 emissions per day.

Elogrids are installed at the entrance of tunnel thrusters. They reduce additional resistance from tunnels in normal operation and improve propeller thrust force when maneuvering, thus improving the ships maneuverability, and increasing safety as well as comfort by reducing noise and vibration.

Viking Line installed Elogrids to their vessel M/S Gabriella in the spring of 2021. They have been very happy with the results. Measurements taken in the ship’s bow restaurant confirmed 30 % vibration reduction and 15 % noise reduction in bollard pull testing.

“After the installation of Elogrids I really feel the difference in lower vibrations on deck already during testing. The maneuverability of the vessel is clearly improved compared to original. I would not have expected to notice such a significant effect,” says captain Tomas Karlgren at Viking Line.

M/S Viking XPRS operates between Helsinki and Tallinn six times per day. The docking and installation are planned for January 2022.

Elomatic sees massive growth potential in energy efficiency investments in operating ships. Global IMO/EEXI/CCI regulation force shipowners to continuously improve the efficiency of their ships.

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