Digital Agency Viva Media sees new optimization opportunities with the Emerse ad platform

Earlier this year Viva Media, one of the Nordic countries' largest digital marketing agencies chose to test the Emerse platform for programmatic advertising. Thanks to the impressive results, the cooperation has intensified. Viva Media sees increased opportunities to create the right marketing mix, especially with more videos in programmatic advertising campaigns.

- "We primarily sought a platform with the ability to use mobile content in the campaigns, which we see provides good conversions for our customers. Secondly, we wanted a user-friendly environment. Emerse met these requirements – a new-thinking player in the market. We really connected with their team, so we decided to start a few test campaigns", says Alexander Kollstedt, Display Manager at Viva Media.

Alexander and colleagues at Viva Media, (with offices in Kalmar, Oslo, Stockholm and Uppsala), felt it was easy to get started with Emerse and create campaigns, something which is key to their work. Focusing on results, Viva Media offers services in areas like web analytics, search media, display and social media. They say they have seen clear signs of improvement since switching to the Emerse platform, including higher click-through rates.

- "The majority of the campaigns I've moved from another platform to Emerse have shown a big change for the better. One reason may be that it is very easy to switch between different channels and marketplaces to optimize the campaign and get the highest impact", explains Kollstedt.

Programmatic advertising means that, as an advertiser, you can target audience-targeted videos and display ads to just the ones you want to reach, on those sites and forums they are likely to be, at the right time, etc. Viva Media emphasizes targeted audience management as a major consideration. Previously, they tended to buy inventory on handpicked sites. Now this can be based on target groups using the Emerse DSP – Demand Side Platform – and generate a unique mix of ad slots.

- "We are pleased that an established and successful digital agency like Viva Media sees increased results through our DSP. Our focus is on developing technologies that improve our customers' advertising performance. Our goal is also that our DSP should be easy-to-use, even if it's advanced in the background, so agencies and marketing teams can devote themselves to what they are best at in terms of planning, strategy, creative work and fast implementation", Carl-Johan Grund, CEO of Emerse.

"Thanks to Emerse Platform, I've learned to find more ways of getting great results from a campaign, which is the essence of our job!", Kollstedt concludes.

For further information, please contact:

Carl-Johan Grund, CEO of Emerse, via, 0700-605 000

Alexander Kollstedt, Display Manager at Viva Media,, 0736-99 11 63


About Emerse
Emerse is a fast growing Swedish company in the field of programmatic advertising. Since starting in 2007, Emerse has been hired by many well-known companies such as Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, LG, Shell and Disney. Its technical platform (DSP – Demand Side Platform) which was developed in-house, works with advanced targeting algorithms. As well as helping Barack Obama and Bill de Blasio win election victories. Owned and managed by its founder, Carl-Johan Grund, Emerse was joined in 2015 by Spiltan, Sweden’s premier investment company, who became a major shareholder.





Thanks to Emerse Platform, I've learned to find more ways of getting good results from a campaign, which is the essence of our job!
Alexander Kollstedt, Display Manager at Viva Media