Emerse is GDPR compliant

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The EU has introduced a new regulation called GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation – enforceable from 25 May. It is designed to give individuals better control over their personal data. In today’s complex advertising ecosystem, companies like Emerse must closely comply with the transparency and consent requirements of European data protection law. As an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Emerse is well prepared for GDPR.

At Emerse we protect privacy and ensure a high level of protection for personal data. Since 2007 Emerse has worked with online advertising for leading brands and agencies around the world. Naturally, we have been working hard to ensure we are GDPR compliant and that personal data continues to be safe and secure and take account of changing legal requirements.  

Along with companies from across the digital media, advertising and analytics ecosystems, Emerse is enrolled with the IAB’s ‘Transparency & Consent Framework’ for the industry. This framework promises straightforward GDPR compliance. The Framework gives the publishing and advertising industry a common language with which to communicate consumer consent for the delivery of relevant online advertising and content. IAB Europe (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is the leading European-level industry association for the online advertising ecosystem and represents over 5,500 organisations. To indicate the active support of Emerse, you will find us listed at http://advertisingconsent.eu/ 

Emerse CEO Carl-Johan Grund served on the IAB Task Force charged with developing best practice for online advertising and for promoting standards and guidelines for the whole online ad industry. Indeed he was chairman of the OBA Task Force that rolled out the ‘Your Online Choices’ (EDAA) framework in Sweden.

In addition, Emerse holds the EDAA Licence Agreement (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) for use of the OBA Icon (Online Behavioural Advertising). Any personal data that we hold is handled as carefully as possible and only used for the intended legitimate purpose. Read more about Emerse’s current Privacy Policy at: www.emerse.com/privacy-policy 

For more information, please contact:

Robert Whelan, Data Protection Officer at Emerse, at robert.whelan@emerse.com or +46 46 3780 106

About Emerse  

Emerse is a fast growing Swedish company in the field of programmatic advertising. Since starting in 2007, Emerse has been hired by many well-known companies such as Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, LG, Shell and Disney. Emerse products and services aim to create effects from digital advertising that deliver results and help customers grow. By analysing and expanding audiences and targeting customized messages with optimized deliveries, the customer can increase brand awareness and see results from the advertising. The proprietary technology platform, DSP – Demand Side Platform – based on advanced algorithms, has helped both Barack Obama and New York mayor Bill de Blasio to win election victories. Owned and managed by its founder, Carl-Johan Grund, Emerse was joined in 2015 by Spiltan, Sweden’s premier investment company, who became a major shareholder. More information is available at www.emerse.com




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Along with companies from across the digital media, advertising and analytics ecosystems, Emerse is enrolled with the IAB’s ‘Transparency & Consent Framework’ for the industry.
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