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  • New with Emerse: Orvesto target group profiles for programmatic advertising by data from Nordic Data Resources and Kantar Media in the Nordics

New with Emerse: Orvesto target group profiles for programmatic advertising by data from Nordic Data Resources and Kantar Media in the Nordics

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The continuing and successful co-operation between Emerse and Nordic Data Resources (NDR) now adds 179 new high-quality target group profiles for programmatic ad buying in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The profiles are based on data from Kantar Media – known locally as Orvesto Konsument (SE), Forbruker & Media (NO), and Index Denmark (DK). The Kantar Media data and profiles are cross-referenced, matched and geo-tagged and are now available to you for digital advertising through Emerse DSP, Demand Side Platform.

Programmatic is the digital technique that makes it possible to show ads to a specific audience at the right time on sites they visit – all the better for targeting and secure, confident, advertising investment for buyers – brands and agencies.

Based on registry data and statistics, for example on dwelling, car ownership, income, family situation and enterprise, buyers can decide who are the most relevant consumers for their unique offers. Know that NDR does not handle or retain personal data such as name or social security number. The data originates from Orvesto Konsument, Forbruker & Media and Index Denmark and is made available through partnerships with e.g. Kantar Sifo, who in turn collaborates with NDR.

The new target group profiles range from «heavy buyers» of various product categories to «early adopters», «flexitarians», «foodies”, «beauty babes», «green fingers», etc. By using the same target group segments in programmatic that are already recognized in the advertising communications industry, a common language is created around target groups that wholly simplifies the communication process. It creates safety when companies can start from the same segment(s) and based on consumer insights tailor their media strategy and implement their programmatic ad purchases effectively.

In the Emerse DSP it’s also possible to see and then analyze how different ads are received by the target groups and identify a nuanced image of different customers' choices, preferences and habits. These insights provide a clear customer understanding that helps advertisers become increasingly relevant with their communication and their offers. More audience profiles will be made available in the coming year.

For further information, please contact:

Carl-Johan Grund, Emerse CEO, carl-johan.grund@emerse.com +46 46 378 0100

Göran Eklöf, VP Strategic Partnerships, goran.eklof@nordicdataresources.com +46 708 679178

About Nordic Data Resources (NDR)

NDR is a leader in advanced, insight-driven, marketing and geo-targeting methods. NDR's mission is to offer brands and advertisers high reach and high quality customer segments at the domestic level without using private data. NDR works with world-class leading data partners such as Experian, CallCredit, CreditSafe, TransUnion and Kantar/Orvesto as well as local actors such as Statistics Sweden and other public databases. Read more at www.nordicdataresources.com

About Emerse

Emerse is a fast growing Swedish programmatic advertising company who help brands and agencies reach their target groups and achieve their marketing goals more efficiently. The Emerse DSP (Demand Side Platform), operates with advanced targeting algorithms and data to perform automated trading of advertising space across hundreds of global exchanges. Since starting in 2007, Emerse has been hired by clients such as Obama, Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung and Coca-Cola. Emerse is owned and managed by its founder, Carl-Johan Grund. Since 2014 Spiltan, Sweden’s premier investment company, has been a significant shareholder. Learn more at www.emerse.com

About Kantar Media

Kantar Media are a global leader in connected intelligence. With data and insights Kantar Media provide clients a holistic understanding of the changing media landscape. Global coverage and local expertise enable Kantar Media clients to better understand media audiences and their relationships with brands to optimize investment. Where others see a fragmented reality, Kantar Media see new opportunities. Learn more at www.kantarmedia.com