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About EneaEnea is a world-leading supplier of innovative software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity. Focus areas are cloud-native, 5G-ready products for mobile core, network virtualization, and traffic intelligence. More than 3 billion people rely on Enea technologies in their daily lives. Enea is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information:


  • Enea AB
    P.O. Box 1033 Jan Stenbecks Torg 17 SE-164 21 Kista Sweden
    +46 8-507 140 00
  • Jan Häglund

    President and CEO

    +46 8-507 140 00
  • Erik Larsson

    SVP Marketing and Communication

    +46 8 507 140 00
  • Quotes

    At Vodafone Ireland we embrace innovation, particularly with regards to delivering smoother video streaming and improved internet browsing for a superior subscriber experience
    Didier Clavero, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Ireland
    Enea Openwave’s traffic management enables us to fulfill our fundamental principle of 'customer first' by providing the best network experience when it comes to mobile data and video
    Didier Clavero, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Ireland
    Our solutions are designed for operators to deliver an outstanding QoE for their customers
    John Giere, President of Enea’s Openwave
    The growth in mobile data and video was already strong before the nationwide lockdowns, and since then demand has skyrocketed. Almost overnight some operators had to grapple with twice the amount of data throughput. With the deployment of our technology, Vodafone Ireland is better equipped to manage the rise in traffic and maintain a consistent QoE
    John Giere, President of Enea’s Openwave
    Being shortlisted for two prestigious awards is extraordinary and we are honored
    Jan Häglund, President and CEO of Enea
    Our innovative solutions are designed to give operators complete control, freedom, and a competitive edge in 5G. This recognition is testimony to the hard work put in by everyone across Enea and their commitment to deliver real value to all our customers
    Jan Häglund, President and CEO of Enea
    We see our partnership with Enea as strategically important. With Enea NFV Access we are able to deliver our services and solutions on a standardized platform called Videns Intelligent Edge. This approach offers significant benefits to Videns and our enterprise customers
    Ferran van den Berg, Director Sales and Business Development at Videns
    We choose Enea’s virtualization platform because it provides the best fit with our needs. Enea NFV Access is tailor-made for uCPE environments and user friendly, which is an important factor for us as network specialists. And last but not least, we were very impressed with the proactive support we received from Enea during the evaluation process
    Ferran van den Berg, Director Sales and Business Development at Videns
    Videns IT Service is a great example of a new kind of innovative service provider with focus on flexible and agile networking services, exactly in line with enterprise needs for digital transformation. By working with Enea, Videns IT Services can provide a second-generation SD-WAN platform with unrivaled flexibility to match the high pace of innovation and change in enterprise networking
    Adrian Leufvén, Senior Vice President the OS Business Unit at Enea
    Some operators in Europe’s hardest hit regions have already experienced twice the usual amount of peak throughput during the lockdowns. While most of the OTT traffic from the likes of Netflix and Disney+ is currently running over Wi-Fi, this additional video traffic will very likely shift to wireless as lockdowns are eased
    John Giere, President, Enea Openwave
    There was already more OTT video traffic on mobile networks than ever before, even before Disney+ came along. Operators have to perform a delicate balancing act with available resources and not allow congestion to ruin the video experience for many. That requires the ability to detect and manage network congestion dynamically, rather than resorting to brute-force video optimization. The operators that have applied this methodology have seen significant reductions in RAN congestion and improved the video experience for subscribers
    John Giere, President, Enea Openwave
    Zain Kuwait is an innovative pioneer in the region with an outstanding track record, having deployed the first mobile network in the Middle East
    Nawaf Algharabally, Chief Technology Officer of Zain Kuwait
    Our partnership with Enea ensures that we deliver outstanding subscriber experience by putting the right solutions in place to provide smoother video streaming and improved Internet browsing. This solution enables us to optimize video streaming and deliver the highest in-country download speeds, regardless of whether the content is encrypted
    Nawaf Algharabally, Chief Technology Officer of Zain Kuwait
    Zain is an outstanding example of a truly innovative operator. Our research in the Middle East shows that video buffering can be a major frustration that causes subscribers to abandon a video within just six seconds, which often is enough to make a subscriber switch to another operator. By deploying Enea Openwave technology, Zain Kuwait is future-proofing its 4G and 5G networks and ensuring they’re equipped to manage the rising levels of encrypted video traffic to deliver outstanding QoE for their subscribers
    John Giere, President of Enea’s Openwave Division
    We can improve voice connectivity for millions of people working from home
    Roland Steiner, SVP of Policy and Access Control, Enea
    By offering unlimited software licenses for the Enea Voice over Wi-Fi solution during the Coronavirus crisis, we hope to make it easier for remote workers to discuss their daily tasks and ease the strain on network operators
    Roland Steiner, SVP of Policy and Access Control, Enea
    There is great potential for carrier networks in the 5G era, but that potential goes untapped without a platform in place that is powerful, efficient, and offers flexibility
    Mohamed Awad, Vice President of Marketing, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm
    The Ampere and Enea partnership to bring new uCPE products to the telco market is yet another excellent example of how hardware and software providers are collaborating within the Arm ecosystem to achieve the power efficiency and flexibility requirements for the next era of compute
    Mohamed Awad, Vice President of Marketing, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm
    Thanks to our extensive experience with Arm-based processors, NFV and operating systems, we can provide a highly optimized virtualization solution for Ampere’s range of processors. White box uCPEs equipped with Ampere’s eMAG processors and running Enea NFV Access offer a rare combination of performance and flexibility
    Adrian Leufvén, SVP OS Business Unit, Enea
    At Ampere, we are focused on delivering high-performance, power efficient and scalable Arm processors that provide incredible value to our customers and partners. Our partnership with Enea provides telco operators with a new class of scalable, low power, cost-effective uCPE solutions to enable revenue-maximizing services
    Matt Taylor, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Ampere
    Operators are beginning to firm up plans for how they will implement flexible, multi-vendor service architectures that enable them to deploy and monetize their 5G networks and differentiate their services
    Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategy Analytics
    The survey indicates that several operators have figured out how to deploy SA in the next couple of years. This could be as ‘islands’ of 5G radio access with a 5G SA core for special services, starting late 2021
    Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms, Strategy Analytics
    We’ve now entered a phase where operators plan to deploy a 5G SA core as the next step after introducing 5G radio access running on existing 4G core
    Jan Häglund, President and CEO at Enea
    It is interesting to see that most operators have identified the benefits of a common 5G data management layer that serves as the backend for all their network applications
    Jan Häglund, President and CEO at Enea
    Automation removes the hurdles associated with deployment and management, which has previously been the drawback of solutions based on uCPEs and VNFs. Through our technology partnership with UBiqube, we are ushering in a new generation of automated uCPE solutions for Managed Service Providers
    Adrian Leufvén, Senior Vice President, Operating Systems, Enea
    The integration capabilities of the MSActivator™ neutralize the multi-vendor onboarding challenge while its automation suite provides for a lean and efficient ‘process design’ framework. Applied to Enea’s uCPE virtualization platform, it delivers the best end-to-end automated edge services available on the market today
    Herve Guesdon, Chief Technology Officer, UBiqube
    The migration to SD-WAN solutions on uCPE platforms is gaining momentum among operators and service providers, and Enea NFV Access is positioned right at the center of this transition
    Adrian Leufvén, SVP Enea OS Business Unit
    flexiWAN is the ‘Android of routers
    Amir Zmora, CEO of flexiWAN
    It takes a unique approach to SD-WAN by both being open source and featuring a modular architecture that allows for service provider differentiation. We see a strong demand from service providers for the combined Enea and flexiWAN solution
    Amir Zmora, CEO of flexiWAN
    UDM is redefining both networking and data management. It allows seamless services for converged consumer broadband, IoT apps at the edge, and for private networking with true cloud-native apps in an externalized state
    Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics
    A number of operators are also waking up to the uncomfortable truth about the complexity and cost of combining 4G core networks with 5G radio. They are now realizing that a faster move to UDM solutions can simplify and accelerate the transition to 5G SA networks
    Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics
    Our solutions are designed to give operators complete control, freedom of choice, and a competitive edge. The architecture is service-oriented and cloud-based, just like 5G. This means that operators can choose to retrofit existing infrastructure or deploy new 5G standalone architecture. Either way, the Enea Unified Data Manager enables them to create a clear path ahead for robust 5G data management
    Jan Häglund, President and CEO at Enea
    Managing the video experience is vital for operators to ensure end-user quality of experience
    Indranil Chatterjee, Senior Vice President of Products, Sales & Marketing at Enea Openwave
    Within hours of its launch, our machine learning-based technology detected and optimized Apple TV+. Conventional technology is not fit for purpose, as it requires manual configuration – time operators just don’t have. Our solution works across OTT streams and takes into account user device, application, radio congestion and ultimately delivers streaming video to mobile devices at a higher quality with reduced stalling
    Indranil Chatterjee, Senior Vice President of Products, Sales & Marketing at Enea Openwave
    Enterprises trust us for our reliable solutions, and with Enea as a partner, our customers’ confidence has increased. Enea NFV Access provides a foundation for our managed services offering and allows us to provide cost-effective and customized solutions in line with our clients’ requirements
    Mohammed Adil, Technical Director, TForce
    We are very proud that TForce choose Enea NFV Access for their managed service offering. This validates our strategy to provide an open and flexible uCPE virtualization platform. TForce customers will benefit from a future-proof and extensible platform for enterprise networking
    Adrian Leufvén, SVP OS Business Unit, Enea
    Cyber security solutions providers are looking for innovative NTA-based approaches that both deliver better protection for their clients and optimize costs. The the Qosmos Probe offers a perfect solution to these challenges.
    Jean-Philippe Lion, Senior Vice President of the DPI Business Unit at Enea
    Jan Häglund will help Enea strengthen and develop its position as a reference supplier and trusted partner when it comes to innovative network software.
    Anders Lidbeck, Chairman of the board at Enea
    The CDM InfoSec Awards winners are some of the most innovative and proactive cyber security companies and service providers on the planet.
    Pierluigi Paganini, Editor-in-Chief of Cyber Defense Magazine
    The Qosmos Probe is used to complement existing cyber threat detection tools. The granular traffic visibility provided by the DPI-based sensor allows faster, more accurate detection of anomalies in network traffic and reduces the number of false positives.
    Jean Philippe Lion, SVP at Enea’s DPI Business Unit
    When used in networks as a complement to existing threat detection tools, the granular traffic visibility provided by the DPI-based probe allows faster, more accurate detection of anomalies with fewer false positives.
    Jean Philippe Lion, SVP at Enea’s DPI Business Unit
    By embedding Qosmos ixEngine in our ZyWALL UTM, we are able to deliver unprecedented levels of security.
    Nathan Yen, AVP of the Gateway Business Unit at Zyxel
    Qosmos ixEngine provides the foundation for accurate application visibility and QoS. By integrating ready-to-use DPI software, our development teams can devote more time to their own areas of expertise, bringing advanced solutions to market faster and better serving our customers.
    José Losada, CTO, JSC Ingenium
    With Qosmos ixEngine, JSC Ingenium now benefits from best-in-class traffic classification technology and their operator customers get detailed traffic understanding to enhance their business. I am delighted that our partnership has enabled JSC Ingenium to strengthen their offering in this way.
    Jean-Philippe Lion, Senior Vice President, DPI Business Unit, Enea
    Leading TEMs are designing in commercial-grade technology into their 4.5G and 5G RANs right now. They need performance and portability to support an evolutionary path, and this is exactly what they get with Enea OSE.
    Karl Mörner, SVP of Product Management at Enea
    uCPE provides on-demand deployment of multiple network functions previously each implemented as its own purpose built appliance, plus virtualization software platform in cost effective single-box COTS systems. Cavium’s highly integrated OCTEON TX ARMv8 processor SoC families, with high performance processing, exceptional power efficiency, hardware accelerators abstracted by standard APIs like DPDK, standard software eco-systems and cost effective and scalable white box hardware eco-systems, offer highly optimized uCPE processing solutions.
    Raj Singh Vice President & General Manager of the Network & Communication Group at Cavium
    Enea NFV Access offers out-of-the-box VNF management and service function chaining for orchestrating on-demand agile VNF deployment - without the overhead that solutions originally developed for data centers carry with them. Enea NFV Access is a versatile virtualization software platform streamlined for high networking performance and minimal footprint, and contributes to uCPE agility and innovation, reducing cost and complexity for computing at the network edge.
    Karl Mörner, SVP Product Management, Enea
    Qosmos ixEngine is the preferred software for IP classification and metadata extraction among networking and security vendors. This new record in protocol recognition reaffirms our leadership and reflects our technical expertise.
    Thibaut Bechetoille, President, Qosmos Division of Enea
    We see tremendous opportunities at the edge, and we have purpose built Enea NFV Access for common vCPE use case challenges. Enea NFV Access is deployment ready, contributing to CapEx and OpEx savings, and offers proven solutions for standards based service orchestration and model based network function management systems.
    Karl Mörner, SVP Product Management
    Enea Element ODM is a network management agent for physical and virtual network functions (PNF/VNF), and is a compelling alternative to commercial competitors and solutions developed in-house. It provides standard northbound interfaces such as NETCONF, REST and SNMP for configuration, monitoring and control. It is model driven, fully leveraging the benefits of YANG , and supports auto-rendering of northbound interfaces from the data models.
    Karl Mörner, SVP Product Management, Enea
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