Enersize signs first European SaaS agreement with Saint-Gobain through LEAQS

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English translation of previously released news: Enersize Oyj ("Enersize") has signed its first SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription in Europe with Saint-Gobain ISOVER (Saint-Gobain Sweden AB). The agreement has been signed by LEAQS, which Enersize has previously signed a conditional acquisition agreement with.

The SaaS Agreement is valid for 36 months and has been signed between LEAQS and Saint-Gobain Sweden AB and includes: sensor networks and software subscriptions for data acquisition, visualization and reporting. Enersize’s part of the offer includes SaaS software as well as data acquisition, while LEAQS is providing the sensors and installation. Enersize’s newly developed automated compressor analysis is not included in the basic subscription but is available for upgrading when the customer wishes. The customer also has the opportunity to extend the sensor network during the contract period.

The order value consists of subscription costs, and pricing therefore differs significantly from the pricing of Enersize's project activities, where the company applies profit-sharing of the savings achieved. The total order value towards the end-customer during the contract period for the current base configuration without sensors is approximately 300,000 SEK.

Saint-Gobain has previously used LEAQS’ leakage and repair software that has resulted in annual savings of approximately 1.2 MSEK with a repayment period of less than 2 months. The purpose of Enersize’s measurement system is to create a base to enable further future savings, monitoring and follow-up.

According to a previously announced press release from 2018-11-06, Enersize has signed an agreement to acquire LEAQS in order to gain access to the European market and to also access LEAQS’ leakage and leakage software, which perfectly complements Enersize’s own optimization software. The acquisition is subject to a decision by the Extraordinary General Meeting on 28 November 2018. Enersize has already begun its European initiative through LEAQS and a number of offers to different customers regarding the installation of Enersize SaaS systems have been provided by LEAQS. Of these, Saint-Gobain is the first to have reached an agreement.

Saint-Gobain ISOVER is a trademark of the Saint-Gobain Group for glass wool insulation for the construction industry. Saint-Gobain is a global leader in the manufacture of glass and glass products. Saint-Gobain has 197,000 employees in 67 countries and in 2016 sales of approximately 40 BUSD.

Christian Merheim, Executive Chairman of the Board Enersize, comments:

"One of the most important issues associated with our LEAQS acquisition was just getting started with sales of SaaS subscriptions in Europe. Quickly getting started with this is very important as it will be a learning process for optimal pricing, choosing the right installer partners, and creating a coordinated organization between Enersize and LEAQS."

Daniel Winkler, LEAQS, comments:

"It is nice to introduce Enersize and LEAQS’ first joint venture, in addition to a high-quality customer with many production facilities around the world, who has a real interest in and ambition for energy efficiency."

About Enersize

With proprietary patent-pending automated data collection and analysis software, Enersize can provide 10-50% energy savings in industrial compressed air systems. 90% of the manufacturing industry uses compressed air that accounts for about 5% of the world's electricity consumption. Among Enersize's existing customers are one of the world's largest manufacturers of flat panel displays, well-known vehicle manufacturers and metal plants. The company is headquartered in Helsinki and has a development office in Lund. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North under ticker: ENERS. www.enersize.com

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