In Sweden, the number of large manufacturing companies is growing, which is beginning to take an interest in and make use of Enersize's services for compressed air efficiency improvements and savings. Now we see that our expert on compressed air, Bo Kuraa, can also open up the Danish market.
Anders Sjögren, CEO
Compressed air is sometimes called "the world's most forgotten utility source". At the same time, we know that the savings potential usually amounts to 30-50%. This order really highlights SCA's sustainability focus and demonstrates the power of action in the organization. I look forward to gaining SCA’s confidence for continued efficiency work with our complementary products at the factory in Ortviken, and I also hope that we can also involve other factories. We see that Momentum is rapidly growing in importance for Enersize. The order from SCA shows the strength of our collaboration; Momentum has the customer contact and we have the technology and the services. During the autumn, our collaboration has deepened and we look forward to active cooperation with more of Momentum's offices.
Anders Sjögren, CEO of Enersize
This larger order is a direct result of our two-day seminar in Oslo a few weeks ago and the first delivery of Q+ in Norway. It is exciting to see that Nordic, domestic, sales are now starting to roll at the same time as as our new partnership in China is developing well. Our sales pipeline in both markets has also grown and we hope this will lead to a continued increase in order intake during the new year.
Anders Sjögren, Managing Director
The turnover continues to increase in Q3
Anders Sjögren, CEO
It feels fantastic that we now have a really good result of the share issue, where the company raises SEK 42.5 million in capital and can now start the expansion we have prepared for and aggressively begin to process our sales pipeline. We therefore intend to continue to strengthen the sales organization and thereby increase our focus on sales, initially in the Nordics and Europe, but also in China and globally. The issue has provided the company with the necessary liquidity and significantly strengthened our balance sheet.
Anders Sjögren, Managing Director at Enersize
I am very pleased with the settlement with Venergy, which I have now got in place. We can now handle ourselves the accumulated customer base and existing Q + installations and we can thus act freely at our own discretion, which I see as necessary in order to be able to work to lift previous profit-sharing projects into our new way of doing business. Perhaps most important in the short term is that the settlement gives us freedom to continue working with sales to the Hankook Group's other factories. In this work, it is also very gratifying that Aden has expressed his full support and provides the necessary resources for this to move forward as quickly as possible. With the closure of the ongoing rights issue in view, long-standing negotiations with Aden and excellent conditions for more Hankook projects, I look forward with anticipation to the coming months development for Enersize in China.
Anders Sjögren, Managing Director
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