Enersize signs installation agreement within Chinese pharmaceutical industry

Translation of latest news in English:

Enersize has agreed on an installation of Enersize system for measurements and efficiency analysis of energy usage in industrial compressed air systems with one of Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceuticals plants. The total compressed air capacity in the factory is app. 2,8MW. 

Enersize´s part of the yearly savings during the lifetime of the project will be agreed with the customer in the second project phase when the savings potential, which has not yet been estimated, has been measured and identified through Enersize system

Enersize has signed 6 new installation or profit sharing contracts in China this year. The company recently executed a fully subscribed financing round and was listed at first North Stockholm, 15th of June.

Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical was founded 1948 in Hebei and is in the top 10 of Chinese pharmaceutical exporters with sales in over 50 countries primarily in Asia. The company has two plants, 2800 employees and a total of 20 production lines. The agreement has been closed in co-operation with Joint Team International who act as contract party towards Shijiazhuang No.4This is Enersize first contract within the pharmaceutical industry.

Sami Mykkänen, Enersize CEO: 

“With Shijiazhuang No.4 we have now also entered the pharmaceutical industry. It is extra pleasurable for me to present a customer within this sector as most people associate compressed air with heavy manufacturing industries but as can be seen here it is used in a large scale in all types of industries 

Christian Merheim, Enersize Chairman of the Board:  

As Chairman of the Board it has been a pure pleasure to see Sami land this deal as the time from initial meeting to a signed contract has been unprecedented quick. It has actually been so fast that Enersize didn´t even had the time to present initial savings calculations to the customer before they decided to go ahead. The customer took their immediate decision based only on references from other Enersize projects.