Enersize signs new installation agreement within Chinese chemical sector

Translation of latest news in English: Enersize has agreed on a new agreement covering the installation of their system for measurements and efficiency analysis of energy usage in industrial compressed air systems in Tongkun Group Zhejiang Hengsheng Chemical Fiber plant. The total compressed air capacity in the factory is over 8 MW and the potential annual savings are estimated to approximately 5 million kWh.

Enersize´s part of the yearly savings during the lifetime of the project will be agreed with the customer in the second project phase when the savings potential has been measured and identified through Enersize system

Enersize has signed 4 new installation contracts in China this year. The company recently executed a fully subscribed financing round ahead of its planned listing at first North Stockholm, 15thof June.

Tongkun Group Zhejiang Hengsheng Chemical Fiber is a part of Tongkun Group a major polymer fiber manufacturer with 9 Chinese plants listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. The factory is co-located with the group headquarter, has over 2500 employees and an annual production capacity of over 1,2 million tons of chemical fibres. Installation phase for the system will start in Q3 2017.

Sami Mykkänen, Enersize CEO:

”With this new project within the Chemical industry we clearly show how widely Enersize technology can be applied for customers within totally different verticals like the automotive, chemical and electronics industries.”

Christian Merheim, Enersize Chairman of the Board: 

I am impressed to see that the company’s sales plan keep running on schedule and new contracts are added one by one. Our fully subscribed emission ahead of our upcoming listing show that the steady flow of new contracts has been highly valued by our investors ”