Enersize signs profit sharing agreement with one more BOE plant

Translation of latest news in English:

Enersize has agreed on a new four-year profit sharing agreement based on the installation of Enersize system for measurements and efficiency analysis of energy usage in industrial compressed air systems in BOE Technology Centre, which is BOEs pilot and pre-series plant. This is Enersize third project with BOE Group. The annual saving potential is estimated to 0,6-1,2 MSEK. 

Enersize has signed 5 new installation contracts in China this year. The company recently executed a fully subscribed financing round and was listed at first North Stockholm, 15th of June.

BOE Technology Center is BOE Groups pilot plant for pre-series production and trial implementation of new manufacturing methods for use in new production lines or plants. The total compressed air capacity in the factory is about 0,5MW. This is Enersize third project together with BOE Group. The agreement has been entered into in co-operation with Joint Team International who also acts as a contract party towards BOE. Enersize already has one ongoing profit sharing agreement with BOE as well as one installation agreement, in two different BOE Beijing plants.

BOE Group has eight manufacturing plants in China. It is a listed company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the largest shareholder is the Chinese Government. BOE Group has an annual turnover of 6,9 bn EUR (2015) and is ranked as the third largest flat screen manufacturer globally.

Sami Mykkänen, Enersize CEO: 

“With this installation at BOE Technology Centre we are right at the hearth of BOE. In this plant BOE test all next generation production methods before they are implemented in BOEs existing or newly built factories. That BOE Group has offered Enersize to work with them in this very special plant is a clear sign of BOEs appreciation of our work. 

Christian Merheim, Enersize Chairman of the Board:  

BOE has shown a clear interest in the fully automated technology that we are developing and this installation in their pilot and pre-series plant will give them very good opportunities to try out our newest untested technology in an controlled environment. Something we see will both benefit us as well as BOE by enabling a faster roll-out in other BOE plants”