New Book Recommends Relora as Part of Stress Management and Weight Loss Plan

The Thyroid Solution Diet by Ridha Arem, MD

Salinas, California – February 4, 2013- The new book, The Thyroid Solution Diet, by best-selling author Ridha Arem, MD, singles out Relora® as his only recommended supplemental herb for weight loss. The book focuses on rebalancing the hormones blamed for weight gain and the inability to lose weight. With a diet plan based on a modified Mediterranean diet, the Thyroid Solution Diet is designed to retrain the body, drive up energy levels, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase metabolism and enable the body to lose weight.

Throughout the book, Dr. Arem emphasizes the role of relaxation and controlling stress.  For this he recommends Relora. He especially suggests the supplement for those who overeat in response to stress.

“The marker compounds from [Relora’s] botanicals help reduce stress and balance cortisol, the stress hormone that causes fat to accumulate in the belly,” writes Dr. Arem. “When you need to even out a spiked stress level, Relora can reduce surges in cortisol and prevent stress-triggered eating.”

Dr. Arem also recommends Relora as part of a regiment to overcome jetlag, balancing hormones that assist in sleep.

The Thyroid Diet Solution Diet goes on to thoroughly explain the link between eating behavior, appetite, food choices, and mood and anxiety levels. It also describes how stress chemically affects weight gain. Diet, supplement and exercise recommendations to re-balance a variety of hormones involved in health and weight loss are then made.

Dr. Arem is an endocrinologist and director of the Texas Thyroid Institute in Houston, Texas. He also serves as a clinical professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and is the author of the groundbreaking bestseller, The Thyroid Solution.

Relora is a blend of specific actives from two all-natural botanicals: Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense bark extracts.  It is known to effectively reduce stress, help control belly fat and overall assist in weight management.

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