It is amazing to have been invited to EuroPride and take part in this special evening. I am so looking forward to lots of sing-a-long
Lena Katina from t.A.t.u.
This will be my first EuroPride and I am so thrilled to be a part of this very important event, filled with so much love. I cannot wait to meet the everybody and feel all the joy and see all the colors of the rainbow. To be able to spread so much love through my music during EuroPride Stockholm will definetly be the highlight of my summer
Saara Aalto.
Because it is so immensely important to show that it’s just about love. Who I fall in love with, doesn’t really affect anyone else. I am truly honoured and proud to have been given the trust of participating in this film, getting to share a part of my story and to be an ambassador for Stockholm Pride and EuroPride 2018
the Youtube-profile Jakob Andersson.
YouTube and social media have been a huge support for me in my own journey and development, not least when I was in a relationship and the support and love we received was absolutely overwhelming. I'm my YouTube and Internet family forever grateful for that. That’s why it is so important that everyone, regardless of sexuall orientation, participates, supports and shows engagement for Stockholm Pride and EuroPride. Everyone can do something for everybodies right to love whoever they want
YouTube profile Jakob Andersson.
For us at Splay, it went without saying to join as a partner in EuroPride, as we always stand för people’s equal value and the importance of getting to be yourself
Anna Hammerlid Tollesson, land chief at SplayOne.
We are happy for the collaboration with SplayOne and we hope that it will result in that more people dare to be themselves
Alf Kjeller, Project Manager EuroPride 2018
We are proud to contribute to EuroPride and manifest the equal value and rights of all people. It feels extraordinary that we can do it with an activity that is directly linked to our customer offer, as in this case, specially crafted products in the rainbow colors. In this way, we engage the entire company in the sponsorship
Fredrik Uhrbom, Country Manager at Clas Ohlson Sweden.
We are very pleased to announce that Clas Ohlson joins EuroPride as a sponsor. By supporting the festival and offering their customers rainbow products, they clearly show that they are a company that takes a stand for lgbt issues,
Britta Davidsohn, chairman of Stockholm Pride.
It is pleasing that Clas Ohlson, through their support of EuroPride, engages their co-workers and customers. To us it is important that business actors actively contribute to changing attitudes in society
Tasso Stafilidis, chairman of West Pride
With Unequal Travel we want to demonstrate how much there still is to fight for in the LGBT+-cause. Especially in Europe, which is often seen as a progressive and open part of the world. The site enables more conscious choices for travelers, reveals the lack of legal protection for LGBT+-people in many places, and ensures that all profits from the travel booking – no matter where you choose to go – contributes to the fight for a more equal world,
Britta Davidsohn, chairman of Stockholm Pride.
We’re seeing a global backlash against LGBT+-people’s rights, with violence and threats increasing in many places, and that many countries’ positive development is slowing or going backwards. EuroPride fights for important human rights, and the best guarantee for their protection are strong laws. Unequal Travel raises awareness for the legal protection for LGBT+-people in Europe, while remaining aware that things are worse in other countries outside Europe. Now we invite more people to travel to EuroPride 2018 in Stockholm and Gothenburg to participate and help make a difference
Tasso Stafilidis, chairman of West Pride.
For every shot of testosterone Alex received, we made a new recording. Every recording taking him a step closer to the person he was meant to be. After many months, we combined all the recordings into one powerful message, and an invitation to EuroPride 2018 this summer. Because EuroPride 2018 is both a fun, memorable experience and an important gathering point to continue working for change. Together, we are The Voice of Change
Britta Davidsohn, acting president for Stockholm Pride.
One of our most important responsibilities as Pride-festivals is to put focus on the injustices and oppression that LGBTIQ+-persons still suffer, in other countries and here at home. By arranging EuroPride we can aim a spotlight at life-critical issues, like transgender people’s living situation, shape public opinion and make demands for change and respect
Tasso Stafilidis, president for West Pride.