We are now within reach of gaining USCG Type Approval and this will give potential customers additional confidence in looking at the advantages of our system.
Mika Karjalainen, CTO, Evac Group
This acquisition provides a tremendous opportunity for Evac and Cathelco to work together to become a leader in the field of ballast water treatment systems.
Evac Group CEO and President Tomi Gardemeister
An extended cleantech system offering, together with an enlarged sales and service network, will allow us to offer a more comprehensive range of solutions and services to our customers.
Evac Group CEO and President Tomi Gardemeister
Our already broad geographic footprint and expertise in cleantech systems will be augmented considerably by Evac’s broad portfolio, which will enable our customers to meet all their needs from a single reliable partner.
Justin Salisbury, Group Managing Director of Cathelco Group
This is rare in my business. The system has presented a very interesting cost-benefit relationship!
Ricardo Oliveira, Frei Caneca’s Operations Manager
The Ritz-Carlton guest experience reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility. We collaborate with suppliers like Evac as part of our overall environmental strategy with a focus on innovative products.
Douglas Prothero, Managing Director, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.
We’re very proud to make this contribution and be a part of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Thanks to the Evac systems, the yachts will not only be some of the most luxurious around, but also some of the most sustainable.
Ljubo Jurisevic, President of Evac Global Cruise Business.
The REV project goes well beyond the minimum required by rules and regulations and demonstrates a sincere commitment to a sustainable marine environment. Evac is humbled to be a part of this project.
Kjell Erik Reinstad, General Manager of Evac Norway AS
REV is just one example of our full commitment to finding solutions to pressing environmental challenges. It was only natural that we’d include environmentally responsible solutions like those that Evac delivers.
George Gill, Project Director
We had a very short timeline, but thanks to the very close and good cooperation with the ship’s crew, the outcome was excellent: higher capacity, lower energy consumption, redundancy, with the operation of the ship completely unaffected.
Timo Kern, Project Manager, Evac Germany
Thanks to this new Evac system, the water quality onboard AIDAcara is always excellent and consistent. AIDA Cruises can operate its ship worldwide in all destinations without depending on water from shore.
Sebastian Sala, Head of Innovation and Energy Management, Carnival Maritime GmbH
We’re delighted to introduce Evac EcoTreat to our extensive range of biological wastewater treatment solutions. This new solution together with our existing advanced wastewater treatment solutions such as Evac EcoOcean MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor) and Evac MBR (membrane bioreactor) means we can address the various needs of all our customers in the marine sector.
Mats Riska, Product Manager, Wastewater Treatment Systems at Evac
Ironically, the price of water in Russia is low enough that water cost is not a major sales argument in this particular case. However, it’s extremely important because less water used means less radioactive waste generated.”
Alexandre Matikainen, Evac’s Area Sales Manager
Having done a similar retrofit before I can say Evac did it better. Of course, subcontractors do the installation, but Evac’s choice was a more efficient one.
Carlo Paiella, Regent Seven Seas Vice President, Technical Operations
No retrofit is ever standard. Every ship is unique and preparations are made well in advance. In this case, the planning was well done and the execution was flawless.
Carlo Paiella, Regent Seven Seas Vice President, Technical Operations
The Evac brand has built a lot of trust worldwide, and now with the ROSYS M system we’re applying the same trust to freshwater generation systems for the smaller market segment.
Ljubo Jurisevic, Managing Director of Evac Germany and President of Evac Global Cruise
MV WERFTEN selected Evac due to its strong experience in the cruise industry with over 20,000 completed marine projects – and because they were the only complete package provider. These environmentally friendly and energy efficient systems cover all needs of these new ships, which will be among the largest in the world.
Jarmo Laakso, Managing Director of MV WERFTEN
Uson Marine offers compact units for food and galley waste collection and treatment, as well as different equipment for treating dry solid waste. These systems complement Evac’s existing offering and are an excellent strategic fit.
Claes Rudling, CEO of Uson Marine
Dry and wet waste management systems help customers to minimize the costs and labor requirements of waste handling onboard their rig or vessel by collecting, sorting, compacting, and storing waste. This helps customers comply with relevant rules and regulations, and minimize the environmental impact of their operations.
Claes Rudling, CEO of Uson Marine
Evac Group’s turnover was 98 million euros in 2015, while Uson Marine’s was 6.6 million euros (64 million SEK). After the acquisition, Evac Group’s turnover will be over 110 million euros. This rapid growth and record high order book is great news for our company and will also bring many benefits for our customers.
Tomi Gardemeister, President and CEO of Evac Group
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