ADONnews Sweden AB (publ) has changed name to Evendo AB (publ)

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Following to a decision of the company's extraordinary general meeting of 11 July 2018 regarding amendment of the company's name from ADONnews Sweden AB (publ), Evendo AB (publ) has been registered as new name for the company. This complements the reverse acquisition previously communicated and all activities from ADONnews have now been replaced with Evendo.

As previously announced, the Extraordinary General Meeting of ADONnews Sweden AB ("the Company") decided on 11 July 2018, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to change company name to Evendo AB (publ).

The name change takes place as a consequence of the completed reverse acquisition of Evendo International A/S in connection with which ADONnews Sweden AB's previous operations, operated in Mobile Loyalty Europe AB, have been paid out to the shareholders.

The name change thus completes the reverse acquisition, where all activities in ADONnews Sweden AB's subsidiary Mobile Loyalty Europe AB are separated from the listed parent company. Remaining ADONnews Sweden AB has been acquired by owners of Danish Evendo International A/S. At the EGM on July 11, 2018, the company's board and management was replaced with the equivalent from Evendo International A/S.

"As there is no activity from ADONnews Sweden AB or Mobile Loyalty Europe AB in the company, the name change to Evendo AB thus gives a true picture of the company's business in the future." Says Kasper Larsen, CEO Evendo AB. "We are looking forward to communicating more precisely about Evendo - and of course the exciting initiatives we are working on – and in the meantime I would like to invite shareholders and interested parties to visit for further information. In general, our goal is to communicate and run the business as openly as possible. This is the first step. "

New card name at Spotlight Stock Market (former Share Market) becomes EVENDO B and new CFI code ESVUFR and FISN code EVENDO/SH B. The ISIN code is not updated by name change.

The company's share will be traded under the new name as of Monday, August 20, 2018.

For more information, please contact the Company at: CEO Kasper Larsen Phone: +45 28839201,

About Evendo

Evendo redefines the way we plan and do events. Think “ for events” with a built-in planning tool on top, and an app-based assistant guiding participants through the actual events.

Evendo has been operating in the Danish market since August 2016. During this period, Evendo has easily become the largest and fastest-growing event portal in Denmark with an impressive customer-base and a rapid increase in market positioning. During the first year of operations, more than 50,000 event experiences were booked through Evendo.

Evendo is the world’s first end-to-end event platform, facilitating effortless planning, streamlined booking, and the seamless execution of events, through its innovative and intuitive design. There is currently no identifiable match or competition to Evendo worldwide.

Evendo was founded in 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs with several international success stories – including the Sitecore growth phenomenon, recently acquired by EQT for more than €1 billion.

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