Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen visits Crossbridge Energy A/S and Everfuel in Fredericia

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Fredericia, Denmark, 11 November 2021 – Today the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, visited Crossbridge Energy A/S. A visit with a focus on jobs in the green industry of the future in Fredericia, and on the collaboration with Everfuel on the PtX-facility under construction.

Crossbridge Energy A/S has stated a clear ambition of becoming a climate neutral refinery by 2035 – which will make the refinery a prime example of the green transition for the city of Fredericia to be proud of. A large share of that vision will be accomplished through the collaboration with Everfuel on the Power-to-X facility, HySynergy, which will deliver green hydrogen to the refinery.

A green job transition in Fredericia

During the visit, Crossbridge Energy A/S and Everfuel communicated the companies’ wishes to contribute to the local and climate-friendly development in the region to the Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen and Mayor of Fredericia, Steen Wrist.

Fredericia must be home for the green transition – both today and in the future. The two companies acknowledge a responsibility to ensure and create attractive jobs in Fredericia during that transition - for instance by building and scaling the PtX-facility.

”Today we employ +200 people, and an additional 50-100 people from our suppliers on a daily basis. On a national level, it will create up to 2000 jobs based on the refinery’s activities. Those jobs have to still be here in 2035 when the refinery has reached climate neutrality. We have to dare to be a part of the transition to ensure local jobs in the future and contribute to creating an attractive municipality,” says Finn Schousboe, CEO at Crossbridge Energy A/S.    

Securing the transition of jobs needed in the future while fostering the green agenda are key issues for the Mayor of Fredericia, Steen Wrist:

”Crossbridge Energy and Everfuel have set highly ambitious targets for all of us, which makes me proud on behalf of the city. These targets will change Fredericia’s collective climate goals for the better, while ensuring a stable development in Fredericia with attractive jobs. I am following the collaboration between Crossbridge Energy and Everfuel closely, as they can be key players in creating the green jobs of the future in Fredericia,” says Mayor of Fredericia, Steen Wrist.

Approaching the green future

During the visit, Everfuel and Crossbridge Energy A/S, presented Europe’s largest Power-to-X facility under construction to Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen.

Everfuel and Crossbridge Energy A/S are working closely on the HySynergy project, where phase I is a 20 MW electrolyser and PtX-facility set to be in operation in the second half of 2022. The project is planned to be expanded in phase II to 300 MW in 2025, and possibly to 1 GW in 2030.

”With HySynergy we will be able to reduce CO2-emissions with as much as 500.000 tons per year, which equals about 11 % of the CO2-emissions from the Danish land-based transportation segment. We have a clear ambition of continuously contributing to a climate neutral Denmark, while simultaneously establishing Fredericia and The Triangle Region as an energy hub for Power-to-X and green fuels,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO at Everfuel.  

The construction of HySynergy entails a significant scale in the production of green hydrogen in Denmark, which ensures that the use of power from renewable energy can be decoupled from time and place of production. The largest offtaker of green hydrogen from HySynergy will be Crossbridge Energy A/S, whose premises the facility is being build upon. HySynergy will have a pipeline directly into the refinery which guarantees a rapid effect on the Danish carbon footprint.

Additional information:

Crossbridge Energy A/S: Torben Øllegaard Sørensen, t.soerensen@frecop.com, +4540779257

Everfuel A/S: Lea Vindvad Hansen, lha@everfuel.com, +4561830205


HySynergy is a green project created in collaboration between Everfuel, Crossbridge Energy A/S, EWII, TREFOR, Aktive Energi Anlæg, TVIS and ENERGINET in order to scale the production and storage of green hydrogen.

HySynergy’s phase II has progressed to potential IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interests) funding to support a European large-scale green hydrogen project.

About Crosbridge Energy A/S: www.crossbridge.dk

The refinery’s vision is to be a CO2 neutral refinery. Today, the refinery produces about 35 pct of the Danish consumption of liquid fuels – and exports and equal amount to foreign markets. The refinery is Europe’s most energy efficient refinery, and number 3 Worldwide. The refinery is the largest supplier of excess heating for central heating in Denmark – enough to supply more than 23.000 houses. The refinery has the logistics and size to scale the application and consumption of green hydrogen in Denmark, faster than any other project. Crossbridge Energy A/S employs about 250 people.

About Everfuel I www.everfuel.com

Everfuel is making green hydrogen for zero emission mobility commercially available across Europe, offering competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply- and fueling solutions. We own and operate green hydrogen infrastructure and partner with vehicle OEMs to connect the entire hydrogen value chain and seamlessly provide hydrogen fuel to enterprise customers under long-term contracts. Green hydrogen is a 100% clean fuel made from renewable energy and key to electrification of the transportation sector in Europe and a sustainable future. We are a young ambitious company, headquartered in Herning, Denmark, and with activities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and a plan to grow across Europe. Everfuel is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo under EFUEL.