Everfuel to supply excess heat from HySynergy facility to local district heating network

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Herning, Denmark, 21 December 2021 – Everfuel A/S is pleased announce the signing of a heat offtake agreement with TVIS whereby surplus heat from green hydrogen production at the HySynergy electrolysers will be used to warm up homes and businesses connected to the local district heating network. The collaboration will initially provide green heating to the equivalent of 500-600 homes.

“We are securing good cross-sector integration and potentially reduced production costs by connecting hydrogen production from the PtX facility with district heating. While the technology is proven, we are step-by-step building a new energy system that delivers a real sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. We are in the early phase of a market which will move in one direction, and we look forward to developing green energy with TVIS,” said Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel.

TVIS, which represents municipalities in the Triangle Area of Denmark and operates the local district heating system, will build a 1.2kilometer- heat transmission connecting the HySynergy electrolysers next to the Crossbridge refinery in Fredericia to the current heating line between Vejle and Fredricia. The transmission line will initially provide cooling to eight electrolyser units in the HySynergy facility with return of water heated to approximately 70ºC into the district heating system. 

“Our agreement is mutually beneficial. District heating will enable Everfuel to cool its production facilities, generating excess heat which is converted to a resource for the district heating users in the Triangle Area,” said Lars Schmidt, the chairman of the board of directors at TVIS.

“This is likely the first surplus heat agreement for any PtX facility in Denmark and the entire Nordic region, enabling us to increase the overall energy efficiency of the HySynergy facilities and support local communities with zero-emission heat energy. It reflects Everfuel’s commitment to realise the full value creation potential of industrial scale green hydrogen production,” said Jesper Veilstrup, senior project manager at Everfuel.

Under the agreement, TVIS will compensate Everfuel for the hot water returned to the district heating system. This is not expected to represent material revenue for Everfuel during the initial phase. The two companies are working together to integrate more heat sources from the hydrogen production plant into the district heating system.

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