Ework relaunches financial service PayExpress

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Companies want to extend their payments – and consultants want to get paid as fast as possible. Consultant supplier Ework is now set to relaunch its financial service PayExpress, which fulfils both of these requirements. “This is a way for us to increase the value we offer both our clients and our consultants”, says Ulf Ohlfeldt, newly recruited as Head of PayExpress with responsibility for driving the development of the service.

More and more companies extend their payment terms, sometimes up to 120 days. This could cause liquidity problems for the consultants. The PayExpress service means that Ework ensures that the consultant is paid immediately – and clients can keep their longer payment periods.

The relaunch of PayExpress, which has existed for some time, involves developing the offer further with a number of financial services linked to it, as well as communicating the advantages it offers to both target groups, says Ulf Ohlfeldt.

Ulf Ohlfeldt, has a background as Head of Sales at credit management company Lowell, as well as wide experience from project and asset based financing from his time at Nordea. He will also be part of Ework’s Management team.

The recruitment and our renewed efforts reflect the potential we see in this offer. PayExpress benefits both clients and consultants. It also strengthens our relations with both these groups, which makes it an important competitive tool for us, says Zoran Covic, CEO of Ework Goup, in a comment.

For further information, please contact:

Zoran Covic, CEO +46 (0) 706 65 65 17

Ulf Ohlfeldt, Head of PayExpress +46 (0) 734 61 25 73

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