Global Expat Media Portal Launches


The team that brought you The Expat Survey, the world’s only independent research programme of those living outside their country of origin, unveil the Expat Media Hub.

The Expat Media Hub has been established to create the world’s largest index of off and online media serving all those residing abroad; so that no matter where you are in the world or what nationality you are, you can look up whatever media resource is relevant to you.

The Hub will be an active tool and living chart of the movement of the quarter billion who live outside of their nation of origin. This includes media aimed at lifestyle expats, overseas contract and migrant workers, students, high net worth individuals and global nomads.

In a world where global mobility it escalating, the number of all types of expatriates is growing. Maintaining connectivity with your roots, as well as being able to find the information resources you need to empower you in your daily life as an expatriate we know is essential.

The Expat Media Hub aims to bring all these off and online media together in one place to serve all nationalities residing in a foreign land. Search blogs, books, forums, magazines, newspapers, radio stations and shows, Television stations and shows and websites.

If you are a media owner serving foreign nationals and you aren’t already listed in The Expat Media Hub, please contact us today to claim your free micro-site page.

About Us is the largest ‘independent’ annual research programme of those living outside their country of origin; and is a leading authority on what, when, why and how expatriates communicate and consume. Conducted online and by post, the study is based on three extensive surveys – ‘Migration & Lifestyle’, ‘Retail & Finance’ and ‘Travel & Health’ comprising more than 150 questions including invitations for expatriates to contribute open ended responses. In addition the team communicates with expatriates of many nationalities on the ground in more than 125 countries. The Expat Survey is owned and run by a team of qualified management, research and marketing consultants with more than 25 years’ experience on the expatriate segment. It is our objective to function as a proactive research hub occupying a neutral position between media owners, companies servicing expatriates and of course those that reside outside their fatherland for more than 6 months in any 12 month period. Our research unit is not tied to any one company or owned by any one media vehicle, it prides itself in collaborating with as many providers that service expatriates as possible, in order to raise the profile of the sector as a whole.



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