We have committed to taking part in ‘The Expat Survey’ for the second consecutive year and are looking forward to receiving the resultant report and analysis as it helps further refine our depth of insight and understanding into the key drivers and influences for expatriates.
Callum Girvan, Marketing Director, Blevins Franks Wealth Management
As a principle partner for the Expat Survey for the second year running, the team at Clements looks forward to receiving the insights from this year’s survey. Data from the Expat Survey has helped us develop a deeper understanding of expat consumer behavior, which drives better business relationships with our core customer segment.
Sergio Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer, Clements Worldwide
We are delighted to be taking part in the Expat Survey for the first time, and looking forward to gaining new insights into behavioural trends in the financial sector as it affects expats, and looking at key indicators which will help us to refine our marketing approach going forward.
Graham Noble, Managing Partner, Churchill & Partners
The Ozforex Group made the right decision to become a partner of The Expat Survey. Valuable insights and content will act as a strong reference tool for our marketing strategy and press releases throughout the forthcoming year.
The Ozforex Group – Australia
Vonage has found the insights and data produced by The Expat Survey 2013 to be extraordinarily valuable in improving our understanding of the global expatriate community. As a provider of VOIP telecommunications services, International callers form an extremely important market for Vonage. The Expat Survey is an essential resource as we continue to expand our global marketing efforts
Vonage Telecommunications – USA
As a global health provider, InterGlobal wanted to learn more about expat migration and buying trends around the world, in order to provide international medical insurance that continues to meet expats and their family’s evolving healthcare needs. The Expat Survey 2013 has provided us with some interesting insights
InterGlobal – UK
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