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This applies to all language media serving those abroad including expatriates, students, migrant workers, high net worth individuals and global nomads. Our aim is to create the largest and most comprehensive global media centre for use those living abroad and roaming from one territory to another.

This service is for all media serving any nationality residing outside their fatherland. The hub will also be utilised by companies servicing expats and their advertising and buying agencies to search for media. Every media that participates will benefit from significant search engine optimisation. 

To upload your FREE page/s today simply visit the website HERE. Go to Enter The Expat Media Hub, register and upload your page/s.

Check out our step by step User Guide which explains how to make the most of the platform to promote your media. If you are one of many that has already registered, please remember you can upload new media and fresh content and articles as often as you like; and each time you do the hub will re-promote your media. 

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