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£1,000 CASH, Amazon vouchers, Lebara SIM cards to be won

What do expats really think about their life abroad? Do they give it the big thumbs up, or regret their decision to leave their country of origin? Last year 80% of expatriates confirmed they have an improved quality of life where they now live. 72% said they enjoy a better climate and scenery, 67% an enhanced work/life balance and 63% a much greater sense of security. With all that is going on in the world, the team at The Expat Survey reviews these and a broad range of other opinions each year; and whether or not they ever intend to return to their homelands.

During 2013 expatriates from all walks of life completed the research study including high net worth individuals, business executives, career movers, international students, economic and war zone migrants. Zooming in on highlights from last year’s programme and focussing on current affairs and trends, there’s something everyone. New topics for the 2014 include education and studying abroad, politics and voting rights, changes in attitude towards investments, life’s little luxuries, fashion and lifestyle; as well as mental, physical and spiritual health.  

Many expatriates are overseas due to the nature of their work and so the programme is very interested in hearing from those that have relocated in pursuit of better opportunities for themselves and their families. Maybe they work for the oil and gas, utilities and mining sector or financial, technology or hospitality industries. No matter what their background is and where they are now their opinions are of equal importance to the project.  

Specialising in the communication and consumption habits of those on the move and how human beings qualify their own personal identities, the i-World research unit is independent (it genuinely engages with expatriates organically and is not owned or its contents influenced by a media company or Corporate) and has more than 25 years experience in analysing international markets. It really wants to hear from expatriates over 18 years that are currently living outside their country of origin for more than 6 months in any one year; on either a temporary or permanent basis. Whether they are a business owner, employee, full time parent, student, retiree or any other status their contribution is very important. Those that complete all three questionnaires are automatically entered into a series of prize draws with £1,000 cash, Amazon vouchers and Lebara SIM Cards to be won. Expats can also opt to join their growing international focus group.   

The Expat Survey is the largest and most in-depth annual online research programme of its kind (it is also available by post, simply text name and address to +44 (0) 7792 045121).  In 2013 expatriates of 89 nationalities responded from 125 countries to a total of 152 questions, producing the most comprehensive multi-topic profiles on their lives abroad. Comprising three questionnaires – Migration & Lifestyle, Retail & Finance and Travel & Health, the first part of their 2014 research programme is now live at   

With no links to Governments and no personal details shared, the team hopes expatriate from all over the world will feel welcome to engage, express their views and share their adventures and experiences.

Expatriate votes needed too! The Expat Survey Consumer Awards (TESCA)

Servicing those that live overseas is often complex and requires a lot of dedication. Producing daily, weekly and monthly publications or delivering good quality customer care to somebody on the other side of the world, is challenging and requires significant skill and commitment. Importantly the information they supply or the care they provide, can be essential in the day to day lives of those living outside their country of origin.   

The Expat Survey Consumer Awards have been launched to give expatriates the opportunity to nominate and commend the work of media owners and service providers that do an amazing job of adding value to the lives of expatriates, no matter who or where they are.

Voting is now open for the following awards:

Best Expat Blog

Best Expat Radio

Best Expat Newsletter

Best Expat Magazine

Best Expat Website

Best Expat Newspaper

To make your nomination and explain why you value them, simply complete the voting section when you have finished the Migration & Lifestyle questionnaire at The Expat Survey. 

Additional information:

Voting for other awards will be launched as follows:

Best online retailer

Best Professional Advisor

Best Banking Service

Best Money Mover

Best Niche Service Provider

Within the Retail & Finance questionnaire going live on 30th October 2014

Best COMS Product

Best Relocation Specialist

Best Education Solution

Best travel Company

Best Insurance Provider

Within the Travel & Health questionnaire going live on 30th November 2014 

Voting for all awards categories will close on the 31st December 2014, so all those that influence, connect or service the expatriate market are asked to please support this important initiative for the sector by participating or promoting it; and spreading the word. 

About Us is the largest ‘independent’ annual research programme of those living outside their country of origin; and is a leading authority on what, when, why and how expatriates communicate and consume. Conducted online and by post, the study is based on three extensive surveys – ‘Migration & Lifestyle’, ‘Retail & Finance’ and ‘Travel & Health’ comprising more than 150 questions including invitations for expatriates to contribute open ended responses. In addition the team communicates with expatriates of many nationalities on the ground in more than 125 countries. The Expat Survey is owned and run by a team of qualified management, research and marketing consultants with more than 25 years’ experience on the expatriate segment. It is our objective to function as a proactive research hub occupying a neutral position between media owners, companies servicing expatriates and of course those that reside outside their fatherland for more than 6 months in any 12 month period. Our research unit is not tied to any one company or owned by any one media vehicle, it prides itself in collaborating with as many providers that service expatriates as possible, in order to raise the profile of the sector as a whole.



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We have committed to taking part in ‘The Expat Survey’ for the second consecutive year and are looking forward to receiving the resultant report and analysis as it helps further refine our depth of insight and understanding into the key drivers and influences for expatriates.
Callum Girvan, Marketing Director, Blevins Franks Wealth Management
As a principle partner for the Expat Survey for the second year running, the team at Clements looks forward to receiving the insights from this year’s survey. Data from the Expat Survey has helped us develop a deeper understanding of expat consumer behavior, which drives better business relationships with our core customer segment.
Sergio Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer, Clements Worldwide
We are delighted to be taking part in the Expat Survey for the first time, and looking forward to gaining new insights into behavioural trends in the financial sector as it affects expats, and looking at key indicators which will help us to refine our marketing approach going forward.
Graham Noble, Managing Partner, Churchill & Partners
The Ozforex Group made the right decision to become a partner of The Expat Survey. Valuable insights and content will act as a strong reference tool for our marketing strategy and press releases throughout the forthcoming year.
The Ozforex Group – Australia
Vonage has found the insights and data produced by The Expat Survey 2013 to be extraordinarily valuable in improving our understanding of the global expatriate community. As a provider of VOIP telecommunications services, International callers form an extremely important market for Vonage. The Expat Survey is an essential resource as we continue to expand our global marketing efforts
Vonage Telecommunications – USA
As a global health provider, InterGlobal wanted to learn more about expat migration and buying trends around the world, in order to provide international medical insurance that continues to meet expats and their family’s evolving healthcare needs. The Expat Survey 2013 has provided us with some interesting insights
InterGlobal – UK