Fedobe helps Small Retailers embrace eCommerce amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Fedobe's eCommerce experts have created a low cost "Express Store Package" for small business owners, to help reach customers online and limit liabilities stemming from the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic. 

The virus has created an unprecedented situation for small businesses in every industry. As all major cities across the globe lockdown to save human lives, most small business survival is at stake. Fortunately the commerce and logistics are an exception to such lockdowns and continue to operate. The need of the hour is for the small businesses to plug into the online-commerce and inform their customers of their new delivery model.

Fedobe’s team has created a low-cost, self-manageable eCommerce solution which can help small retailers embrace eCommerce amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fedobe offers a versatile ”Express Store Package” which allows any store to go online within 3 days. The package offers activation of an online shop, support for basic online catalogue creation, payment gateway integration, order management, integration with social media. The shop will work seamlessly with mobile access.


For more information on the package please contact us though our website http://fedobe.com/



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