The Ecobahn was established with the main aim of starting meaningful conversations, and in turn create positive ideas, on how we can address sustainability within the eCommerce industry. This conversation is impossible without collaboration, so we are delighted to be joining forces with the like-minded Fedobe team and their Open-Innovators platform. Working closely to share ideas and concepts, we hope our coordinated effort will bring positive outcomes for our shared global audience.
Simon Coles, Founder, Ecobahn
We welcome this collaboration and are happy to make Ecobahn's interesting and engaging articles available to our visitors. We look forward to bridging our audiences on specific topics in sustainability & eCommerce. Today the significance of such topics demands a globally coordinated effort. There are very few platforms like ours who are working in these areas
Joydeep Dash, CEO, Open-Innovators
Looking back at the 10 years gone by, I can say that running an organization was extremely challenging and at the same time it was fun and I had a great time working with an amazing team which we are proud of. With each passing year, we brought creativity, professionalism and a strong work ethic to our organization which I believe will take us forward in a positive direction in coming years.
Sweta Satpathy, Chief Creative Officer, Fedobe
We are extremely grateful to all our team members, clients, mentors, friends, family and everyone who has been a part of our journey over the last decade. Hope we remain worthy of this trust moving forward. Although the last decade has been a wild journey I feel it's nothing compared to what the next decade will bring. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will alter the retailing landscape fundamentally. We feel confident that our unified approach to data + AI + Automation will help our customers be the pioneers of this revolution.
Guru Sanket Biswal, Chief Technology Officer, Fedobe
We are excited to see the enthusiasm and energy. Fedobe will be glad to train, hire or prepare these brilliant students for a digital career full of new opportunities
Joydeep Dash, CEO, Fedobe
The students of this esteemed institute are selected from remote areas in the state and some are from underprivileged families. They make great efforts to enter mainstream society through structured courses and to improve their English and soft skills, along with specialized education. We appreciate Fedobe’s partnership to impart specialized training in Digital Marketing and Sustainability. We are committed to set up a working group to monitor this cooperation and also take measures to promote sustainability in every possible way.
Chairman Major General Basant Mahapatra, Bhavan’s Centre for Communication & Management
For the upcoming batches, we are happy to share the possibility of securing corporate sponsorships for selected students. It is quite heartening that the industry is keen to partner with us in supporting the young participants in every possible way.
Joydeep Dash – CEO and Co-Founder,
The program is targeted to equip enterprising young talent to learn the much-needed digital marketing skills for promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It aims to promote alignment of the SDGs with business strategies in the private sector. Sustainability is not a “feel good” initiative, it is the only way forward for companies that want to ensure continued success. The young people today need to connect the SDGs with business acumen and learn the art of monetizing sustainability
Mayeda Jamal, Program Leader and Head of Sustainability at Fedobe
We have carved out a list of actionable plans from these suggestions and are certain that these will influence our future road map
Guru Sanket Biswal, CTO of Fedobe
The frameworks reduce your cost and time-to-market in areas like eCommerce, Supply Chain Automation, Warehouse and Logistics Management as well as upselling through personalization services using AI, ML and Behavioral Analytics
Joydeep Dash, CEO, Fedobe
Thanks to Fedobe’s frameworks, we had set out to this exercise in phases and started on our journey. We are pleased with the journey so far and the inputs received till now, though this is only the beginning.
Kirti Prasanna Mishra, Cofounder, Ecociate
The e-commerce industry is experiencing a rapid growth phase. The entry of established players like Adobe and SAP is a validation of this, and the industry will continue to consolidate and build on its disruptive power in retail.
Joydeep Dash, CEO, Fedobe
It’s important for us to be close to our customers so that we react faster to their demands
Olle Lindberg, CMO, Fedobe
Over the years, we have developed several frameworks, built on top of Magento, to drastically reduce development time required for new features. This has been a vital part in helping our customers build a lean & agile team and gain a competitive edge with a shorter go-to-market time
Guru Sanket Biswal, CTO, Fedobe
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