Open-Innovators.Org welcomes its new panelists

Report this content is excited to invite its three new “Ovators” to the panelist team: Maria Lindberg Howard, Marina Nart and Mia Bonhomme.  

Maria Lindberg Howard is a trained copywriter and journalist with extensive experience in communication and marketing. As leader of the Communication & Sales business network at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, she holds regular meetings with a focus on sustainable communication.  Maria is an expert in content and storytelling with a focus on sustainability.

Mia Bonhomme is co-founder and CEO of digital consulting firm, Bonhomme LLC.  She specializes in full scale e-commerce operations, web design & development project management, and creative production & art direction for small, emerging fashion brands. She currently consults for luxury brands primarily based in NYC. She is dedicated to the advancement of minority & women owned businesses and believes that sustainability in fashion is swiftly transitioning from a differentiator to an industry standard.

Marina Nart is a sustainability expert and founder of the Beyond2030 project. She consults and trains public and private organisations with a mission to help them contribute to and go beyond the United Nations Agenda 2030 goals. Prior to the Beyond 2030 Project, Marina has co-founded the first Center for Social Innovation at Lund University, designed and facilitated over 100 co-creative workshops and processes for social innovation and sustainability, and assisted research and policy analysis at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research in Heidelberg, Germany and Uppsala University, Sweden. 

We welcome them onboard and look forward to joining forces to promote sustainability with use of technology.

About Fedobe and (OI)

Fedobe, an eCommerce company specializing in Magento hosts OI. OI is an initiative that promotes sustainability and the concept of circularity in eCommerce. Businesses that adhere to the Global Goals in either their product or services are offered mature eCommerce modules for free. Whenever there is customization required, the customized modules are brought back to the open source community (after agreement with the businesses), to create a network of sharing, thus promoting circularity in technology. OI is supported by a panel of Sustainability experts, or Ovators (Open accelerators for innovation and sustainability), who are able to provide advice on SDG adherence, investment readiness, technical feasibility, sustainability design & communication, long-term impact analysis amongst other things.

Mayeda Jamal, Sustainability Lead and Managing Partner,