Fuse is designed to deliver innovative concepts for advisor tech, to push the envelope - and we expect the event to grow to support more developers and to see an even greater benefit for independent advisors and the technology they use every day.
Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services
The era of trying to out-robo the robo advisors is over, and the moment for human advisors to leverage all of the unique benefits they bring to the table has arrived.
Aaron Klein
Over 500 advisors in 45 states have already shown interest in this product.
Todd Clarke
We are honored that Pershing, a firm with a track record of innovation and thinking outside the box, has selected Vestorly as the digital content marketing solution for themselves and their clients.
Justin Wisz, CEO, Vestorly
We take care of the entirety of our clients’ financial lives – offering a personalized level of service and oversight for every aspect.
Brian Holmes, CEO, SEIA
Our firm is excited about the potential to expand the use of Dr. Belkora’s methods. Based on early results, we are very hopeful that the long term effects will be positive all-around both for our clients and our advisors.
Cecilia Williams, CCO
Financial advisors are like doctors except they focus on financial health rather than physical health. Their clients are the same people who benefit from SLCT as patients. It makes sense that techniques used for patient discovery should work well for the investor discovery process as well.
Dr. Jeff Belkora
If you’re renovating your house, imagine if you told the contractor you’d like the width of the new stairway to be “moderately aggressive,” and then they applied their perception of what you meant to how they completed the project.
Aaron Klein
The net effect of using numbers instead of conjecture to discuss risk are happy and satisfied clients, regardless of which way the market is swinging. This in turn leads to greater efficiency, productivity and client relationships. What advisor doesn’t want that?
Mike McDaniel
It’s not a stretch to say that advisors and their staff can achieve instant ROI with Mobile Assistant as a result of the efficiency and accuracy their service brings to capturing vital notes.
Brian McLaughlin
Our focus is catering to some of the country's most elite financial advisors, and one of our primary goals is to help them fiercely guard their time as there is no more precious commodity you have in business.
Brad Johnson
There is no point in trying to save time on the front end dictating notes into a system only to have to re-work gibberish on the back end.
Corey Westphal
“Typically, accounting firms employ a CFP or two, and it is rare to find a special group willing to join a large group of advisors, but there is nothing typical about this deal – we are enhancing an offering that allows us to better serve our clients along with GPS’ existing clients.
Brent Brodeski
Orion's growth in the financial services industry has been impressive, and it reflects the company's commitment to create innovative solutions for their advisors.
Bill Winterberg
Beyond our work helping successful advisors grow their practices through technology, Orion has been adding to our offices in Omaha, New York and Seattle.
Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services
Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors (BPWA) a Beacon Pointe Advisors company, expanded today into the Santa Barbara, CA market with its 5th advisory firm addition. The latest partnership adds $175M in assets under management to BPWA, which projects year end asset totals to near or surpass $1 Billion.
Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors
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