“We wanted to create a new range that would bring the power of expert aromatherapy formulations to the face and body. For our professional customers, this means they can use products with essential oil blends which offer optimal skin-enhancing effects,” said Samantha Allen, brand manager, Tisserand Aromatherapy. “We have also started to receive interest in the range from a number of international markets including the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Brazil.”
Sam Allen, brand manager, Tisserand Aromatherapy
“Those who have become a fan of the product need not worry as we are not changing our recipe just the name,” said Samantha Allen, Tisserand brand manager. “We chose Signature Blend as these are the original blends created by Robert Tisserand and we wanted to reflect the brand’s heritage.”
Samantha Allen
“Lavender and tea tree are two of our bestselling essential oils as they are both very versatile,” said Jennie Harding Tisserand’s product technical advisor. “Lavender is classically thought of for its stress relieving properties but it is also good to use to help as a wound healer and immune tonic, while tea tree is useful as an expectorant, acne treatment and mental rejuvenator.”
Jennie Harding
“The candles make for an ideal gift or self-purchase to bring the smell of Christmas into the home,” said Clea Fletcher, brand manager, First Natural Brands. “Both fragrances come in stunning, colourful packaging, which with the simple addition of a ribbon will already look as though they have been gift wrapped.”
Clea Fletcher
“We’ve created Menthol Breathe based on the need for a natural remedy to assist with winter ailments. All of the essential oils in this blend – eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree – are good to help keep you breathing,” said Jennie Harding, Tisserand’s technical advisor. “The Roller Balls are a great introduction to aromatherapy as well as those who simply enjoy the benefits of using essential oils as part of their health and beauty regime.”
Jennie Harding
'It's exciting to see Tisserand's new rebranding, it reinforces the presence of the brand as a long term key player in the natural skincare market,” said Jennie Harding, Tiserrand’s technical advisor. “With our 30 year roots in aromatherapy and our established heritage as one of the world's most experienced suppliers and blenders of essential oils, our products stand out because of the quality of their formulations and ingredients, designed to give the customer an experience of real aromatherapy.”
Jennie Harding