7 tips on how to respond to comments on social media as a brand

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We have collected our 7 best tips on how to respond on your Social Media platforms. If you want to increase your social media conversations, you have come to the right place. Interacting with your customers through social media builds a connection and creates a sense of community. Building that emotional connection between your company and your customers increases the chances of keeping your loyal customers, while at the same time gaining new ones. By providing good customer service on social comments, you can show your followers that they are valuable to you and that you appreciate it when they take the time to interact with you.

In this article, we will look at the importance of replying to social media comments. We will also guide you through our platform on how you can easily interact with your customers.

Should you reply to everything and everyone?

The short answer is yes. And no. If your company gets thousands of comments every day, it’s impossible to answer everyone. You should try to interact with your followers as much as you can, which will inevitably look different depending on where you work. If your social media page(s) is/are smaller and you only get a few comments here and there, then yes, you should definitely answer all of them. This will make your followers feel included and valued and will encourage them, as well as others, to engage more in the future.

So, how do you best interact with your customers on social media?

1. First of all, try to reply as quickly as possible. Studies show that people expect an answer within the hour on social media. Even if this is not always possible, it shows what people expect, and no one likes to be ignored. So, if you don’t respond quickly it can create frustration with the company. Replying quickly shows that you actually listen to your customers and value their opinions.

2. Reply to everyone individually – this will make people feel more special and appreciated. Always reply using the person’s name and customize your answer for each situation.

3. Be consistent. Create a tone that suits your company and the industry that you work in, and then stick with it. People like to talk to people. Give your company a brand personality and keep that tone through every message. Creating a human personality for your company helps attract like-minded people that you want to target. By keeping that personality through every social interaction it feels like it is the same person that replies, and people will see your consistency when they go through your social media. With Flowbox, you can create templates with standard replies so that your company can keep its tone, even if you have a lot of different people working on your social media.

4. Keep replies short, friendly, and personal. Make the customer feel like your friend. Add gifs and emojis to make your answer stand out more and feel more friendly. If you can, go the extra mile and offer them something special to make their experience extra positive. Everybody loves free stuff.

5. Share positive reviews. It can make a big impact and it makes the original poster feel appreciated as well as lets them grow a stronger connection to your brand. By sharing someone’s post/review/testimony, more people will be exposed, including their friends and followers, and they might want to know why their friend likes your brand and ultimately check you out.

6. Always reply to criticism and complaints. If a bad customer review is left for long without a response, people can lose confidence in your company. The best way to reply to a negative experience is to publicly apologize and message the customer privately to take things further. For example: “Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. If you message us, we will help you and try to solve this in the best way possible.” Never delete a bad comment if they are genuine. If you get troll comments on your social media platform, however, you can ignore or even delete the comments.

7. Track everything. Tracking social activities can help you serve customers better. Being able to measure and take action on your customer data is an integral part of delivering a great customer experience. Keeping track of social activities and the appropriate responses can be useful for employee reference and training later on.

Additionally, Flowbox can help your company track all of your social media platforms so that you can easily overlook all of your social comments and interaction at the same time. See all of your posts and campaigns in one place and collaborate across teams and markets.

As you can see, interacting with your customers on social media is easy once you have the basics down. If you’re promoting your business on social media, it’s time to start your conversations too.

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