Flowscore: optimizing UGC flows with the help of AI

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Flowbox is constantly working on new ways to improve UGC flows. The latest addition to our toolbox, that we’re very proud to introduce, is Flowscore.

Until now, Flowbox flows have been sorted chronologically. This means that when you add a new image to a flow, the already existing images get pushed back – the more you add, the further back the old ones go.

Flowscore is an advanced statistical algorithm that helps optimize flows, creating a unique and dynamic sorting based on what images perform best. Without Flowscore, images are sorted chronologically in a flow, which means that the quality and relevance of the first ones that are shown to your customers are essentially completely random. Even if all of your images are great, there are always some that perform better than others, and we want those to be showcased first.

Using Flowscore is possible for both commercial and non-commercial brands, the only difference is that ecommerce-based brands can track click-through rate and call to action-clicks in addition to engagement rate.

The tool itself is very easy to use. Once you’ve decided to implement it, all you need to do is to activate the feature through a toggle available in the settings, and voilà! You’re set to go, and Flowscore will start sorting your flow to maximize your customer engagement. Using Flowscore is a great way to boost your sales and social engagement without having to do any extra work.

A few of our Flowboxers have already given Flowscore a test run with a two-month-long AB test and have gotten some great results. The best test results came from Proteinbolaget, who saw increases of 188 percent in CTA-clicks, 107 percent in CTR, and 39 percent in engagement rate.

“The best UGC images with high quality are not only creating a larger trust with our customers and help us build our brand, but they also generate a higher CTR which is proof that that specific content is more relevant for the user,” says Troels Poppe, eCommerce Manager at Proteinbolaget.

Hunkemöller was also very happy with the results of their test, and their Webshop Coordinator, Simone Batelaan said “Not only did we get super good results, but we also got insights that probably wouldn’t have happened without the test. I also didn’t expect the amount of clicks on the first image to be substantially more than the rest. After seeing this, we have shifted the focus even more to the first images that are shown when you arrive on the homepage.”

One of the non-CTA brands that also did the test was Eksjöhus, who saw an increase in engagement of 26 percent. “It’s a win-win situation; we attract new customers that come in contact with the ambassadors, and the ambassadors get a boost from having their accounts featured,” says Anders Olsson, Marketing Manager at Eksjöhus.

In total, the test consisted of 14 brands, 3.8 million users and was 2 months long.

The brands:
Proteinbolaget, Nelly, Xenos, Polarn o Pyret, Hunkemöller, Björn Borg, Lagerhaus, Borussia Dortmund, Ekjsöhus & Fitwoman.

The results:
14-60% increase in engagement rate
16-107% increase in CTR
42-188% increase in CTA-clicks

More information:
Bianca Rior, Digital Marketing Specialist, Flowbox